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  1. Watch the graphical effects in that bit, helped me loads.
  2. Yeah I bought it last week or so. I’ve nearly completed it now I think.
  3. DC


    The tv show is excellent. I believe Alan Moore moaning was entertained by far too many people at one point in time and that led to the rise of Nazism.
  4. My daughter wants this, we’ve got all the machines but my preference is Switch. It runs fine on that, yeah?
  5. This is a tenner on Switch and PS4 and fucking excellent based on what I’ve played so far.
  6. DC

    The Messenger

    Yes this was me. My daughter has rinsed it though, she loves it.
  7. I don’t think many of the boss weapons are all that, but it’s been a while so I may be wrong. What are you using at the minute?
  8. I have all the original little books and 27 (of 28) was LOADS harder to get than any other volume in print. Amazing story though, loved it.
  9. Fucking adverts on this shit? I know you can skip them but fuck off.
  10. Jesus. He loving it then?
  11. DC

    Nintendo Switch

    Play as you like, the game starts.
  12. BKS is fucking sick.
  13. I’ve been trying for ages to get a skip to work but it’s fucking impossible, made worse by the cunts on YouTube seemingly having NO problems doing it.
  14. Have you gone ‘up’ from Firelink?
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