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  1. bumgut

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    So this is coming out tommorow (midnight?) Everyone is playing Dead Cells but dont forget about this!
  2. bumgut

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Was think of getting this now all the money grabbing mechanics have been patched out
  3. I only really care how it looks as long as it plays well. Is it the same devs that did the 8 bit version? If not it would be funny if the support act upstaged the main event.
  4. Yeah I think I’ll get this game when it goes below £20.
  5. bumgut

    Devil May Cry 5

    Hopefully on new game plus modes you can pick Nero or Dante all the way through and you can pick different styles with dante
  6. bumgut

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    That looks ace
  7. bumgut

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Shame no reviews out. Do smaller studios have the power to put review embargoes on?
  8. bumgut

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    So are people still playing this? Has it still got legs?
  9. Looks like a co-op serious sam with special powers. Which is good.
  10. bumgut


    Almost nothing like Gal Gun 2
  11. bumgut

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Has anyone here tried these onmidirectional treadmills? If done perfectly I don't think I would leave my house for years after getting a VR setup with this treadmill.
  12. bumgut

    Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PC/PS4)

    Yeah the pimikin bits are the only bits where i get hammered in what is supposed to be an overall easy game, I guess I have to look up some guides.
  13. bumgut

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    PS4 version isn’t out yet. I’m sure this thread will pick up after that.
  14. bumgut

    Is "Game" finished?

    Went into GAME in Lincoln today to get Ni No Kuni 2. Asked for standard edition, was told “ooh dunno think we might be out of stock of those”. He then fishes in the drawer for a second, pulls out a £80 special edition and offers that. I ask “so you don’t have any standard editions?” just to confirm, fully intending to look elsewhere. He immediately pulls out a £50 standard edition. Fucking lying cheating cunt tried to bilk me out of £30 on a tat edition of the game! Just no shame whatsoever on his face. I said nothing of course.

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