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  1. Question for you folks if you don't mind - I saw there's been 2 areas added for a fiver each and there's a "season pass" for about €17 but I'm struggling to see the difference... Any idea or even if they are worth getting?
  2. This has been a huge surprise for me tonight - I naively presumed this was shite based on the lukewarm reception at launch. Has there been much added since then, because this deserves to be played by more people. It's fantastic!!
  3. Of course he has. Even the greats turn up to work some days and can't be arsed - most don't have a camera turned on them to capture it. Hopkins is a great, no question
  4. Everyone here is talking about mods - where are you finding them? I can't see anywhere that I can attach mods - I'm level 9 if that helps?
  5. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    GTA 5, brilliant! I'm not even being sarcastic either - I've missed it since I moved over to Xbox.
  6. Nice one. I went trickster and it's going well but I'm finding my powers regenerate a bit too slow to be rushing in and murdering everyone. Any tips there?
  7. My little brother is playing on the original Xbox one (fat) and has been feeling a bit down over lockdown recently. Over the past few nights I've been thinking of treating him to a Series S which would be perfect for him... Except I forgot he has all of his games on disc everything. And I'm kinda stumped to be honest. A One X doesn't make sense and a Series X is out of my budget. Would love to get him a Series S but he wouldn't be able to play any of his games, sadly. He's playing FIFA 21 and Black Ops which, given its EA & Activision, leads me to believe there's n
  8. Don't have that Punchcard in Germany
  9. Something I'm still confused about and hoping someone can answer here. So I've got the 7x and through various deals I've also got Dolby and DTS on the Xbox - I'm still undecided what I want to use. However - and this is where I'm confused - what EQ settings should Steelseries app be on if I want to use Dolby or DTS? Neutral, so everything flat? Or something else? I know I'm probably overthinking it but still... Don't want to be messing around with too much and going Overkill. Can anyone advise here?
  10. Everyone saying this is the death for Discord - it can't be just me that sees the complete opposite? My colleagues are mostly PC players and we like to chat while we play but I'm on Xbox. Now that there's a lot of cross platform games between PC & Xbox this means my mates don't have to leave their Discord room and take their bigger voice conversation to the Xbox app and it means I can still be involved in a larger voice chat. I find this news really exciting!
  11. Is that the same with Microsoft consoles too? That is fucking insane!
  12. If that's true, that is huge. Wow!
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