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  1. You're right that the samples have never caused any issues that we know of. But one change did have to be made: in the 2011 release, the vocals were removed from the Japanese/European intro and ending. Original Mega CD version (linking to the Sonic Jam versions because of their better video quality): The vocal-less 2011 versions:
  2. Nick R


    Anybody been watching any of Wimbledon so far? Just now, the second game in the second set of this Serena Williams/Harmony Tan match was pretty epic - ended up going nearly 20 minutes and about 10 deuces before Serena broke Tan's serve!
  3. Dreamcast Junkyard linked to this interview they did with him in 2018: https://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2018/03/an-interview-with-bernie-stolar.html
  4. There are similarities to the premise of the Doctor Who episode "Kill the Moon", which a lot of people interpreted as being an abortion allegory. (Mostly unfavourably; it was not a popular episode.)
  5. Double Dash was the only Mario Kart game about making friends and forming alliances with another character sharing your kart.
  6. This post prompted me to look it up on the Oracle of Bacon. Turns out that they've very recently been filming Leave the World Behind together, so when that's released, Hawke will have a Bacon Number of 1. That's his movie Bacon Number, anyway: it doesn't say anything about quantifying their family tree, unfortunately.
  7. Last week I saw a clip on YouTube of Bruce Springsteen joining him for those same songs on the last night of his US tour. But I thought that was just because he was playing in New Jersey - didn't expect it to be repeated tonight!
  8. The third and fourth Mission: Impossible films provide a good illustration of the difference a good villain can make. M:I-3 is very vague about what its doomsday threat (the Rabbit's Foot) actually is, but it doesn't matter because Philip Seymour Hoffman is such a memorably slimy bad guy, and it's more important to get characters right than McGuffins. Even people who don't like the film tend to agree that he was one of the best aspects of it. Ghost Protocol, meanwhile, had probably the least memorable baddie of the whole series. In a lot of ways it's a better film than its predecessor - but it doesn't have PSH, and he makes such a big difference that I don't think I'll ever like 4 quite as much as 3. (Philip Seymour Hoffman also played an excellent bastard in Punch Drunk Love.)
  9. A big part of its appeal was that it was a TV series about being a TV series. (Specifically, a "prestige" streaming miniseries playing at being an episodic network sitcom.) You could alter it to be a film that plays with the ways that comedy films have changed over the decades, but as you say, would it still be recognisably the same thing? (You'd lose the title's "vision" pun, for a start. )
  10. John Cusack goes for a job interview, but upon discovering that working there means forcing the lift door open halfway between floors, and walking in a stooped posture that would cause him countless back problems, he declines the job and never visits the building again.
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