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  1. Not modern day football but https://www.quicklykevin.com/
  2. Had Molinari and Finau each way, gutted about the two double bogeys. Great Sunday viewing though.
  3. Laminated Tramp

    The Bookies

    Treble looking good, £435 from £5. Currently £150 cash out
  4. Laminated Tramp

    The Bookies

    Went for lostintranslation with the Sky offer, Voix du Reve on Betway and a treble of Defi, Paisley Park and Frodon. Nothing else yet as I’ve been in meetings all morning.
  5. Laminated Tramp

    The Bookies

    £130 up on Cheltenham today, £55 profit with the Will Hill golden goal offer, then this rolls in Great day
  6. First time I’ve had a chance to play in the last few days and slowdown is crazy since the update. Trying to get Frost and keep getting chassis and systems drops. Also, I have no idea what to do in the dojo.
  7. I keep getting thrown to the switch homepage for the game and can’t find it through any website navigation. A quick google suggests that platinum discount is pc only?
  8. Oh wait, I could buy platinum and get discount buying weapons or warframes that way but slots aren’t discounted?
  9. Just realised I have 75% off in the market, have no idea what to buy. Looks like it’s just 75% off credit cost, or am I missing something?
  10. Yeah, that’s what I gathered from some quick reading, have gone back to the starting weapons to max them before selling them.
  11. Can I get involved too, laminatedtramp in game. Had a week off last week and had a great time on this. Am I best off maxing my weapons before I sell them to free up slots? Currently crafting a Hek. I’m terrible at aiming with the joycons, currently relying on constant exalted blade use, though it is frequently getting me 500+ kills in Defense levels.
  12. It has come to my attention that Chesterfield’s manager contributes to the club news section of their website. Take care Hardy
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