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  1. strawdonkey

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Waiting for the January sales for the Switch version?
  2. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    I played about 40 games this Splatfest and didn't see a single ×10 or ×100 match sadly. Spent most of the time in Normal Mode and really enjoyed it, though would like to go in organised next time to make use of the synergy bonuses. Some of the titles I've seen have been utterly absurd.
  3. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Anyone for teaming up tonight? Team Modern
  4. strawdonkey

    The Arcade Ten

    Difficult question. 1. Point Blank 2. Windjammers 3. Street Fighter III: Third Strike (though SFIV runs this close for me) 4. Sega Rally 5. Rainbow Islands 6. DoDonPachi 7. Alien vs Predator 8. Robotron 2084 9. Money Puzzle Exchanger 10. TGM ACE 3
  5. strawdonkey

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    I got one of those, they've been there for a while. My five year old adores Isabelle but hasn't quite got to grips with Turnip economics yet. There doesn't seem to be much game there, though I've only played it once - but if you've got kids it's probably worth a go.
  6. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Speaking of which:
  7. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Since the V4 update Splatoon is crashing really frequently for me. It will crash at the results screen and the screen will then just go black; after the the Switch thinks it's offline despite still being connected to WiFi. I have to go to settings and connect it to the network again (despite it already being connected) before I can do anything internet related on it again, and Splatoon will need a full reload. Seen a few other people complaining of the same issue. Hopefully will be resolved before the next Splatfest...
  8. strawdonkey

    Nintendo Switch

  9. strawdonkey

    Nintendo Direct - 13th September (11 PM BST, 12 AM CEST)

    Very little info yet - though new weapons today. https://splatoonus.tumblr.com/ just says "more info soon"
  10. strawdonkey

    Playstation Vita

    What am I missing? Is there something nefarious in the update or is it just that it wrecks the homebrew stuff?
  11. strawdonkey

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    There's now a Blade Strangers-sized hole in my credit card, and I've had chance to give it 40 mins or so. Only tried Solange so far but she's fundamentally a shoto with a sword; inputs are distilled to direction+button, so her fireball is toward+S, SRK is down+S, and inputs don't really get more complicated than that. Basic combo is 1-3 light attacks, heavy, special, super; if you want to use level 2 super then you press the buttons again. Story mode is kinda crap so far and the tutorial is dreadful, but so far the systems and execution required are at the perfect level for someone who couldn't ever get the hang of FADC despite plenty of hours in the lab. Also you get to fuck about as Shovel Knight and Curly Brace from Cave Story, Kawase from Umihara Kawase, and a girl riding a cat. [edit] of note, I've not found too many issues with the two/three button commands yet; super is linked to a shoulder button which feels like a concession to pad use. I can imagine it taking a bit of getting used to on stick.
  12. strawdonkey

    Nintendo Switch

    My first Switch developed a fault with the graphics chip about 10 hours into Zelda. Never mind other formats, my first Switch died and I lost progress, and it was frustrating even then. Losing the saves for any of the games I still actively play now would be orders of magnitude more irritating.
  13. strawdonkey

    Into the Breach - #perfectforswitch

    I've just unlocked the team that dump smoke everywhere and I am utterly delighted. Only playing on Easy because Normal kicked my face off repeatedly, but am really looking forward to chewing through some of the other teams if they have unique gimmicks!
  14. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Not at present - I've seen several reports of people who've lost all progress following a Switch repair.
  15. strawdonkey

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Hoping this is a typo: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/splatoon-2-switch "This game does not support Save Data Cloud backup." So... Switch dies, all your gear and progress is gone? Marvelous.

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