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  1. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Ooh, tempting with that automap feature. Anyone willing to take the plunge and report back as to whether this is the original translation, or a new one? Also, whether the English language port has FM (the original western SMS ROM had the relevant code removed).
  2. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    I got him in with my GW15 wildcard, as I couldn’t afford Sterling and Salah, and Sane looked like he was quietly matching Sterling’s output. 8pts to Sane vs 2pts to Sterling since then, but it’ll take a bit longer to see how it pans out. Two goals in last night’s CL game, obviously! It’s a Pep team so no-one’s nailed, but Sane seems to to be semi-assured while Mendy is injured, but much less likely to play once he’s fit.
  3. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Well, that went well. 92pts, less a 4pt hit for swapping Duffy and Trippier for Doherty and Kolasinac (who got 15pts between them). Felt like a very lucky week. I only had Salah because Mane was injured, and I wasn't expecting much from captaining him; prior tot this GW, he hasn't scored more than one goal in a match this season. Doherty and Digne both got goals in the 94th+ minute, and Digne only came into my first XI due to injury/rotation for Wilson and TAA. Fairly sure it'll come crashing down soon, but enjoying riding the wave! Fixtures don't look so good next week, with double Merseyside-vs-Manchester fixtures, and Kane will be knackered from playing against Barcelona tonight.
  4. Alexlotl

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    SD It's the "boxed" bit that's expensive. Bare carts aren't bad at all, but everyone wants their wall of boxes like the YouTubers. SNES is probably worse than MD for this as the cardboard boxes are much flimsier. I got Super Mario RPG (before the SD2SNES could do SA-1) as a bare cart for £25 or so. It goes for £100+ in a box. Utter lunacy. I can recommend the SD2SNES anyway, makes a great partner for the Super NT. Being apply to apply bugfix/improvement/translation patches to ROMs is a killer feature, and the built-in IGR hooks are very handy too.
  5. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    More FFIV, climbing the Tower of Babil. Compared to the Tower of Zot, it’s a piece of piss - the enemies don’t seem to hit any harder, I’ve naturally levelled up a bit and have better gear, and most significantly, I have a proper white mage. Rosa is stupendously better than Tellah at healing. She has roughly 2.5x the MP, and her healing is about 3x more effective - she does as much with a Cure as Tellah did with a Cura. Faster too, and a very handy archer. Don’t feel like I’ve got the hang of adult Rydia quite as much yet, her base level spells don’t do enough damage and her -a level spells (e.g. Blizzara) take too long to cast. Should finish the Tower tonight. Hopefully the next dungeon isn’t the same generic sci-fi tower theme like the last two.
  6. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Salah as vice? Could be a tense match! I captained Salah - brought him in with my wildcard because Mane was injured, figured I could trade Salah & Sane to Sterling and Mane in a few weeks. Was not previously of the opinion that he’s worth the extra over Mane this season, but I may need to re-evaluate that. Sane gamble didn’t come off this week, but fingers crossed Sterling blanks too. Chuffed with Filipe Anderson’s haul, WHU’s festive fixtures are dreamy.
  7. Found this: http://www.headen.com/XL1.htm Sounds like he wrote an early PoC himself, then got an old friend with a CS degree to do the proper version.
  8. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    Westwood's rather excellent Blade Runner on PC was an adventure-detective-game-with-occasional-shooting-gameplay. I've read that the Saturn version is even leerier, and allows you to grope literally every female in the game.
  9. Alexlotl

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    The recent discussion here inspired me to go back and re-finish the game, as the game crashed after the end credits last time I dispatched the end boss, meaning I had no NG+ options. Anyway, I have my game clear title screen and NG+ options now! For those that have done both, would you recommend Torna or NG+ first? I'm leaning towards Torna.
  10. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    No clean sheets in a gameweek for the first time since November 2010. Although I got one for Trippier, thanks to his timely substitution. Reckon I’m heading for 90pts this week after BPs, so a pretty satisfying wildcard. Need to replace Duffy, though. I was just sizing up Rob Holding for the job when he did his ligaments. It is sad hearing so many players getting injured, this ridiculous schedule at the coldest time of he year is utter madness, even if it does add a fun challenge to FPL.
  11. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Isn’t backtracking to find those bits 100% design intent, though, rather than something you missed? Some of them need upgrades you only got later to find, from memory.
  12. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Doesn't that mean you've been letting transfers go to waste though? I can't imagine feeling so good about my team that I'd let a transfer pass me by (although I did burn 2FTs when I played my wildcard).
  13. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I know everyone loved Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy as it added Wiimote control to MP1 & 2, but I’m excited at the prospect of the Switch MP Trilogy adding pad controls to Metroid Prime 3.
  14. Alexlotl

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Ha, I have Duffy sitting at the top of my bench like an unexploded bomb. Most of my first XI are nailed, but if Trippier or TAA don’t play, it’ll cost me 2 points! Wildcarded this week, despite having 2FTs, as a) I’d been planning to do it around GW15 anyway, and b) I only had 8 fit players. Went for big beasts, on the basis that it’s easier to trade down than trade up, so I have Kane and Salah. That didn’t leave enough for Sterling, but I figured that Sane has been matching him lately, and is probably as nailed as you can be in a Pep team as long as Mendy is injured. Realistically, I’m expecting Pep to rotate like nuts in December, and it’s less painful to see a £9.4m player get benched than an £11.5m one. Anyway, decent night for me, other than the Duffy bomb - I have Wilson, Fraser, Sane and Fabianski (who saved a pen). Gutted when Cardiff scored, though.
  15. Alexlotl

    Analogue Super Nt

    I’ve noticed this - I presume it’s a deliberate aesthetic. Black text on blue, no margin/gutter. It’s hell to read. The consoles look look pretty great, though.

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