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  1. I fucking did it guys. Basically full Survival build with a lucky drop on my long range bow. I am sure I will destroy him on the higher difficulties.
  2. I just wanted the Dreamcast / Saturn (is that the best one?) version.
  3. Someone had 1 and 2 for a great price in Trading a while back. @BubbleFish
  4. Fuck the stupid cunt last boss of this game with his endless HP and seven million moves.
  5. DC

    Forza Horizon 2

    I got Storm Island for a fiver a while back from Amazon. Also got Porsche pack and one Fast Furious pack this week for three quid odd.
  6. No this is one of the best things early on. Guaranteed blueprint if you are successful.
  7. I couldn't suss this the one time I had it. Hyabusa Boots are still the best feeling weapon to me. I've had a couple of whips that were great too and the War Spear is also good, especially at mid range. I had the best results with the long range bow that had huge damage though.
  8. Yeah I did loads of runs trying to gun it - you get much better cells / weapons / stats by being thourough.
  9. Yeah watch that. I always reforge those weapons to get rid of the damage returned to me. They still do huge damage but without you getting it as well.
  10. You'll have his patterns down soon and it's fine. Judt got to the last boss and got destroyed again. He seems impossible but they all did at a point.
  11. The Time Keeper is tough but not the final boss.
  12. Two crashes today. My last run I had some great weapons too.
  13. DC

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Are they sub only or in the wild? They all look great but I'd love a Solaire one.

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