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  1. Unfortunately, and much to my annoyance, there has been a bit of a blunder with C&C4. It was supposed to release yesterday and although the Steam "This game is locked" message dissapeared there was still no option to buy! It has now been replaced with a new "game is locked" message that is counting down to the 19th of March. But yes, they appear to have disabled both pre-loading and pre-ordering for some reason on Steam. Apparently you can pre-order (and get some bonuses) on Direct2Drive, however I like Steam myself so will be waiting, hopefully not for too long!
  2. edi

    Bad Meals

    It has always bothered me how they stop the microwaves like 20 seconds early sometimes, it hasn't bothered me enough to stop eating subway tho
  3. Ok, I think I need some advice. I was showing a mate my R4DS yesterday and took the microSD out to show him how small and cool it is, then I put the micro SD back in but it didn't seem to be slotting in place correctly. About a second later it pinged across the room. Tried again and the same thing happened but when I tried again it didn't slot in at all. It seems the catch must have broken! The catch always felt a bit crappy but I've litterally had the thing about a month. Is there any way I can fix it or do I have to send it back and wait for a replacement? (If I can even send it back at all)
  4. To get DSFTP to work I had to make sure that my router was broadcasting SSID. I have no idea why but that's what it needed. this might be worth a try? EDIT: Oh also, make sure your wireless is properly set up by connecting with a normal game like Mario Kart or something like that.
  5. Unless you expect people that don't like driving games to pay for a bundled wheel controller then yes.
  6. Where can I buy these? I never seem to be able to spot any in morrisons
  7. The guy sounds awesome to me, however I'm upset that I've left my PSP on 1.5 for soooo long and it turns out I might have been able to do something much cooler with it after all Perhaps I shall take a look at this OE thing, or is it not worth it now the guy has left?
  8. I'd try it, but what I really want to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO VANILLA COKE?!
  9. No idea what the content in the game is like. I expect its like a kill before you get killed kind of thing, which to be honest would be fine but if you are controlling how to torture someone then I can see why they banned it. Also, if its like walk down the local coffee shop and kill torture some innocents to progress then I reckon they should have banned it (Rockstar would have been pretty stupid to make that tho so I doubt its the case). As other people in this thread have said, I've always thought that games gave a much deeper emotional connection with the content than films. I can really feel for the characters in games sometimes, even more so than films (although it obviously depends on how well each is written) and so a game that seemed to be encouraging you to torture people does seem to be going a bit far. And as much as people say "its just a game" there is obviously some emotional connection there. Would be excellent to have a good discussion about this but by the time I get to re-read this thread it will be 100s of pages long probably. Btw, as I said I don't know about the content of the game, I'm just going on what other people said so if you don't actually torture peeps and play cards instead then I take back what I said about manhunt 2 specifically (although my point still stands obv) Edit: just watched the trailer posted above and doesn't exactly look that bad. I've done harsher attacks with the crowbar to a dead military dude in half life
  10. I will actually have toget puzzle fighter tho! Awesome game, it better have online play!
  11. Everyone always seems to say how DVD is the best format for games but it seems to me like such a short sighted view. In 5 years time im sure many games will have out-grown DVD storage. Especially as more cut-scenes go to HD (and they will as people with HDTV demand it). I'm sure MS will simply let you use the HDDVD/bluray add-on to play games (even though they said they wouldn't do that) but personally I'd rather that if I bought a console on release then I would be able to play the games through its whole lifespan.
  12. edi

    Speedball 2

    Sign me up baby!!!
  13. It looks really good actually, shame my PC has no chance of running it but maybe i'll pick it up in a couple of years or something I'm also very confident that by the time the game is actually released there will be proper AI on all of the enemies. Having a massive jungle fight with opponents that were intelligent actually should be really fun I think. Until then just be happy with how good it looks!
  14. I made part of my school as a duke 3d map once. I put one of the really massive ugly monsters to represent my maths teacher. Then I deleted the map by accident when I was freeing up disk space.
  15. I've never been a fan of breakfast. The only thing I really like a full english and that's not exactly practical every day so I tend to skip. The first thing I eat is an apple at about 10:30-11am if I'm at work. If it's a weekend then I'm not usually up til at least 10 anyway so I just wait til lunch
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