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  1. DC


    I’m fine retrying the 2nd phase if I didn’t have to do the 1st bit every time. For that reason, he gets the poison knives from the loft.
  2. I still play this, mostly just doing Deadpools Daily.
  3. I'm really enjoying this. I love the use of music and will check out the graphic novel based on what I've seen so far.
  4. The original pad is a war crime. Amazing console though.
  5. Yeah me too. Ive completed it a few times too, so not sure where it is.
  6. I just did one of the Kendo routes. It feels much easier than the two star one! EDIT: pretty sure the second route is impossible due to lack of gun. EDITEDIT: Did the two star by the skin of my teeth! No idea what the accessories do apart from change appearance... EDITEDITEDIT: These feel specifically for those super humans who make a living playing games on YouTube. Great stuff for free though.
  7. I did them on Training (easy) mode but the standard mode on the two star is just Hunk with drops and you can't leave the room until you kill the enemy with the key. Not bad at all for free but I'm finding even the easiest one frustrating. That new white zombie type is the fucking worst.
  8. I got the unbreakable knife to have a go at Hardcore but I suspect it won’t make much of a difference to how far I actually get. Three Ghost Survivors appear to be up. EDIT: Fuck I can’t even do the lowest difficulty one!
  9. I finally did The Fourth Survivor. Looking forward to the DLC stories and then I may try Hardcore. I doubt I'll get very far though.
  10. Fourth Survivor is insane. That final room!
  11. DC

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    I thought the premise was interesting but the execution was not.
  12. I didn’t pay attention to the herb guide but read that consuming a red herb boosts your damage defence for a while. I assume that’s essential on the hardest difficulty as one bite from a big standard zombie takes you to red danger immediately.
  13. I loved this but agree with Mr X. I think he'll be what puts me off hard mode. I kind of coasted through Claire A and Leon B on the standard difficulty too. I originally thought that they had put the dodge mechanic in from 3 with a timed directional press of the right stick, but don't think I managed it after the one time I thought I saw it happen. I haven't read anything about it either, so assume that I just mis-saw it? Anyone else managed it? That would help when engaging X but I guess may unbalance things elsewhere. Fourth Survivor is fucking nails too.
  14. DC

    Xbox One Console Thread

    PHEW. I've read to try and put it in offline but I can't get it to do fuck all. Hopefully it will sort itself out in a bit. Was it trying to update Resi 2 for you by any chance?
  15. DC

    Xbox One Console Thread

    So my X won't do anything. I have a black screen and can bring up the Home menu but not do anything else. I've down the power button for 10 secs reboot and managed to do a full shutdown from settings but nothing is changing. Anyone else had and resolved this or do I need to take it back for a replacement? EDIT: seems fucked and not uncommon from my quick Google. Wonderful.

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