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  1. nah the pro versions will be out then, just get them!
  2. I think we will need well known developers that aren’t 1st party studios to comment Before we can gauge just how much this no-bottleneck design helps development.
  3. They should really have narrowed down the release date on this. “2020”. Well we’re well into 2020, you must have an idea if it’s Junish or Novemberish 2020.
  4. they will be re imagined for next gen. you will now be shot out of a cannon to the next area while a conversation plays across your characters earpiece
  5. PS5 runs so hot all life forms within 1 metre are cooked. No hand sanitizer needed
  6. So it comes down to the games for PS5’s success. Either that or XSX is so expensive it doesn’t sell well enough to be in first place. which is why that pared down 1080p XSX I think is a reality (and a good idea).
  7. It’s hours to go to the presentation yet still nothing has leaked? is that a good sign or a bad sign?
  8. They arent asking you for £60 because you didn't like it. It's not cheeky to ask money from people who want it.
  9. The fucker’s still out of stock! Hope you enjoyed this update.
  10. Even if they launch with pro versions, there will be an update in 3-4 years to snag the whales. It worked last time, why wouldn’t they do it again?
  11. So 2 weeks after release it’s still out of stock. Is it because GAME are useless, or have Sony hugely under estimated demand? Shame.
  12. yeah you can buy some creature cores. I think its a phonenix symbol. You can buy 2 levels initally. Then the final level much later on. Each one increases the parry and dodge timing windows. Press light attack straight after a succesful parry to do an invincible counterattack (which can also be upgraded later on)
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