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  1. I went to a Green Day gig years ago but got so drunk I don’t remember any of it at all. Seeing The Pixies tonight!
  2. I’d get them on the chat thing. They refunded me for a £50 ps voucher I accidentally bought because they could see the link hadn’t been accessed. They were helpful as I recall.
  3. Cdkeys is legit.
  4. Five guys helping people get through some shit. It’s superb.
  5. Is this good? I rebought UD for my daughter to play through and it’s really very good at what it does. Metacritic seems high based on reviews but user score a lot more negative. I heard it’s short, which I’m fine with.
  6. Rust Valley Restorers seems great one ep in, if you like a Wheeler Dealer-ish type thing. Looks great in 4K too. EDIT: its great, I love it.
  7. It was 8 eps, if I remember correctly? I thought that counted massively in its favour for me. Some of the Netflix Marvel shows I managed to finish could have shed half a seasons worth of tedium, in my opinion.
  8. I got them all in a Humble Bundle and am enjoying them, but the show has improved on the source material in a huge way. Starr is incredible in this.
  9. This is my only credit card. As I recall, I’ve had this in the past with a game I wasn’t arsed about, so I didn’t resolve the issue. I’ve managed to download other 360 Games With Gold, looking at my list, but that may have been when my account had the Gold on it. This shouldn’t be this hard. Seems like the ‘solution’ is to try and purchase it on the 360 itself.
  10. Yeah I did a full shutdown, no change. It’s so fucking irritating.
  11. Why the fuck won’t it let my download Castlevania? My son has the lead account but a Google suggests I need a cc on his account to get the FREE game. So I add it and now it says ‘You can’t make this purchase on Xbox.com. Make it from your Xbox’. I AM on my fucking Xbox. What the FUCK.
  12. He does that in the comics though, choosing when to use it. I think the emphasis is more on how he fights in the comics actually. I am slightly non plussed to this point with the series, though I still think it improves on the source material when considering the program as a whole.
  13. Both of those things are true.
  14. It reminds me of an early 90s cartoon, with much better fights and a lot more violence. I am not inclined to go past the part of the way I’ve gotten through episode 2.
  15. DC


    Yeah. I have the 1st tpb(?). I’ve heard they are good but I’ve not actually read it yet.
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