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  1. I thought the thrust attack was one of the most useful ones in the game.
  2. Good Time is amazing and has me real interested in anything Robert Pattison and the brothers who wrote, directed and starred(?) in it are doing now.
  3. Anime - I’ve heard Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagan(?) are good. I enjoyed Death Note but it went on forever. I loved Attack on Titan.
  4. I’ve never had a problem but others would beg to differ. Like most of the bosses in these games, your mileage always varies.
  5. DC

    Is "Game" finished?

    Burn old stock rather than sell it at a reduced price and ‘devalue’ the brand. I assume that’s the tip of the iceberg.
  6. DC

    Is "Game" finished?

    Plymouth store was in a similar, if not this exact situation. I think they’re moving to where a fair sized Maplin was. I like to browse the 4k and graphic novel sections but otherwise have no interest in going into town. A real shame if it goes.
  7. I thought this was exceptional, a constant heavy atmosphere throughout the film and really tense and unnerving. Looking forward to whatever the director does next.
  8. I remember when I thought I had the fists of a god.
  9. DC

    Watchmen on HBO

    I’m three chapters in and it’s amazing. Toying with his Absolute Swamp Thing now because the book is so lovely.
  10. DC

    Watchmen on HBO

    I thought episode 8 was the high point but I fucking LOVE the character who is the main focus of that. We really enjoyed the whole series and I’m also going for a reread of the big copy of the book I have, now.
  11. So having nearly finished the superb tv series and having a big Watchmen hard-on, what other stuff is good and worth reading please? If it’s poop I’d rather not tarnish what I already love but happy to try some ‘average’ stuff in case it happens to really appeal to me.
  12. My friend who moved away some years ago emailed me out of the blue to catch up and mentioned that he needed my address to send something he borrowed from me years ago, but didn’t immediately offer up what it was. I was confident it was my CvS2 guidebook, obviously largely irrelevant now but still full of lovely art and that. It says a lot about the person I was and who I am now that I was disappointed to find out it was a only a pornographic dvd.
  13. DC

    Gaming Podcasts

    Some top tier noises and voices on TCGS this week.
  14. All those uncredited animators should be happy this happened, retrospectively, for the exposure. Think about all the exposure payments!
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