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  1. Wow. What a stunning lack of humility by EA there.
  2. Not bothered about Forza or Gears but have been curious about Torchlight for awhile now so that's nice. Lords of Shadow is a great game and so is the sequel which I finished quite recently.
  3. Just finished this earlier, would highly recommend it, had a great time with it (played solo via gamepass which included the Aztec and Dark levels) and was wondering if anyone can recommend similar gaming experiences? The only thing that comes to mind is Grow Home (and it's predecessor Grow Up) which I also loved... But is there anything else out there like these? Thanks
  4. Gavin

    Outer Wilds

    For anyone wanting to take a little extra time to digest any new information when out exploring, you can tinker with the options menu to have the time loop paused during conversations, reading any Nomai text and also when checking the ship's computer to plan your next misadventure
  5. Just bought the Meat Boy issue (my first) and devoured it over a couple of hours faffing about in Dublin waiting for a bus. Good read, concise and informed (even though all the practical programming advice went right over my head). Nice review of Outer Wilds too which I'm currently enjoying figuring out. Keep up the good work
  6. Wow that must've been tough... Nice one!
  7. I'm nearing the end of this now (I think) and, on the whole, I've really enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for all things Creed anyway but this was exactly the shot in the arm the franchise needed Before I take on the last couple of main story missions I'm gonna unlock all the map and (possibly) complete all locations. Simply because I'm enjoying doing so! (makes a nice change from getting whooped by Owl Father/Sword Saint in Sekiro and confused in Outer Wilds) I've been hunting a few achievements too (enjoyed the slo-mo bow headshot while jumping one, and bringing a tame lion to a crocodile) and one of them is apparrently connected to the hallicinations, raining frogs or something, but I've yet to figure it out... My brother is playing through Odyssey at the minute and it looks sweet but I'll take a break from the franchise for a year or two after this I think... Maybe fire up the 2D Russian one to dabble in as that's next on the Creed list (ain't missed any yet)
  8. Approaching the end of The Surge now and I gotta say I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. Sure, its not perfect but it's well above average and I'd highly recommend it to Soulsborne fans if they don't mind a truly solo experience as there's no online options at all. I agreed with the complaints about the Black Cerberus/3 PAX machines 3rd boss until I googled it (thinking there was a fatal flaw in my build progression) and found out you can use the 1st PAX Machine to destroy 2 white power generator things in the arena which stops the boss from running away, recharging health or summoning anymore ally bosses! If this subtle bit of design had been in a Souls game people would be singing its praises but no such love for this game, which is a shame. Anyway, I'm enjoying wrapping up some achievements I probably would have missed and taking my time maxing out gear and weapons before doing the final boss. I probably won't bother with NG+ as I've too many other games to be playing but I'll keep an eye on the sequel and pick it up when it drops in price a bit...
  9. Gavin

    Okami HD

    Finished this last week and very good it was too, highly recommended. If you're looking for something with a lot in common with classic Zelda games go and play this! I understand those saying it went on too long but I could've played for loads more if it kept on being so inventive, surprising and entertaining I even hunted all Xbox cheevos (using Google for some of the Stray Beads I missed) except the fishing one! I have photos of my ending screens but they're just a bit larger than 2mb in my phone so can't upload them unless someone can tell me how to shrink or compress them somehow? Anyhoo, a totally class game with a timeless art style, clever gameplay and a great spiritual message. I understand now why it's considered a classic.
  10. OK... Shouldn't I do those Amnesia ones first though? Same developer I think. As I game, I like having a nice mix of genres to hop between and horror, slower kinda experiences have now become a staple (currently playing Sekiro, AC:Origins & SWBF2 Campaign for my action/adventure fix, Celeste for platform shenanigans and just now about to start Wolfenstein New Order for fps shooty mans' faces type satisfaction and Mass Effect: Andromeda for RPG- Sci fi absorption). I like to see how the artform evolves with each release and I'd feel like I missed a beat if i jumped straight to SOMA if you know what I mean? *As I typed all that in on my phone I just realised how much gaming means to me, like, to engage my mind in my spare time... FUCK the X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and all them soul draining reality shows FUCK Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale (big up good quality movies, music, pubs and gigs though) BUT, as a home based, sedentary entertainment thing games are the best. This forum is great too, I love all youse cunts! Now, get te fuck, I've a beer te drink here... *hic*
  11. Finished this last night, it has a terrifically foreboding atmosphere and presents quite a convincing vision of our future. There were a couple of, sort of, 4th wall breaking moments where I caught myself identifying with the isolated residents and became hyper aware that I was sitting in a darkened room interfacing with a machine to escape reality and I was thinking, shit, do we as a species really wanna continue down this path? Great stuff. I really enjoyed Layers of Fear as I hadn't played anything like it (wasn't interested in walking simulators, and never got around to trying Amnesia, Soma etc.) and this regurgitates a lot of those jumpscare/creepout tactics but, as Nespresso so eloquently expressed, they later become so overused that you just become numb and a little annoyed. I'd still highly recommend it though as it must be doing something right for me to fast quit and reload to see both endings, get all cheevos apart from near impossible ones and then come on the forum te slabber about it! Also, thanks to whoever mentioned Get Even as I'd never heard of it but sounds great and is only £5 in xbox store, installing now...
  12. Yeah, I really hope this works out to be good too as I'm currently playing through the single player ampaign in SW:BF2 (mostly when I need a break from Sekiro) and am surprised how much I'm enjoying it I've enjoyed all the 3rd person star wars efforts from the Jedi Academy ones to Force Unleashed 2 but could never shake the feeling they were all really quite shoddily, unimaginatively made. I'll watch the reveal live because maybe this could be the one... Also Episode 9 has a title now and there's a pretty sweet teaser trailer out there to watch to get folks psyched...
  13. Playing this at the moment and agree with most of you guys' comments, positive AND negative. I finished the first one and enjoyed it, despite some seriously annoying segments/mechanics, but this one is a definite improvement in all areas. I actually like how the stealth and combat feels a little out of your control or somewhat random and janky at times, unless you really, really focus as it makes for some tense emergent gameplay situations. It's proper fucked up schlock horror and I've no idea what's coming next which makes it pretty compelling to play. Currently at chapter 6:On the Hunt on Nightmare difficulty and enjoying feeling more empowered after levelling up some weapons and stealth kill abilities I'd definitely recommend it at this point and looking forward to where it takes me next Probably won't play it much over the weekend though as I want to have a good look at the Anthem demo (available for free pre-install now for any EA Access members, if anyone is interested).
  14. Who? Me? I'd imagine the Gavin character is the developers having a bit of an in-joke, possibly about an errant member of their staff, as nobody online has ever seen or found him... It could also be a reference to future DLC but I doubt it...
  15. Playing through this on Xbone at the moment and enjoying it well enough for what it's trying to do, reminds me a bit of the Condemned games which is a good thing. Anyhoo, I had just picked up the Hunting Crossbow behind a revolving alcove thing in Buckingham Palace and, after advancing a fair bit further without returning to save my progress at the bed, I managed to get my face munched off by a zombie and died right at the point where I got the bigger backpack. When I made it back to said spot and killed my former self there was no crossbow to loot from the body! I wouldn't mind so much, as I'm happy with my 'Punk's Not Dead' cricket bat and a handgun, but I didn't get to shoot a single crossbow bolt for an associated achievement. I tried looking for a respawn where I first found it but nothing is there, I tried scanning the CCTV setup at the base but no luck and when I google the issue I couldn't find any helpful pointers. Does anyone know if I'll find another crossbow further in the story or how/when/where weapons respawn or whatever? Thanks.
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