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  1. Hatching a shiny was the most psychologically challenging grind I can remember. The fact that there's no progress, and you're essentially in exactly the same place after 1 egg as you are after 500 I found really difficult to mentally accept. And I felt that I couldn't give up at any point and waste the time already invested. So felt trapped in this ridiculous grind until I hit the 1/500 chance or whatever it is. Really don't want to go through that again!
  2. John0

    Pokemon Go

    I'm just looking at Breloom actually, because of all the Swamperts. Counter / Dynamic Punch / Seed Bomb. Giratina definitely defines a lot of the meta, but it's more fun and varied than I thought.
  3. John0

    Pokemon Go

    Seems like everyone knows what they're doing! I ran Medicham (C / DP / IP), Haunter (SC / ShB / SP), Azu (B / PR / IB) as the Ice moves allowed me to come back from bad lead matches sometimes. But really started to struggle and switched it up to Deoxys-D (C, TB, RS), Melmetal (TS / FC / TB) and Altaria (DB / DP / SA). But even then struggled more than I wanted to. I think Superpower should have been on Melmetal to be honest, and would have allowed me to beat Registeel more often. Finished hovering just above 3300 with something like 53 wins from 80. Ultra League has started about the same (5 wins from 10 but 1 draw), but going with Hariyama (C / DP / HS), Alolan Muk (S / DP / SW) and Giratina-Altered (SC / DC / AP) for now. Though not sure Hariyama really cuts it, and Charmers are a bit of a problem. But I can't really bring myself to spend 300 rare candy on Registeel . Just in case anyone doesn't know it, https://pvpoke.com is an amazing resource for battling.
  4. John0

    Pokemon Go

    Fast Moves charge Charge Moves at different rates. There are charts/graphs that explain it, here's one below. It shows how good things like Counter and Shadow Claw are compared to some of the others. The moves towards the top generate more energy per turn and so charge your moves faster. Also Gamepress do a good job of detailing everything: https://gamepress.gg/pokemongo/pvp-fast-moves What's your current team? I love this kind of stuff, definitely not the best! But put a lot of effort into Season 1 of the Silph tournament scene, so happy to help if I can
  5. I usually just join other people's to be honest. There's a lot of Alcremie raids to join at the moment. I usually trigger a special trade, then head pretty much immediately back to the screen where the raids appear, wait for a "press X to update" notification and new ones usually appear.
  6. Quick tip for this. When the game freezes up, try going to settings and turning on airplane mode and then going back to the game. Has worked for me.
  7. I don't think there's any way to sort pokemon in boxes is there? You kind of just have to do it manually. I think it's one of the quirks in the series that has persisted, and is slightly better than last time around but could really do with a complete overhaul. I wish there was a button to go straight to the boxes rather than having to go through your team.. but this is the first in the series where you can actually access your boxes from anywhere I believe? So yeah, annoying, but could be worse
  8. John0

    Nintendo Switch

    Tried to scroll back for the last few pages to see if there was a post relevant to this, but couldn't find anything. My Switch prompted me to download updates for my joycons recently, and since then I've been getting lag and occasional disconnection from my right joycon. Nothing has changed in terms of my living room setup. Anyone else experiencing this? It's happening with both pairs of joycons I own. Any ideas/advice?
  9. Update on my Sirfetch'd ranked expoits...
  10. Version 2 of my Sirfetch'd Singles team: Managed to make it to Ultra Ball Tier. Not a massive achievement as you rank up going 50-50 gradually due to win streaks, but still pretty pleased with that
  11. Another one for the "where was the dried fish" fan club here. For me that was one of the most memorable things I read as a child/teen. To go from not knowing what a daemon is at the start of the book, to a single moment so powerful and affecting.. in what 100 pages or so? I put that up on a pedestal for how to create drama in a story from nothing for years. So disappointing to see them remove it altogether.
  12. John0


    I'm watching this shmup speedrun and the guy already has his head in his hands ~2 minutes in . Hope I can make it to the end without having some sort of panic attack. Edit: Damn the run is fun but I do find it really stressful. Some genuine jaw dropping moments. Commentary did a good job of explaining what was happening to people who don't really know anything about shmups (ie. me!). Crazy that the genre doesn't feature more in gdq. It's visually very cool and impressive.
  13. I know this is a bit pie in the sky, but the time is ripe for Pokémon auto-chess!
  14. Very inexperienced in terms of competitive, but made this singles team based around my Scrappy Sirfetch'd (who also happens to be a shiny boi ). Hitting ghosts with Close Combat is fun. If anyone wants to try it there's the code. The only rule is Sirfetch'd is auto-include . Edit: Hmm.. Dugtrio is in there specifically as a Toxapex counter.. only I didn't realise how bad it was at countering Toxapex. Anyone fancy suggesting a replacement Electric/Ground/Psychic attacker for Toxapex?
  15. I think the worst aspect of the sexy-mages, was that once Fringilla became the Nilfgaard mage she mostly (as far as I remember) was put into a very unflattering mage dresses. It was as if tits pointing up = good mage. Tits pointing down or sideways = bad mage.
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