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    Rugby, Boxing and laughing at other peoples misfortune whilst cursing my own.

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  1. I'm in Bordeaux with friends for ther game, France totally deserve that win by far the better team and the singing and comraderie between rugby fans here in the bars was amazing. England totally dominated that game, Ireland barely had a sniff and we're on course for a big final weekend right now. Congrats England, Ireland and Scotland on the wins.
  2. What an absolute display of boxing skill
  3. That was brilliant, glad to have it back.
  4. I think wilder would destroy AJ, Fury has the best movement out there of the heavyweights apart from maybe Usyk and he still got caught a few times, AJ barely moves his head and I think it'd only be a matter of time before wilder takes his head off.
  5. It could go either way with the power wilder has, I think fury will win on points but it only takes one bomb to land. I'm looking forward to it but I'm in France for the Wales v France game so I'm not sure I'll find anywhere top watch it.
  6. Congrats Ireland, totally outclassed us, Wales look really tired and Tompkins had an absolute stinker with his missed tackles.
  7. That scene where they were walking into the factory had me in stitches
  8. France are looking dangerous. Farrell is having a stinker right now.
  9. If you're looking for somewhere to stay i might be able to hook you up though.
  10. No I'm in west Wales surfing on the Sunday sorry.
  11. Fucking hell I'd be angry if i was Scottish.
  12. Don't know what to make of that really
  13. Some of the planet wide stories are pretty good but there are some stinkers, I dislike Alderaan and Hoth but you can skip them mostly these days.
  14. Is your current level 60 a force user? if yes go through it, if not I'd suggest playing a JK or SW to 60 and taking them through because those are the characters that relate most to the story.
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