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  1. I really hope this comes soon as I'm a huge fan of SSX Tricky. I finally cracked and picked up an xbox one x pretty much only because of backwards compatibility as I had a lot of xbox games back in the day and skipped the 360 completely. I will also pick up red dead redemption in the near future. I have picked up Rare Replay as well as Sunset Overdrive and got Recore on special for a fiver though have only played Jetpac and Blast Corps so far. I was playing SSX 3 at the weekend and my race times did not seem to save which I thought was strange. I haven't double checked yet but a friend of mine at work told me you need a live account to save games (he mentioned it needs cloud saves) on backwards compatible original xbox or 360 games. Is that correct?
  2. I was just coming to mention Lords of Chaos. I loved that on the spectrum back in the day. I'm not 100% certain but I think I picked it up on the amiga as well. I bought it purely based on the reputation of Laser Squad although I still haven't played that. I miss that a bit just getting games out of the blue which were great (although there was a lot of fodder as well). I never warmed to Chaos Reborn though I must give it another chance to grow on me.
  3. Is Rez on steam similar to Rez on PS2 or would I be better off with Rez on the xbox one x (if compatible)? I didn't even know it came out on the 360 (I thought it was a Sony exclusive).I haven't played Rez in a long time but remember loving it at the time.
  4. crocked

    Rick Dickinson passes away

    Sad to hear. The 48k is a classic design and the Loki designs he made looked great. His involvement was one of the main reasons I ordered a Next. My thoughts are with his family and may he Rest In Peace.
  5. crocked

    Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Is the soft mod xbox region free? I'm looking at picking up capcom classics collection volume 2 but it's hard to get in europe as far as I can see so was thinking of picking up a US copy.
  6. I was coming to suggest this cable as well. Do you have it yourself? I bought a converter before christmas so I could play on my original xbox again and then a month later I saw this and it looks a much neater solution. Can you order it in europe as I could only find it in amazon and ebay but with nobody shipping to europe that I could find at that time.
  7. crocked

    Nintendo 3DS

    Is ever oasis any good? I ordered hey pikmin and fire emblem shadows of valentia and should have them this weekend. I‘ve not heard too much about either but they look good.
  8. crocked

    Nintendo Switch

    Can you have multiple sd cards with games on each or are there any disadvantages to that approach other than the obvious one of having multiple cards?
  9. crocked

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yes that makes sense. It's a pity as it would change the game at least for me. I think for gta vice city for example they removed something in the region of 20 songs when they updated it.
  10. crocked

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Nice to see Kodi available on xbox. I dug out my original xbox which is modded with the original XBMC last night and have been playing SSX Tricky all day. Still great even after all these years but looks a bit rough now. I'd love to see backwards compatibility added for that game alone.
  11. crocked

    Nintendo 3DS

    Does anyone know why the ds versions of advanced wars are not available on the eshop for the 3DS (I only see advance wars dual strike available for the wii u)? I remember reading somewhere that for GBA games they weren't able to guarantee performance but surely the ds games work on the 3ds so why would these be an issue? Are the ds versions any good?
  12. crocked

    Nintendo Switch

    Found out last night that you can't buy switch digital games until you actually have a switch. I don't know seems a strange way of working but I assume it's because the game is linked to a console not an account. Pity as I wanted to pick up mario rabbids and rocket league a bit cheaper. On the 3DS I started more with physical games but switched to digital for it's convenience but at least you can purchase physical games and potentially sell them. I was going to hold out on the nintendo switch a while longer as I wanted to know what the online offering / virtual console situation would be but as that is seemingly now delayed to late 2018 I doubt I'll wait that long. Still kicking myself that I missed out on a flash deal for a switch with mario and zelda with extra joy cons a few weeks back so hoping that reappears over new years.
  13. crocked

    Nintendo 3DS

    I had a look at it. Didn't realise it was coming out to be honest but it looks liek a game I'd like . I watched one of the dev videos and was put off a bit as it seemed a bit jumpy but I may still pick it up eventually. However this review does suggest the choppiness is in the final release as well.
  14. crocked

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Just saw there is a price drop in the US for christmas on ps pro and ps vr before christmas. Is there anything similar planned in europe. I couldn't find anything when I searched. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/12/06/tis-the-season-to-play-new-december-deals-for-ps4-pro-and-playstation-vr-systems/
  15. Can you watch the streams after or only live? I'm mainly interested in the Ghost of Tsushima stream to see what it's like.

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