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  1. Masu

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I find the talky bits an unnecessary irritant and poorly done- there are terrible examples of voice acting and occasionally properly cringeworthy lines. And if they let Sean Bean live till the end.. fourth wall broken However its not the reason most people buy the game - hopefully after the artificially extended "Tutorial" they are less frequent. But the driving is really exceptional (with the limited cars I have tried so far), so good in fact I have yet to even use fast travel system- its too much fun to blast along to the next event manually. And the graphics. Bloody beautiful.
  2. Masu

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    Its also an art form, an entertainment medium, an escape, a story telling tool and a thing people just love to do.
  3. Masu

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    Depends on the game, as with some titles it does make a difference. Multiplayer focused games like BF benefit those who are a higher level -but also those with map and game mechanic knowledge. Matchmaking can mitigate this to a degree, but only a little -when the playerbase is 99.99% under level 10 and you are level 25 you will get matched with some. Betas allow this too but are mostly very limited. Anyhow, sending a signal to the majority of your players that they simply don't matter as much as THESE guys here because THEY can afford another 30 quid (or allow themselves to be fleeced) is a shitty thing to do so we shouldn't fucking encourage it.
  4. Masu

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Its my 25th anniversary next week, and I actually took a copy of the first Edge with me on honeymoon! I think if I do just few more chores she will let it drop..
  5. Masu

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The fluidity of the switch out between the pistol and a down-the-sight double barreled shotgun - then a hip shot with the second barrel (About 4:06 in the video), is very smooth. Loved the first, day 1 on the second!
  6. Masu

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah, also peeps miss linking the same colour outlines of the upgrade modules to offer better effects, too. Ahem, I did.
  7. I noticed a dash move a little (a lot) like the old Unreal Tournament dodge, used forward quite often but also side to side too. The Super Shotgun grappling hook offers .. opportunities!
  8. Masu

    No Man's Sky

    Just started pissing it down here, nice timing! 10 minutes for the update.. surprised how much I'm looking forward to playing this again, I haven't played it since the Foundation update.
  9. Masu

    Most impressive use of limited hardware.

    More recently; DOOM on the Switch.
  10. Masu

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Ill be trying this later, I enjoyed BF1 quite a lot but it did suffer from the usual EA cash grab- expansions segregated the playerbase and after a few months my interest waned more with every expansion. Hopefully, with every map being available this may be lessened this time. But its EA, so I wont be holding my breath (No loot crates! But... etc).
  11. Masu


    The USA are online, Steam sales often struggle at peak times.
  12. Additionally they have no control over their rivals stores, or achievements, DLC sales. so they cannot be sure a player has earned X achievement, bought Y DLC, killed Z people with headshots because they have zero control over their rivals data, store, saves.. Also if one console (or PC, of course) is vulnerable to hacks or cheats, then they stand to lose out - take your account to Steam, for an example, unlock all DLC with a hack or cheat then go back to PSN and Sony miss on the percentages. Not saying they are right in doing this - I personally think its a stupid move from the PR alone, whoever is at fault, and is probably down to arrogance or greed rather than hacking worries but there are valid reasons to do it.
  13. The site crashed, no real surprise considering Back up now, though.

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