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  1. @Ork1927 You missed out GoldenEye in the 2 point section - both I and @Azrael put it third for 1995!
  2. Nick R


    New Super Mario Bros WR: And for once, the celebration doesn't need a headphone warning!
  3. Lambert Wilson might be back: https://theplaylist.net/merovingian-matrix-4-lambert-wilson-20200117/
  4. The three episodes are going to be on superheroes, British History, and spy films. That's one of a few announcements about BBC film programmes: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/life-cinematic They're getting in on the YouTube video essay game too:
  5. Turns out @terryandrob's link was to the piece LeGuin wrote criticising the Sci Fi Channel's Earthsea miniseries, not to the one she wrote criticising Studio Ghibli's Tales From Earthsea (which, on re-reading, is less harsh than I remembered it being). Re-reading her blog post about the Ghibli film, these paragraphs jumped out at me: I suspect that might turn out to apply to The Watch too.
  6. I watched The Dish the other day, the gentle Australian comedy with Sam Neill, that tells a fictionalised version of one of the Australian radio observatories that received TV signals from the Apollo 11 moon landing. Has anyone mentioned any feelgood documentaries? I'm going to suggest Anvil! The Story of Anvil.
  7. Kerraig said in another thread the other day that he won't even watch season 5 of The Wire, despite liking seasons 1-4, because season 4 was a solid conclusion and he imagines that anything else would be a superfluous addition. His comments about not being at all interested in watching Land of the Dead sound like they're coming from a similar place!
  8. You're DeLoreaning @Mr Combo Breaker, who posted the PS2 version on page 1!
  9. Apparently Trevorrow's version of Episode IX was going to be called "Duel of the Fates", and Robert Meyer Burnett (who I've never heard of but has done a lot of Star Trek DVD Making Ofs) read that version of the screenplay and did two YouTube streams talking about it. This is the first one, if you've got four hours to spare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ShS32kJclU I'd dismiss it as just another piece of fanfic, except that Britt Hayes of the AV Club says: https://news.avclub.com/turns-out-colin-trevorrows-version-of-star-wars-episod-1841002112 That AV Club article has a summary of it, but if you want more details without watching all four hours of the videos, someone on Reddit has transcribed the events: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/eoaxdn/robert_meyer_burnett_reviews_an_early_draft_of/feb0pzw/ https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/eoyycc/rbm_talks_duel_of_the_fates_part_2_new_stream_new/fega0vy/ https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/eoyycc/rbm_talks_duel_of_the_fates_part_2_new_stream_new/fegpiev/
  10. New Frame Plus talks about some examples of nice in-game animation from the last year: The same channel did this very detailed comparison of parry animations in Dark Souls games. I linked to it in one of the Dark Souls threads when it was uploaded last year, but I think it's worth posting it here too because the principles discussed are relevant outside the Souls games too:
  11. Hail Caesar also had a great first trailer (though I think most people would rank the final film in the lower half of the Coens' filmography): The film's second trailer was essentially just an edited version of the "would that it were so simple" scene (and its punchline), spoiling the film's funniest bit for everyone.
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