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  1. Great review. Good enough for me. Not read any of her others … yet!
  2. Blood Meridian and the Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat among two of the discounted books for prime day. Both 99p.
  3. Earthsea trilogy and the Dune trilogy both 99p each today!! Dune Earthsea
  4. Klara and the Sun is 99p (for today?)
  5. Reading some generally positive paragraphs in eurogamer, watching about a minute of gameplay and perhaps most significantly reading a post on here describing the game as joyous was enough for me to seal the deal on the new Kirby. I think scores matter to the extent they’re indicative, right? But not worth losing sleep over. 5/10 tho, wtf!!!
  6. The fan noise is high pitched and doesn’t pass the “significant other” test of being able to sit together and not annoy one’s SO as they watch the telly and you play your GPU intensive game.
  7. Cheers that was a great write up! I had actually forgot the "structure" to the GW competition. Sounds like you had a great time anyway even if you didn't get to humiliate the Violet Blade (lol) - you did well, 'grats!
  8. I remember Andy Crane once saying they were giving some Cray supercomputer or something (that could render the most amazing 3D trees) away as a prize and I nearly died with excitement. Beat. "Only kidding"
  9. I thought maybe someone had, which could have been you? Feel free to regale us with your tale(s) if you can be bothered. I would have loved to have been on Games World. I think once an advert popped up on Sky with an address if you were interested as being a contestant, but I missed the address then ended up watching Sky One for like a week non-stop and it never popped up again. Did you play that multiplayer game that I think was on the Amiga where you're a red/blue/green etc. blob? Who were you up against. Big Boy Barry? What was Bob whatshisname like? Did you win your challenge?! Why are we not all applying to be on the GM reboot!!!
  10. Someone on here’s bound to have been on games master or games world eh? Was it amazing?
  11. Ted Chiang’s Exhalation is 99p today… as is the Millennium Trilogy, if that’s your thing.
  12. Looks great. Loved this on the Amiga. Is there an article or anything explaining how they did this?
  13. I think it is one more for the ideas, with (alas all too) occasional engaging sections.
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