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  1. I lost 12k. I am near the end. Does money stop mattering at a point?
  2. DC

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    If we tell Tim Langdell he may threaten legal action to have it changed.
  3. DC


    The best game, the best DLC.
  4. I'm just on the last ep of s2 so haven't read the thread, but this is one of the best things on Netflix for me.
  5. Yeah I really liked Mute too. We will watch Hold The Dark soon.
  6. I thought Apostle was great.
  7. I liked ‘I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore’.
  8. This is wearing thin now. Am I right in thinking there is still a lot left of the Watcher Knights, which are absolute dross, are the only ‘face’ I have left on the map? EDIT: I beat them and now can see my %. I’m enjoying it again now that I’ve got that boss out of the way.
  9. I feel like there are times where one bounces and the other rolls and I can’t avoid it.
  10. The Watcher Knights are fucking shit. An excercise in luck and frustration.
  11. How far in? I had it pretty early on but it got its hooks into me. I think it can be a bit frustrating early on when it's not clear where you should be heading.
  12. Just lost 4.5k in Fog Canyon. A real low point as far as areas go.
  13. DC

    Gaming Podcasts

    Another banger from TGCS. What was the short time travel game on £12 on PSN please?
  14. DC

    Dragonball Fighterz

    This is one of the best looking games ever made, in my opinion.
  15. We got a dash, guys. We fucking in there.

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