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    Great CD Revival

    I do still expect to hear a CLUNK in the middle of certain songs because that was where the side ran out when I was taping them.
  2. Swap Tenet for Insomnia, to get the "Chris Nolan films beginning with 'In'" trilogy. I think it's cheating a bit to post trilogies by the same director. (Or the same actor, for that matter - even though that's what both my posts above were about!) More interesting to try and find other links: Actors being mistaken for their characters: * Three Amigos * Galaxy Quest * Tropic Thunder Character connections and parallels across space and time: * The Hours * Cloud Atlas * The Fountain I'm an amnesiac and I seem to have amazing combat skills: * Who Am I? * The Bourne Identity * The Long Kiss Goodnight
  3. Can anyone think of a third Daniel Craig film where he does an unusual accent, to go with Logan Lucky and Knives Out?
  4. This one defeated me. 17 STREAK BROKEN. Wordle 219 X/6
  5. I watched Captain Phillips a few months ago, and realised you could make a trilogy of Tom Hanks films in which he plays real people whose professionalism helped them survive stressful emergencies involving vehicles: Apollo 13 Captain Phillips Sully
  6. So what did you think of Terminator 2, @Protocol Penguin? I'm interested in how it comes across to someone who's never seen it before today: did you find it an action landmark that you regret not watching sooner... or underwhelming compared to more recent VFX-heavy action/sci fi films? Are you one of those people who think it's a big step down from the first film?
  7. I haven't regularly bought physical media since before the pandemic, when there was one charity shop near me that had a huge selection of 4-for-£1 DVDs. But the poll needs an extra option: "I regularly rent physical media." My library doesn't loan DVDs any more, but https://www.cinemaparadiso.co.uk exists, guys! Bonus features! Commentaries! No studio exclusivity! No unexpected rights expiration of things on your watchlist (as long as they've got at least one working disc in stock)! I've never had Netflix. So I've never seen the Marvel series(!), Sense8, BoJack Horseman, or a few other series I'm interested in watching. I would still like to watch those at some point, but I've got enough things to watch on Disney+, iPlayer, and All4, plus my stream of DVD/BR rentals, plus my backlog of unwatched DVDs in my collection, plus things still on my PVR from years ago (see that other recent thread!), so it'll be a long time before I can justify subscribing to another thing where I'll feel pressured into getting my money's worth. My history with the different services has been: Lovefilm DVD rental: 2009-2017 (when Amazon killed it ). Lovefilm Instant Streaming: 2012-2014 Amazon Instant Video (as it used to be called!)/Amazon Prime Video: 2014-2020 (I was going to stop using Amazon when my Prime expired in summer 2019, but just before my subscription was due to end that got all of Bob's Burgers, so the bastards had me for another year.) 2018 to present: Cinema Paradiso 2021 (partway through Wandavision) to present: Disney+
  8. But geldra can't get there at this point:
  9. I don't know; I'd be pretty embarrassed to admit to playing the Windows 8+ version of Minesweeper.
  10. Yeah, Tennant returning for a 60th anniversary special seems more likely than him being the next regeneration.
  11. Comic Jumper, specifically the allegedly-"'"ironic"'" racism in the 1960s level:
  12. The Steam version of Clicker Heroes was the first idle game I really got into (having skipped Cookie Clicker). I never spent any real world money on it. I got put off it after I returned to it after leaving it a while and found that various updates had rebalanced the prices and benefits of the god idol/statue things (Ancients?) that I'd already bought. Since then the idle games I've played are: Universal Paperclips - At least this one tells a story! Antimatter Dimensions and Exponential Idle - Yeah, these two are purely about watching big numbers go up. ("Infinite" and "Eternity" are verbs now.) But at least I can tell myself that they exercise the brain a bit if you treat them as puzzle games where the aim is to try and find the most efficient way of getting that big number to go up as fast as possible.
  13. Wordle 216 4/6 I wonder if the people who have being using had an easier time getting today's?
  14. I belatedly realised that there's something that unites the endings of the Spider-Man MCU trilogy:
  15. The Lynch film's runtime is definitely unbalanced in favour of spending more time on the earlier events, making the second half feel comparatively rushed. When I watched the 1984 version last year, I noticed that happens over halfway through the film. I checked the book, and that event happens about 40% of the way through the story (marking the split between Book 1 and Book 2).
  16. Adam West went for 120 episodes and a movie without needing to show his (or Robin's) origin story!
  17. I honestly really don't think it's going to show their murder, even if it shows other aspects of Batman's origin we've seen before, like building the Batcave and suit... I think it's more likely do something similar to how the MCU Spider-Man films treated Uncle Ben: "OK, we know you know all that backstory stuff, let's just treat that as a given and get on with telling a new story."
  18. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/wallace-gromit-new-film-chicken-run-2-cast-title-aardman-netflix-1235077972/ Jane Horrocks, Imelda Staunton, and Lynn Ferguson returning. But other characters have been recast: Zachary Levi replacing Mel Gibson Thandiwe Newton replacing Julia Sawalha Romesh Ranganathan replacing Timothy Spall Daniel Mays replacing Phil Daniels David Bradley replacing Benjamin Whitrow (who died in 2017)
  19. The running time has been confirmed... 175 minutes. That's almost two and a quarter Mask of the Phantasms! (But it's only 2hrs48 if you don't stay for the end credits.)
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