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  1. I’m sure these guys aren’t too amused with the announcement https://store.steampowered.com/app/1372650/Demons_Ate_My_Neighbors/
  2. Just finished off season 2 of Sneaky Pete on Amazon. Fantastic show, great characters and quite tense at times. Really gets you with the 'I'll watch just one more episode..." Never dipped into Prime video for TV shows much, would usually open netflix for that, but will be having a good look around that now. Probably going to hit up Mr Robot next!
  3. That does look lovely, something about it brought be right back to arcades when I was a kid. I’m so getting this one when it’s out! Cheers for the heads up!
  4. Using my old xbox 360 pad im afraid
  5. Finally got this up and running on PC, great revisiting this on PC after putting 200+ hours in it on switch. Still find myself just aimlessly wandering and exploring. One thing though about the emulated version, Tilt Shrines can fuck right off! They are such a pain in the arse! Is there a way to cheat them on PC or some magic trick I can use? Really doing my head in!
  6. Nice, Dishonored 2 is on Gamepass, might give that a try next then!
  7. So I finally got around to finishing this after dropping it a number of years ago. That single player campaign was fantastic! Good story, greatgameplay and was just a blast from start to finish. Does anyone else have any recommendations for good, story driven FPS games that will give Titanfall 2 a run for its money?
  8. Cheers Santa, just spend a lazy day ignoring the wife and kids and sunk 3 hours into Resident Evil 2 Remake! Loving it, familiar but different at the same time!
  9. Secret Santa, you legend! Resident Evil 2 Remake Control Awesome stuff! So looking forward to RE2! Thank you!!!!! Heard so much good stuff about control so really looking forward to that as well! I R Happy!
  10. I use an Xbox 360 controller on pc and fake bobs buzz on the left side of the controller, the real one always buzzes on the right side.
  11. I think its about 10 clears to get to the end of the main story line. But there are so many more threads to follow.
  12. So having beaten the last boss after my 51st attempt I’ve been upgrading weapons and clearing a little easier. But I’m just wondering, in a non spoilerific way, how many time do you need to clear to get to the end of the story?
  13. Oh, and the soundtrack for this is amazing. I regularly have it on in the background while working. Its available on YouTube as well as iTunes and probably Spotify!
  14. 46 Attempts and made it to final boss! Almost had him down but Ended up using the fists to get here as it was giving me bonus darkness, and im usually rubbish with them, but as many people have said, you just dont know how your build is going to turn out!
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