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  1. I posted that on page 1... ... but I don't object to it appearing again!
  2. I trust him; he's a Docter.
  3. Agreed that's what the article suggests, but it's possible that could just be an assumption by the person who wrote the article. I'm not sure if the author and editor were being completely attentive to their choice of words, since they wrote "discreet" (which they could be using to refer to the type of secrecy that surrounds blockbusters, but I doubt it) where I think they meant "discrete" (as in, separate from the Episode-numbered Skywalker saga)! That's why I wondered if the questioner had specifically asked about the previously-announced trilogy, or had just said something vague like "the new Star Wars project you're working on". To use an absurd example, for all we know the questioner could have said "So, Rian, your Star Wars project has been downgraded from a theatrical trilogy to a short film on Disney+. What's fun and challenging about that?" and we wouldn't be able to tell from his answer! Anyway that's why when I linked to the article I said "he's still working on Star Wars things" not "he's still working on a Star Wars trilogy".
  4. Kat Dennings (Darcy from the first two Thors), Randall Park (the FBI guy from Ant-Man and the Wasp) and Kathryn Hahn (Liv from Spider-Verse) are going to turn up in WandaVision.
  5. He must be doing it intentionally now:
  6. It's more live-action than Disney's recent animal film remakes. In most shots they're real dogs, but with mouth movements added like in Babe.
  7. @Capwn I just rewatched the Newsnight Review discussions of the two Kill Bills. I remembered Ian Hislop absolutely loathing vol 1, but I'd forgotten that Bonnie Greer and Ian McMillan quite liked them! Links because embedding of these videos has been disabled: https://youtu.be/itwMCEJZRCA https://youtu.be/ZAPrGnSDxXI
  8. It gives me horrifying flashbacks to the I-No boss fight in Guilty Gear X2 #Reload...
  9. Given those figures (annual figures!), the one-off $175 million fee mentioned in the Hollywood Reporter article sounds ridiculously low: That sale of merchandise rights took place in 2011: https://comicbook.com/marvel/2017/02/02/sony-admits-selling-spider-man-merchandising-rights-were-short-s/
  10. Hollywood Reporter article, focusing mainly on the different situation Marvel and Sony are in now compared to when the Spider-Man deal was made: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/spider-man-standoff-why-sony-thinks-it-doesnt-need-kevins-playbook-anymore-1233644 A couple of comments I saw posted on Birth Movies Death, which are just speculation, not exactly insider knowledge, but seem plausible:
  11. Bumping this thread as this news is sure to have industry-wide repercussions on critics' reviewing practices: I'm glad to see them being so transparent, Objective and Ethical about this decision.
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