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  1. Omg. I’m reading the memory alpha of that episode as a reminder and even that’s boring me to tears.
  2. SNES Mini

    So I've discovered just how bloody difficult contra III is.... the twitchings of RSI and I'm certainly I've barely scratched the surface of stage 1...
  3. Limmy's Show

    Ah cool. Why do I get the feeling herring doesn't always get limmy's humour. Maybe I'm being harsh but there's often an awkward pause when limmy does a joke "in character" etc. In saying that herring does speak very well and supportively about his stuff.
  4. Was v funny. Thought something was going to develop b/w Liam and Millipede. They seemed to connect. But yeh a great parody
  5. Why are people still going to WOS? Genuine question.
  6. SNES Mini

    Cheers for the link to the stock checker website the other day. It was their email that allowed me to get a pre order in today with Tesco. Stopping in the middle of the street on way home from work to order on my phone...
  7. SNES Mini

    What's the address, please?
  8. Watchmen possibly coming to HBO

    Noooooo! More that what K says about the tone not being translated well to the screen was the issue, I thought?
  9. E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

    Give it a week or two
  10. E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

    admittedly someone who has skipped a generation or two console wise but a lot of these games look a variation of the same. last night looked great tho.
  11. Denis Villeneuve's Arrival

    The velcro shoes?
  12. iOS 11 will kill 32bit apps & games

    At least you grabbed monkey island when it was available
  13. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

    Ah the good ol' Internet (and Reddit). The cliff is at Palo Colorado Canyan in Monterey (where Little Big Lies is based). Have always dreamed of being there. On the shores of the cosmic ocean.
  14. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

    Anyone been watching Big Little Lies? Noticed that this iconic image from the opening sequence of the original Cosmos (and therefore the reboot) showed up early on in s1e4! The Cosmos is all that is, or ever was, or ever will be.
  15. iOS 11 will kill 32bit apps & games

    Is it a case of hitting the recompile button (hark at the non developer here) and republishing or not as straightforward? Thing about this though is where is the incentive for a developer especially if they're no longer publishing/active etc. EDIT: I spoke too soon. Pinball Fantasies makes the cut. The Impossible Game on the other hand. I've still not beat level one and then they're taking it away from me???!!!

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