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  1. Did you already own one of them? The bundle price reduces if you do.
  2. The Rift S is definitely an upgrade (at least on the visuals) from the CV1. The sharpness is excellent, and the headset is very comfortable too. Another plus point is not having to faff about with sensors. The audio is a definite step back though, but I kinda got used to it after a while. Headphones are always an option for Beat Saber and other audio-centric games. Having said that, I have just sold mine. I also have the Quest, and recently picked up the link cable for it. I'd previously tried an Amazon Basics cable and while it worked, it would stutter and freeze every so often. The official cable has been much better, so much so that I didn't notice that much difference playing it back to back against the Rift S. It's close enough that I can't justify having both headsets now!
  3. I've found casting to be pretty decent since one of the last updates. That's using a 5GHz wifi network and a 2nd gen Chromecast. Definitely no image quality issues, and with just a slight audio delay.
  4. The official link cable is now available in the UK - it's a bit pricey at £89 though.
  5. Sounds like you'll like it then. There's a sandbox mode for trying stuff out, and all of the weapons have proper reload/cocking mechanics. You can also use the right thumbstick to work the safety and fire select.
  6. Gun Club is good, more of a sim than than game, as it’s just a series of ranges. There are different modes and a wide range of guns, including rifles.
  7. That’s weird, my Quest always pops up a message when the Wi-Fi drops, which is all the time. If you have a mixed 2.4GHz/5GHz network with the same ssid , it drops when trying to switch bands. The only resolution is to separate the bands if your router supports it.
  8. Drop Dead: Dual Strike is £7.99 today - is it any good?
  9. The VR Cover interface definitely helps! I don't usually play long enough to sweat in most games, but Thrill of the Fight changed all that. For Robo Recall, you need to get your multiplier up at the start - use melee kills. I still can't get the highest level scores though.
  10. Yes it definitely does. I've bought a few Quest games that show up as free on my PC later. The Climb looks really good, as long as you don't look too closely at the peripheral image quality. I found it really noticeable when moving my head looking round at the far off scenery, but it's fine during the actual climbing part.
  11. Which cable are you using? I agree there are a lot of variables. FWIW my PC is an i7 6700K/16GB/GTX 1080Ti. I forgot to mention I was using an extension cable as well - might try it again without that and see if I notice any difference. The Rift S is super sharp compared to the older CV1 though, so if you are saying that the Quest is comparable to the original CV1, then we are probably getting the same or v.similar visuals.
  12. I think it's too early to tell at the moment. Using a bog standard amazon basics cable, the Link is slightly worse that the Rift. Performance is decent enough once Oculus Home loads up, but I've had the occasional stutter which could get annoying in things like Beat Saber. Overall I thought the performance was acceptable. Visual quality is where it needs more work for me. The Link looks less sharp than the Rift - it's not quite as bad as going back to the CV1 but it's noticeable. It's possible that this is a beta software or cable issue, and things will improve. For now though I won't be getting rid of my Rift S.
  13. I'm a little underwhelmed with Oculus Link so far. I got the Amazon Basics cable and had to try a couple of different USB ports to get it to work - it didn't like the front ones on my case, but was OK with ones in a powered USB3 hub and also a USB3 PCI card. Another good thing is that the PCI card also worked with a 3m passive extension cable, so it actually gives me more reach than the Rift S. The downside is that it isn't as sharp as the Rift S, or even the Quest in standalone mode. Everything looks a bit smeared/blurry, which is a shame. It's still very impressive that it works more or less lag-free, but I won't be getting rid of the Rift S just yet!
  14. Get the First Contact tutorial as well, it's one of the best VR intro experiences.
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