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  1. 1.2 seconds faster than everyone else! Astonishing.
  2. Gasly's form in that AT is crazy compared to his RB stint.
  3. Yeah Ricciardo even hobbling away from that a little bit! Not an insignificant shunt. Looks like he double shifts down very quickly and the back end jumped out. Edit: working from home on Fridays when practice is on is pretty great got Sky muted and the beeb audio coverage on to avoid David Croft and it's very pleasant.
  4. The photos of Leclerc I've seen are pretty shocking. In one there are several of them hugging (presumably not in his "bubble" - as far as I understand they are his friends and have nothing to do with F1) and none of them are wearing masks. I guess the one thing you could say in his defence is that he's spent the lockdown in Monaco where they basically have managed to largely ignore Covid (108 cases / 8 active cases). So he maybe doesn't have quite the experience the vast majority of the rest of us have had. But even so it seems very flagrant and massively irresponsible. I think the fact that he doesn't even seem to have attempted to hide it or bothered that he might get caught out says a lot. Banning him for a race may seem harsh but I wouldn't be upset to see it at all at this point.
  5. I've been complaining about Skater Boi for years! It's a horrible song with a horrible message. Lauding it over another girl because she was uncomfortable with peer pressure at school and now the guy is "worth" a lot and on TV. This is even without considering that the narrator is unreliable. Can you link to the take down piece? Edit: Sorry I got so excited I skipped reading the whole thread. The article you posted later is great. I feel gratified that I've been sticking up for this girl (woman now I suppose) for so long and now I'm reading she was pissed off in all of the ways I'd thought she might be and more! I am fit to burst with righteousness. Edit: I'm a fool and it's obviously intentionally fake. But still. I think I shall cling on to the righteousness.
  6. Rihanna x Oasis https://rave.dj/BRRo5TXXIEZtfg
  7. Yeah that's just typical Horner shit-stirring I think. Uncalled for. But Horner's gonna Horner.
  8. I just think if you're Albon you gotta go for it. It worked out badly, but you don't know how fast Lewis can go once his tyres get up to temperature. This is a car that was 0.5 faster than anyone else on single lap pace in quali. And if you're Albon you know they have an issue but you haven't heard all the "this is critical" radio - you don't know how bad it actually was. I don't know what the engineer said to him, but it's not unlike Red Bull to give "alright let's get this pass done" messages to their drivers. Plus all the flack Gasly got for not being aggressive enough. Plus the pressure that comes from being Max's teammate. Also maybe another safety car comes at any moment, especially the way that race was going. He was a metre or two from not actually having passed Perez on the previous restart and having to pass him again. If he doesn't take the opportunity when it's there, there's plenty of risk of it not coming back.
  9. Actually I've looked at it again (again) on C4 just now and I'm less sure of my original opinion. I think at the point of collision Albon seems much further ahead, but he's never actually clearly ahead on corner entry or mid-corner. Unlike Leclerc's pass round the outside on Norris for e.g. where he's clearly ahead on entry and it's his corner. Agree racing incident. What a crazy race though! So cool to have F1 back. Lando doing his bottle smash celebration on the podium
  10. On the Albon - Hamilton incident. It just looked like a really great pass round the outside to me. How else do you pass someone round the outside except like that? Aren't the drivers entitled to have a go at those kind of passes? I think the penalty was probably for consequences rather than actions, which I dont agree with. But I fail to see how that's on Albon. He doesn't know how long it's going to take Lewis to get his tyres up to temp or for how long he will have an advantage. Also the win is more on the sooner he gets passed Lewis. Love to see drivers go for moves like that, I don't think it should be discouraged.
