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  1. With Nago? Patiently make your way in is probably safest, move forward and block attacks. Super jump your way in is quickest. If you've the blood gauge for it, the clone special into dash (236S then 236K (236 is quarter circle forward in case you're unfamiliar with numpad notation)) can be quite good against projectiles too, but is expensive in blood.
  2. That will be tricky with the increased lag of streaming it. I'd recommend downloading it to your PlayStation if you can.
  3. I find normal Ketsui much harder than Deathtiny, probably because of the lack of autobomb. Anyway, lost a second run to being on the last life right at the end again. Both times well on track for a new high score, but in fairness I was playing very aggressively with chaining hypers and I'm not very good at dodging bullets
  4. The only thing I dislike about Deathtiny is how the multiplier is nerfed on the last life. I've never liked it and like it even less when I dropped to one life about a minute before the final bosses and ruined the entire run. Obviously my fault for dying, but feels a bit arbitrary.
  5. Take that Deathtiny! Stages 1 and 2 felt pretty bad, and on checking I was a few million behind my normal pace at this point. Was 800k up after stage 3, and then 8 million after stage 4, so must've done something right in these at least! That nagging feeling of trying to improve the score is there now though
  6. Lot of names I don't recognise on there, but from those I do: Xed plays Ky, MELLIE plays Chipp, and imp plays Sol. Nerves will soon pass when you do more Look forward to future battle reports!
  7. From what I can tell if you meet the criteria for getting a blue chip to spawn then enemies you kill (possibly just hit) within a timer also spawn them - the timer is shown under the multiplier information on the gadget and I've not noticed it about about an eighth full. For getting them to spawn: a full lock works well, although there's some enemies that doesn't work on - the long boats on stage 3 immediately spring to mind, for example. Killing popcorn enemies also makes blue cubes spawn, sometimes you have to kill them quickly after they enter the screen, others don't seem to have this limit. The other way is when hyper runs out and the orange cubes transform to blue, but I'm not sure this starts the timer. @spatularThanks! You're not far off yourself now seemingly.
  8. I was just 53 million up on the pace of this going into the last stage, let's just say it didn't go very well from that point onwards. Think I might call it a night there.
  9. Also going for the 300 million target, so imagine my absolute joy at just getting 299,289,663 Edit: also I don't think I've seen this mentioned anywhere but being in death die doubles your end of stage bonus, even if you activate it after the boss dies!
  10. 283 million now, so getting the hand of it again! I should probably dog the stick out though as I still seem to only be able to hyper spam through the final two bosses though.
  11. Just watched this, very impressive! One question: it looks like you kept the bonus enemies that spawn after the stage 5 midboss all the way until the elevator. Is that an intentional trick? I noticed the right side didn't update from the midboss until quite a while after it was supposed to.
  12. Had a couple of blasts at Deathtiny tonight. First took 3 credits to get through, just to try and get the feeling back. Second run I died at Doom. Got to the penultimate boss with two lives and quickly lost one as I can't remember the patterns properly - I did have more points going into the fight than I did in my personal best though. I'm putting that down to being more liberal with my bomb use instead of relying on auto bomb.
  13. Do you mean the Death Die mode? You activate it by holding bomb until the bar in the bottom right is full. You can even do it inbetween stages so they start in that mode. I've no doubt you'll soon overtake my score
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