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  1. Guys it's on sale for £5.74 on Steam until Monday
  2. I haven't had PS+ for years but if it would work with onboard graphics I'd be happy to buy this again for something like the fifth time. Can you cross play with PS4?
  3. WE GOT COMBOS FROM NATHAN BROWN! So good. Street Fighter IV time was the most excellent time.
  4. 03: Racedierun This was one of the free games given away by Qubic at the end of last year. I'd had my eye on it already - a mixture of pound-shop F-Zero and a puzzle game, early levels see you avoiding the odd obstacle and trying not to fall off the track, and towards the end you'll watch a replay back after completing a level and wonder how it was ever designed for a human to attempt. This is a really fucking hard game. There's sixty courses and another fifteen bonuses which are unlocked by completing the original sixty with certain criteria - boosting for the whole level, picking up a hidden item, etc. Here's a video of course 40, which was the last of the original sixty I finished. See that number at the top left? That's the number of times I've failed the course this session. This is the fourth session I've had on this level alone, and I'd estimate a total of about 600 failures across all of them. The game decided my time was good enough for a B-rank. Given that one of the bonus courses is unlocked by finishing sixty other courses with SS-rank, and this one took me 600 goes just to get to the end without dying... The pool of players who will have seen these levels must be absurdly small - on one stage I've got the 20th-best time on the leaderboard and it's F-rank. I've had an absolute blast with this game but I will definitely not be taking on any additional challenge. 3,019 deaths is plenty thanks.
  5. 02. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment I think I liked this even more than the original. It feels like Shovel Knight only you're in control of a character who has an unfair advantage against the set of enemies, and the challenge comes from not screwing those up. Still suffers from the one issue I really had with Shovel Knight in that if you get above an enemy you can usually bounce on it repeatedly until it's dead, but even then it's still not devoid of skill - just that it feels a little bit like cheating instead of reading the boss patterns.
  6. It may be a little too on the wacky end, but I loved Hydro Thunder Hurricane on 360.
  7. Weird reading back through comments in this thread, when I played this I had quite a few misgivings but all I can remember now is how delightful and stupid this game was. Nothing but good memories. Watched the trailer on Switch - is that a Joker costume at the end?
  8. Still struggling to break through the Ascension 1 barrier with the Silent. I say this, but really I mean, I've had Clock Sucker's head on a plate three times now and fucked it up with bad/unsafe play each time.
  9. Taking bets on how long I'll keep this up for. I reckon we're not making it out of January. 01. Shovel Knight The one thing that makes this tolerable is that the penalty for death is minor. This is important because you will die a lot. Enjoyed this enough to start Spectre of Torment immediately after, which is similar in a lot of ways but feels like a different game, and has clearly been designed with Specter Knight's toolset in mind.
  10. Necronomicon + Bludgeon is amazing. Putting Bludgeon in your opening hand with Bottled Flame is even better. Finally got there with the Body Slam deck, by far my favourite Ironclad archetype.
  11. What's the benefit of them being shiny? I've only found one so far and am unsure if it's worth continuing hunting for them because I've literally no idea what it means
  12. I still massively disagree re: Kamiko - it's a great little time-trial experience. It feels a little basic to begin with, but once you get motoring and trying to improve your times it really comes into its own.
  13. Great - thanks for confirming. Shan't worry about it for now
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