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  1. Anyone else getting a bit of motion sickness playing this (not in VR), or is it just me?
  2. Chicken doner kebabs with loads of salad, chilli sauce and burger is one of my favourite meals. Also, I completely agree, I prefer BIR to 'authentic' curry. I think it's the addition of sugar that really makes the difference.
  3. I dunno if anyone else eats these, but I really like these:
  4. Black bean pork belly stew with fried tofu, red dates, sugar snap peas and pak choi.
  5. It's soup weather again so back to an old favourite. Pea soup with crispy chorizo.
  6. Mine is the T51T55X2 bought in 2016 for £759 I really really like it. There are definitely cheaper options though.
  7. I highly recommend my NEFF one with a little magnetic dial that you use to control it, but it comes off for easy cleaning.
  8. Replace it with an induction hob. I love mine. In fact, Lovelyman's might actually be an induction hob.
  9. I got some of these and the scampi fries in Wilkinson. Two of the best crisps imo. The slightly odd cheese one is impossible to find these days. Don't think I've had them in about a decade.
  10. Simple chicken soup, Asian style with vegetables. Nice and clean and comforting.
  11. My girlfriend requested this for her birthday breakfast. Chorizo and potato hash, sweetcorn fritters, fried egg, avocado, toast, topped with sour cream and Chipotle Cholula, freshly squeezed orange juice.
  12. I haven't exactly used loads of fridges, but I like the one I bought. It's a Bosch KGN34NW3AG with frost free tech (which actually works). Was £400 for John Lewis.
  13. Room 5/5 - Superb performance by Brie Larson. Also thought the kid was great. (on Amazon Prime)
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