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  1. Sure the setup can handle it, but Beniot Blanc investigating a new case is an entirely different proposition to something brand new with all the surprises that brings. That balance seems to be weighted a bit too heavily in favour of films that are more of the same with familiar characters, so it was nice to get a big, successful film that was back to what I think films do best - stand alone stories. I'd much rather have another new idea from the creators of Knives Out.
  2. Such a shame as Knives Out was a lovely example of a proper old fashioned stand-alone film, in an era of endless franchise movies. It did so well it's had to become another bloody franchise.
  3. Yay! Another fan. Same thing happened to me, it popped up when browsing, and I'd never heard of it. Watched one episode and I was hooked. Finished it all now. There's a movie too (not watched that yet), and an animated series now (don't think that's on prime yet).
  4. Oof, what will the fines on those be like when you return them?!
  5. Not re-read it in ages (so might be slightly mis-remembering), but there's a page in there that absolutely floored me. I think the ripper guy is in the middle of a murder, or just after, and he has a kind of time-slip, and looks up from the entrails and he sees present day London in the location where he's stood, a big skyscraper looming over him. It's such an incredibly powerful idea, and so perfectly executed on the page. Amazing comics.
  6. Yeah, like I say, I was loving it when I was getting it. And the long, rambling, deviating sentences were part of the joke. I just found that the style was so archaic compared to what I'm used to reading that my brain couldn't keep up. I wasn't getting the jokes, I was just getting lost.
  7. I generally love long, difficult books, so I've not given up on much (I loved whaling textbook sections of Moby Dick!). I only managed about 4 pages of Ulysses. This was in my late teens though, so I'm aiming to go back one day. I think I gave up on Milton's Paradise Lost about half way through. I gave up on Tristram Shandy midway too. I was loving it, when I could follow it, but my feeble brain just couldn't keep up with those long olde english sentences full of endless clauses, and I was forgetting where each sentence had started once I got to its end. P
  8. Might be great, but that trailer makes it look dull as dishwater.
  9. Yeah, just that a major national newspaper calls an fairly well known author's second novel his first novel.
  10. FFS "In 2016, he published his first novel: the 1,000-plus page Jerusalem, about his home town of Northampton, with comics publisher Knockabout. "
  11. Interesting that everywhere is reporting that 'about 100' fans got onto the pitch at old trafford, accompanied by photos and videos of hundreds of fans on the pitch. Do the police just make up a number and journalists report it without looking for themselves?
  12. I'm slightly uncomfortable with the idea of it. I think pages are a really important part of comics - one of the features of comics that have no analogies in movies, theatre, books, or other storytelling mediums - and worry that viewing a close up stream of panels, out of the context of their page layouts, is taking away something vital.
  13. Comedy recommendation - Corner Gas, but it's on Amazon Prime. It's a lovely, low key Canadian sitcom, quite a few years old now. Alternatively, Kim's Convenience is quite nice. Another Canadian one, on Netflix.
  14. I bailed after the first season. The book is a genuine classic. The series seemed to just want to spin things out forever (based on what I saw in the first season), so I had no desire to keep watching.
  15. I've nearly quit two or three times as it just seems to get too hard, then I get over the hump and love it again. You look back and think the difficulty bump was actually perfect, once you've got past it. I'm not even that far. I've beat the second boss and just found my first patch of Swamp, where I got jumped by about three different enemies at once. Urgh, it's too hard again! Going to power through, very carefully. It's weird being totally unconcerned about Trolls now, and taking them out as I run past, if I can be bothered, instead of having to carefully plan th
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