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  1. stephen129

    Food Prepping

    I've made this before. I modified this recipe and it's amazing. One of my favourite recipes. http://www.helengraves.co.uk/caribbean-brown-stew-chicken-recipe/ I usually use oxtail which I cook for about six hours and add a decent amount of rum (maybe 250ml). Instead of regular soy I use Kecap Manis (thick sweet soy), but you can just add more brown sugar to taste. I sometimes add a bit of Dunn's River Jerk Paste too (flavour bomb), but be careful it's pretty hot. If I don't have scotch bonnets I use a Caribbean scotch bonnet sauce. I gave my old housemate a taste of the sauce and he declared it the best sauce he'd ever eaten. (Not that my old housemate is an arbiter of taste) My picture doesn't really do it justice.
  2. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Wait, we have a player called DJ Buffonge? We have to play him with a name like that.
  3. stephen129

    Food Prepping

    Jerk is traditionally cooked on a drum barbecue, the smoke part is important. A method I use at home is to cook it in the oven at a low temp to cook the meat through and then finish it on a hot cast iron pan. Also definitely use dark meat. I'd say legs are best.
  4. stephen129

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Where are people streaming the Tottenham vs Ajax game? I can't see it on Footybite (unless I'm being an idiot).
  5. stephen129


    Has anyone taken advantage of this Tower Burger and fries for £3 deal? I haven't eaten one in about 5 years. Or should I just get some hipster fried chicken from London?
  6. stephen129


    It's a tenth of the price! Hmm, I like making big batches of chilli. Trying to work out how much I could actually make in this thing.
  7. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    People rave about Rashford a lot and don't get me wrong, he has a lot of potential and his pace is always gong to cause defenders problems, however I never feel confident he's going to finish. He wastes far too many chances. Imagine if he took his chances like Van Nistelrooy. I think Martial is a much better finisher.
  8. My game has been glitching a fair amount recently. It spawned a cougar right in front of me and my horse as it was going full speed. I ran it over and then stopped to check on it. It was still alive and coming to attack me. I shot it in the face. I finished a mission, all the textures disappeared, Arthur was floating in the abyss, then half of them loaded, then they all loaded. I was in a mission, it told me to go to a certain point. I got there, nothing happened. I had to ride away and come back for it to register. I started a mission, it told me to follow am NPC. The NPC and I had a conversation The type where you ride and talk), except he wasn't moving. He wouldn't move but the game kept telling me to follow him. I kept riding into him and finally he started rising off at full speed. I followed him for a bit quickly realised he wasn't taking me to the correct destination. I followed him all the way from Annesburg to The Heartlands. I gave up and tried to kill him to restart the mission, but he's invincible. I decided to let him ride away. His yellow circle disappeared off the mini map. I checked the map and there were no missions. I decided to ride around a bit more. A few minutes later I got a blue screen on my PS4 and an error code
  9. Has anyone got any advice as to how I'm supposed to
  10. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Good performance actually. High tempo, effective pressing, kept Messi quiet. Shame we couldn't score. Barcelona will undoubtedly score one or two at the Camp Nou. .
  11. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Neverending rondos.
  12. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Ref keeps falling for these Barcelona theatrics. Fred has actually had a good game.
  13. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    What kind of header was that?!
  14. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Yay Fred is playing, I love Fred, he's great! Said no one ever Much rather have Herrera in his position. I'll be sad to see him leave, I think he's a decent player.
  15. stephen129

    The Man Utd Thread

    Call me negative, but I'm predicting Man Utd 0-2 Barcelona. Really can't see how we can get through this tie.

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