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  1. Gamepass is a definite at some stage. Gutted I missed all the good deals on it but I only made the decision yesterday to trade in my Switch and get an XB1X.
  2. Thanks. I probably will do with Forza although I’m rubbish at serious racers.
  3. Hi. I’ve got a second hand One X coming my way and have a few questions. I’ve had a PS4 for a while but fancied a Xbox for a couple of years before I update to next Gen. I’ve got a few games coming... mostly not my thing or I’ve completed on PS4 but I’ll be keeping hold of AC odyssey, Doom and possibly South Park. Any recommendations of others to keep or to pick? I prefer my driving games to be less serious so Forza is going. I’ll be getting Masterchief collection as I’m a big fan of Halo. The package comes with an Elite 1 controller as well as a standard one, is it worth keeping? I don’t get the time to game as much as used to so I’m sure the standard pad is good enough. I’ve not had XB since the 360, my gamer I’d is still there and I’ve logged on. All the old digital games I bought on the 360, are they gone for good? Thanks.
  4. 1981 Playing lots of Scramble and Defender at whichever Butlins my parents had holidayed at that year. Loved them both and I certainly progressed more in Scramble. Defender and it’s mutants would defeat me by level 3. I’d have probably been drooling at a friends ZX81 playing 3D Monster Maze.
  5. Another Astrowars lad here, it continued to work for ages and was still at my parents house until the 2000's. I had a Spectrum 16k and the first game I can remember getting was Arcadia Played it to death and had many battles with my brother trying to rack up the highest score.
  6. Thanks for that, much obliged.
  7. cheers. I’ll pop over if that’s ok. Will leave a tip Edit. Tip by Cranny’s and thanks to you both
  8. Thanks Spanx and Shirubagan. Much appreciated and you have great islands. Mine looks shoddy compared.
  9. Popping over for my final sale, will leave some bells. Cheers
  10. Thanks. There maybe 1 mate who will pop over, new to the turnip business so doesn’t have many. Jefu is his name if he visits
  11. will make a couple of trips if that’s ok. Will tip each time. Have no fossils. Bells ok I guess?
  12. It’s not working for me, not sure why. Never mind. Thanks but I need to work so I’ll try an island later. cheers
  13. popping over if that’s ok. Bells ok as a tip?
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