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  1. Shmups

    Thanks! It's the best/worst feeling when you aggressively try to keep a graze combo going and wind up running straight into a bullet. Playing shmups for score makes you feel like a special kind of idiot. I've not read up on it so there might be more to it, but Big Chain/Don't Die seem to be the principles. Chaining the stage 3 boss resulted in an end level bonus of about 10mil but unsure where the big points start - chaining on the first level is so difficult due to lack of bullets to graze that I usually wind up with sub-1mil at the end of it. In short: dunno
  2. Shmups

    Have just picked up Danmaku Unlimited 3 for Switch. Still on Stupid Baby Mode (auto bomb! auto spirit! auto everything) but have racked up 21,629,442 before getting munched by the stage 4 boss. Give me some Easy/Spirit scores to aim for! I'm using Type AB at present and will move on to the harder levels once I've got more of a handle of the scoring. [edit] 35,822,381 following a couple of 1,000+ chains and a hefty bonus at the end of stage three. Still died at the stage 4 boss! [edit] a shade over 51 million. Chained the entire stage three boss. Nearly did the same on stage 2 but for a blunder that left me with basically zero bonus. That midboss on stage 4 that shotguns a load of crap at you from short range gets me every time
  3. Nintendo Switch eShop

    There's a Voez demo on the eShop - three tracks on all difficulties. I love it and only haven't bought the full version as I don't have enough time to play the games I own as it stands!
  4. Splatoon 2

    2pm today (Sunday).
  5. Splatoon 2

    Egg mans - if anyone fancies some Team Splatfest then get in touch.
  6. Splatoon 2

  7. My Picross game - Picrastination

    I liked the tutorial - it was simple enough to understand but cheeky enough that you didn't mind being taught to suck eggs. Less of a fan of the time penalty idea, simply because misclicks exist.
  8. Splatoon 2

    Other than a few Salmon Run games I've only played with Randoms. That says if anyone wants to get together for 2/4 man Leagues this weekend in the evenings, hit me up! About time I gave it a try.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I think so. I had a load of demos in my list either way, and deleting those save files didn't do anything.
  10. Splatoon 2

    SPLATFEST KLAXON Which came first: the chicken or the egg? 10-11 March 2018!
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Did that work for you? I've just tried it with no luck.
  12. Nintendo Switch eShop

    I played the Slime-San demo - it's very charming but gets exceptionally difficult very early on. Couldn't quite train my brain to deal with morphing, moving and dashing all at once, because I am old and shit. If I had more time it'd be a very easy purchase.
  13. My Picross game - Picrastination

    I also love me some Picross, though would advise sticking me at the bottom of the list if you have other parties interested Paging @moosegrinder.
  14. Sonic Mania

    Two completions deep, all blue spheres complete, though only three Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Mania is the sequel I'd been waiting for, and Press Garden is an all-time highlight - it warms my cold, dead heart the same way the classic zones from the original trilogy did all those years ago.
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    There's a story-critical item I had to salvage towards the end of the game that simply refused to show without them. Maybe I just got unlucky? Either way I found the RNG nature of many parts of the game hugely off-putting.

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