  11. I finished Series 3 last night, so let's have a fun chat about Time Travel . Time travel is really cool. But obviously a bit problematic in terms of storytelling. In my experience, it can be handled in one of three ways. Let's call them Methods 1, 2 and 3. Method 1: Consider a person who travels back in time from point B to point A. This can be dealt with according to the rules that no matter what events occur between points A and B, the time travel leap at point B *must* occur. You cannot change anything. Everything that occurs in time will happen, has happened, and will always happen. Events in the past are inextricably linked to events in the future and visa versa. Cause and effect does not just work in the sense of time passing forwards, but also backwards. This means that you can be your own father (for example), but the logic kind of still holds up, at least to the point where we can make sense of a story. Diagram: Method 2: The second way involving a single timeline would be that if a person travels back from B to A but *is* able to change events that lead to point B occurring. For example, if the person kills their former self before point B, then the time-leap can never occur, therefore they never could have gone back in time and killed themselves. It's a total paradox and I don't know how to model it on a diagram. Films/TV/stories seem to handle this by having the person disappear/disintegrate at the point at which they kill their former self, or stop them from travelling at point B. Method 3: If your characters do need to be able to change past events but you don't want to tie them in a logical fallacy, then when a person travels back in time from point B to point A another timeline (let's call it Red) can get created in which the person does not need to travel back in time again at point B, because although point B still happens it is now independent from the timeline that the person has put themselves on. This means that they can kill their former self, or imprison them, or whatever, and stop them reenacting that point B time leap. But the logic still holds because of the separation of two universes/timelines. Diagram: Now. I think one of the reasons that Dark is so confusing (aside from trying to keep track of how everyone is their own grandparent) is that it's very difficult to work out which of these sets of rules time-travel adheres to. Spoilers from here on in! I'm not sure how to end this as it's kind of a work in progress but I'm not sure if I want to progress because of the possibility that Dark doesn't hold up to this kind of analysis. I think it's really fun to think about though and would love to hear people's thoughts
  12. Sadly yes you're probably right. It's odd though because for each month since release they haven't allowed pokemon in ranked that weren't easily obtainable in the game. So you'd get your several week long event featuring whatever group of Dynamax pokemon, and then after that they'd be introduced into the pool of allowed pokemon in ranked. But now all of a sudden we're one day away from Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion being allowed despite them having nothing to do with the game at all up to this point. Not to mention all the extra Dynamax pokemon (though we do have max mushrooms now). It just seems like a bizarre change of pace/plan.
  13. Strange, they definitely reset for me at least once a day. If I used a wishing piece the beam stays there but the pokemon changes every day. Have you finished the game? If so I've no idea why it would be different :/ I'm down to 1 single Diglett without using a guide. My only advice is try coming off the bike - that seemed to help me a bit. Also some of my last ones were just in the middle of a big plain area because I was so fixated on looking around areas of flowers/grass/whatever. I'm so far gone now I'd rather not cave and look it up, but I don't know how many more times I can methodically scour every corner of the Soothing Wetlands to no avail.
  14. Finished The Farseer Trilogy last night. Listened on audiobook and really didn't like the narration at all. It's done by an American but in very strong British received pronunciation (dogs are dorgs - verity is vérrité) which just really grated throughout. I thought I might get used to it at first, but absolutely didn't. This ridiculous accent (used for 90% of the characters regardless of their backgrounds) even dropped almost completely in places - and I swear he still pronounced squirrel in the American "squril" too, which topped it off. As for the story. I didn't really love it, but definitely didn't hate it either. I think it does the single-character epic quest thing pretty satisfyingly, and I did care about the characters and story enough to finish it. I think the main source of irritation was the main character. There are several situations where everyone is misunderstanding him left right and centre - which I find a bit of a manipulative way of eliciting caring/encouragement for the protagonist in the reader - Harry Potter does this abundantly and I think my dislike stems a lot from that. Also, like HP, he's prone to pretty cringeworthy fits of pique that are quite hard to stomach. I know we're supposed to be in the mind of an adolescent finding his place in the world - but it's still uncomfortable reading. And god did I get tired of hearing about Molly in places. It sounded like there were several whole sentences that were just the word Molly. I'm a bit surprised it is so well regarded - but perhaps if I'd have read it I'd have liked it a lot more. The narration is really hard to separate from the actual narrative. I am kind of really glad it's over though and I can move onto something else. Which is never a great feeling upon finishing a book.
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