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  1. Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    Dream Wife definitely. How about:- Gurr Mammoth Penguins Brontosaurus Chorus:- Charlotte Hatherley's first two albums:- Be Your Own Pet Little May
  2. ReBoot: Prepare for the Upgrade

    Yeah, pretty much appears to be power rangers but with the battles/war in cyberspace. I really can't imagine who thought lets remake Reboot but make it live action, it seems so bizarre.
  3. My main question is does it end with some sort of sky swirly world destroying thingy.
  4. Inside No.9

    The fact it reminds you that Maidenhead exists in the first 5 seconds is terryfing already.
  5. The next episode reveals this has been an entirely new series of toast, however due to an editing mix-up they've forgotten to include the bits with Toast, which largely consist of the main guy from Scramble Studios directing this new space show, Clem Fandango jaunting around pissing off Toast off-set. Toast (largely dressed in ridicolously bad Klingon get-up with white dash across head) on the phone to Jane to complain about the major role she had got him, Jane talking about not reading attachments, and replacing Toasts picture on her wall but with his headshot as the Klingon Toast. Toast also returning home to Ed Howzer Black still in Klingon get up as it takes too fucking long to remove. The last episode was both exposition heavy and remarkably tedious.
  6. Yeah that's the bit that makes me go what the fuck. Yet it seems like it's skirted over quite briefly in the article. It's presented in a way that can lead you to believe Weinstein and the crash are related, yet there is nothing there to suggest they are in any way interlinked. Being strongly persuaded to do something that may be considered part of your job, is a whole different circumstance to someone pressuring you into something which is most definitely not part of your job (and outside of the job itself), and also using their power to threaten your career if you do not go along with this. She doesn't really detail how 'they turned on her' after the accident. You can assume Tarantino having been negligent in getting her injured, and her thinking he had tried to kill her, either wasn't keen on working with her or thought she might not be keen on future projects - I would definitely avoid working with someone if I was in that situation. I'm not really sure why the footage is so crucial to her, by all accounts it neither proves or disproves negligence, the fact she was taken to hospital and there were a large multitude of witnesses would be enough - and I guess a court case would force them to handover any footage. To me it seems - she thought her and Tarantino were friends, the accident happened and she wanted him to act like a friend and instead he towed the company line, whereby you would assume he was following the best approach as directed by the legal team to minimise costs for any potential future action. I can see why she'd be bitter about that particularly as she's now left with ongoing issues as a result and I'd be fucking pissed. But this is classic capitalism at play. The story as written to me, seems like a non-event, they tried to pressure her to sign something, and as was her right she chose not to. I don't know much about film-making, to be honest I assumed something of the budget of Kill Bill, would have had someone on set who was directly responsible for safety to assess/judge and inform on risk, with Tarantino the ultimate responsibility as director across the whole thing. That said by all accounts (from a quick look on wiki) Tarantino has no formal training in being a film director, which you could say is an issue in itself if he is to hold responsibility for safety of the crew. Accidents will happen - this one did and could have been avoided, but they will happen avoidable and otherwise. The question I want to know is what did Uma want after the accident. By all accounts Tarantino was upset and did apologise about it. Other than that he probably followed legal advice. Iif he hadn't followed legal advice - there is a chance that he would have jeopardised his career - no one would have needed to threaten him for this - it's quite simply the way legal systems and capitalism is setup. You do something not in the interests of the people providing money (who want to make more money) and guess what they are much less likely to hire you in the future. Assuming the only off thing about Tarantino is he once got an actress seriously injured while filming a movie, what should be the recourse? He should never direct a movie again?
  7. Inside No.9

  8. Nope, I've been getting some odd behavior with it not showing episodes in the app that I can see via the web.
  9. Inside No.9

    Version cut in order:-
  10. Would be much better if Tyler had been called Clem Fandango.
  11. Pretty much as people have said, the contemporary fantasy pieces were pretty much pointless and it may as well have been any number of buddy cop movies. Essy enough to watch but nothing more. Probably the most fantasy part that was largely pointless was ripped from the Labyrinth (assuming that hadn’t already stolen it).
  12. Girl Meets World - should have done two more series, quite sad not to let them push the characters more through school (didn't need the uni of the original).
  13. Dirk Gently 2016

    @cassidy stupid phone!
  14. Dirk Gently 2016

    Yeah if I go to Netflix (albeit I'm on Aus Netflix) and go to fork gently it has a handy 'season 2 coming 5 January' title at the top, just above the description.

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