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  1. strawdonkey


    It seems that Jamestown won't let you play the game with the joycons attached? This is bananas.
  2. 19. Helltaker When PSO2 launched, I swore a lot because it was a 60GB download and Microsoft Store has a habit of making you redownload the entire 60GB install if you do something as egregious as, er, accidentally click "no" when you are asked if you want to run it with admin rights. A friend mentioned to me that while I'm waiting for it to download, I may as well play Helltaker. A game about acquiring a harem of sharply-dressed demon girls. It's short (if you are good, probably 20 minutes. If you are an idiot, as I am, about an hour), it's a collection of ten puzzles, it's funny, and it's completely free (though there is a donation DLC if you are so inclined). Oh and it sounds great. Basically everything about it is lovely.
  3. Very glad this is finally coming out - have been waiting for it for what feels like years. Nice review.
  4. strawdonkey


    Screen Anime is billed as the world's first virtual film festival. Whether that's true or not I don't know but I signed up for the first month because I wanted to watch Promare (new thing from TRIGGER, who are responsible for Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill). It's pretty good! Very stylish. Anyway there's also other things on there - Patema Inverted is a lovely sci-fi thing about a girl for whom gravity is reversed, along with Penguin Highway (which I've not got around to watching yet but it sounds mad), Royal Space Force, and two seasons of Wolf's Rain. It all runs off the Vimeo back end and has so far been really reliable. Next month's titles are coming on the 25th, and a sub costs £4 a month: Weathering With You Your Name Fireworks Anthem of the Heart Silver Spoon https://www.screenanime.com/
  5. Sunday nights aren't the best for me, I can get on for 2100ish though.
  6. Just watched this at Screenanime (https://www.screenanime.com/) - it's still available for about another week, along with Patema Inverted and a couple of other things for about four quid. I really enjoyed it! Great soundtrack too, just the right amount of cheese. Not exactly going to go down as one of the great sci-fi epics but it's two hours of gorgeous design and fabulous stupidity.
  7. P4G is definitely better than P5. Enjoy.
  8. I think it's the waggle variety as opposed to the buttons variety.
  9. Argh Thanks for the heads up, hadn't realised. Started on Hard and it's not as bad as I thought, it's consistency that's the problem rather than not being able to deal with the patterns. Extreme is another thing entirely as there is a huge reliance on sequences of combinations that I just can't get my head around (yet).
  10. I'm about nine hours in and have only just finished my first run through of Project Diva Mega Mix. There is an absurd amount of content. Not looking forward to playing Popipo - a song that appears to be about how brilliant vegetables are - multiple times.
  11. 18. Pixel Session Vol. 1 Making a start on the itch.io bundle. This is a collection of Pico-8 games but you can only play the first one - which is a bit like Mr. Driller mixed with avoiding lethal party rings - until you get a good enough rank, at which point you're given a password for the zip file for the second game. There's five in all, four of them are fun five-minute blasts with some really lovely ideas that you have to figure out on the fly - and I didn't understand how to be even remotely useful at the other one, so it'd be a little unfair of me to be too hard on it in case it's me being the idiot. If nothing else this reminds me how much I love the Pico-8. It's unclear why Pico-8 even exists but the fact that it allows people to make low-tech fun stuff is awesome, and don't forget that Celeste originally spawned from the Pico-8 scene so it can act as a springboard for incredible projects. Celeste is in the bundle by the way. Play Celeste. It's amazing
  12. That was a lot of fun! We should definitely do that more often. Thanks for setting everything up dudes.
  13. Yeah the link wasn't in Jonster's post when I had looked, apologies Good fun until the server restarted. Will keep an eye out for it coming back up!
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