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  1. Bit of Stupid Question but how do you use tips button feature on PS5 as people keep mentioning it but cannot find it ?
  2. That's great news will have to get that on download
  3. If i transfer over my PS4 saves can I use them in the free PS5 upgrade of the game thinking do not want to redo hours put into assassin's creed valhalla ?
  4. Console picked up now just need to work with in sat beside me at my desk and never walked to my car quicker.
  5. I managed to get one from Argos last night but totally argee it's stupid to drop at that time now i just need to sit in empty office untill 5:30 mite go pick it up on my lunch
  6. Yep bot problem needs to be sorted out hopefully when all the store are back open the market will flood and all the scalping scrumbags will be out of pocket
  7. Silly Question but is it sold in the UK or is it import only ?
  8. PC with Rift could be winner here or may just see my dinner coming up
  9. Does this have a VR mode just on the PS4 ?
  10. Reckon he needs to set one up in Cardiff or Newport (South Wales) Wales always get's left out.
  11. Do those Aero City machines just come with one game ?
  12. Are the PS4 servers any better the 20 min wait was killing it when you go out first round
  13. Yes they show up and if i just skip them they work in the Oculus Home so not sure whats going on but it's working just waiting for Half Life to download
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