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  1. I’m usually a scotch man but having heard Louis Theroux was lyrical about it on the Off Menu podcast a bought a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. Ohh that’s a lovely whisky.
  2. GoblinUK

    Superhot VR

    Yep. Check your library. It was there and I just had to download it.
  3. What the hell do I play after this? I’d played a bit of Days Gone but I’m not sure I can face going back to it. I think this game might have broken gaming for me.
  4. Mine was noisy for the first hour or two of playing. I think that’s because more data was being transferred from the disk to the hard drive. It’s been super quiet since though.
  5. It really is fantastic isn’t it. I know nothing about basketball beyond what I learned from NBA Jam and my wife knows even less. We both loved it.
  6. If you miss a safe, can you ever get the unique items in at a later stage? I think I’ve missed a weapon.
  7. I managed to avoid the leaks when they came out but am very interested to read now why everyone was quite so upset. I’ve completed Seattle day 3. Was there stuff revealed post that?
  8. I’ve only just started day 3 but this has really got its claws into me. Playing with headphones on, late at night is absolutely exhausting in the best possible way. I’m a big immersive theatre fan and have got the same thrill from this with the combination of the fantastic score, the theatrical lighting and the thick atmosphere of dread. The other thing that strikes me is how much having a child has reframed in my mind Joel’s actions in part 1. It’s such a great narrative hook.
  9. For me, the new Walking Dead game has been by far the most compelling VR experience.
  10. It’s absolutely fine on mine, bar the occasional crash. Is your B7 wired to your router?
  11. Why is there no avengers 4K boxset with both endgame and infinity war? There’s a Blu-ray set of all 4 avengers movies or a 4K set of the first three. So strange.
  12. It’s crazy that there’s no legal way of watching Amazing Race in the UK.
  13. What was it? I can’t get back to it to Shazam!
  14. I hope the patch comes out soon. I’m really loathe to do much in camp until it does. It’s gone awfully quiet in that regard.
  15. Just to highlight what a joke Amazon is-it’s still available. Just go to this link and add to your watch list https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marvelous-Mrs-Maisel-Ultra-HD/dp/B06WGVK7W2
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