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  1. Same here! First few days was impressive! Silky smooth as you say. It seems to have been that 14gb patch that's caused it for me.
  2. Yep I'm so annoyed to the point I kinda want a refund! I know it's a bit reactionary but I bought it at the start of 10 days off and the last 3-4 days I've given up cause it's running at what feels 25fps at times. I'm so frustrated by it! This was meant to be my lockdown saviour (nothing is really open in Berlin) and I spunked €75 on this game but it's unplayable at the moment. So disappointed!
  3. Late to the party with this but I love it! Not been this hooked on a game in ages! Love the Kubrick-esque style of it and was genuinely creepy at the start. It's wonderful!
  4. Anyone heard anything about a patch incoming to sort the issues with the game? Holding off playing again because it's so frustrating.
  5. +1 for eneloops. LOVE them. My Xbox controller with eneloops lasts longer than the Switch Pro Controller.
  6. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Game Pass is sensational value. Like, it's fucking ridiculous! I just cannot do without it now. Seeing the weak PS Plus offerings the last while just cements that opinion further. I LOVE Game Pass!
  7. Oops, was accidentally donating my points to a random charity in the US by blindly activating "give with bing". Wondered why my tally was at odds with what I was earning.
  8. I've kinda just stopped redeeming PS Plus games these days
  9. 4k + Ray tracing is causing the crashes on ps5 and series x.
  10. Yep it's a disaster right now. I'm so fucking pissed off about it
  11. Nope it's a horrendous fucking bug that's be driving me up the wall the last few days. Wasn't like this day 1 before the patch. It's actually sub-30 I think - so much so that I've been getting motion sickness playing multiplayer. So frustrating.
  12. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hey everyone, it's that time of year where another person asks how to get Game Pass Ultimate for the best price for the longest time. I'm a subscriber who took advantage of the convert Live for €1 offer about a year ago and next month my Ultimate sub runs out. So where do I stand? Is there still a way to convert anything as somene who used the €1 offer or am I just best off just getting Ultimate for a year from somewhere like CD Keys for €113ish for the year? Cheers!
  13. I saw some bug tracker that says to try playing in 1080p but I mean... Nah. That's a ridiculous workaround.
  14. Interesting - Fritz boxes are usually a good option. In Germany they are extremely solid using Docsis 3.1. For a consumer router they also have loads of options to tweak if you're so inclined
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