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  1. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Had no idea Yokus Island or Wild Guns had physical releases. Moved up the interest list! Currently enjoying I am Setsuna (physical of course), as some nice, simple JRPG methadone after the epic that was Xenoblade 2. I’ve gone into it with appropriately adjusted expectations, but it’s doing the job nicely. Mixes formulaic mechanics/quest beats with a unusual sombre tone. Also completely linear, so far, which is kind of refreshing after the near-open world of XC2.
  2. I was going to ask for this for my birthday next month, but it’s sold out everywhere. I’d be interested in picking up anyone’s unwanted physical copy, provided it’s in good nick. I can then sell it to my wife to give to me!
  3. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Does the Switch already contain a moon on a stick which you’re not allowed to use for unspecified reasons?
  4. Alexlotl

    Cricket Thread

    Yet one of the people he beat up has admitted hitting one of the gay men with a bottle, and the body cam footage immediately after Stokes arrest has him saying he was defending his gay friends - it’s not a story he cooked up later. I’m not sure how he’ll fare in a court of law, but it’s quite possible he’ll come out in credit in the court of public opinion. Doesn’t change the results of the Ashes, mind.
  5. The true ZX Vega+ was in our hearts* all along! * cupboard full of obsolete handhelds
  6. Alexlotl

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    TL;DR - I’d recommend investing into a more established system like Canon/Nikon mirrored or m43/Fuji/Sony mirrorless. I’ve not used Canon mirrorless, but it doesn’t seem to be a very mature system in terms of what lenses are available - in particular, not many fast primes (fixed focal length lenses with a low f/ number, which lets you create that blurred-background look and get decent shutter speeds in poor light), which are great for photographing babies and kids. You can use regular Canon lenses on the EOS-M with an adapter, but at that point you may as well have just got the mirrored one. The mirrorless options from Sony, Fuji and the micro 4/3rds System (AKA m43, Olympus and Panasonic’s joint venture) have a lot more options, lens wise, as do the conventional mirrored DSLRs from Canon/Nikon. The only mirrorless mount I have direct experience of is m43, which I’ve used for about 7 years, off and on. I like it a lot - the size advantage over other mounts is very real, and there are heaps of fast primes and cheap and cheerful lenses, with a well developed second-hand market. The Olympus 45mm f/1.8 is a fantastic cheap baby lens, and there are cheap options for shorter focal lengths too. You can pick if you want DSLR style bodies, or more compact rangefinder style bodies (like my Pen-F). Oh, and welcome to the money pit.
  7. The NDS screen matches the speccy’s 256x192 resolution perfectly, and the touchscreen lets you have a soft keyboard. Highly recommended.
  8. What if you enable the encounter reducing skill, then run everywhere?
  9. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Prime 3 got it all wrong. Get these talking, named characters the fuck out of my solitary adventure. What is this, Half Life 2? Also, the GCs lock-on controls were better than the Wii’s free-look. Prime 4 is a wait-and-see purchase, as a result. Prepared to lose the argument over free-look, but the solitude is a red line.
  10. I haven't picked it up yet, but it sounds like it suffers from each of the 8 stories following a conventional RPG arc, then the game making you play the first part of that arc eight times in a row. Like having to watch the first 40 minutes of 8 films before getting to watch the rest.
  11. Alexlotl

    I am Setsuna

    Really enjoying this. The plot points can mostly be seen from a mile off, but some of them (like Nidr’s past) were quite surprising. The battle system is pretty great, and the music is just lovely. I can smell trouble down the line with the amount of Spritnite/Flux options getting overwhelming, but it’s managable for the moment. That music, though. Seems like a game that turned a problem into its own solution - not enough budget for varied world graphics or orchestral music? Make an artistic statement by having only snow and only piano. I know some people have bemoaned the lack of variety within the game, but those decisions mean it does have variety within the genre. Lost Sphear looks and sounds a lot more generic to me, despite having more variety of setting and instrumentation.
  12. Alexlotl

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Nice. Which PVM is that? Is the SNES RGB modded, and is it a three-wire or a full bypass?
  13. I also found a TTR Europe for that price once, with the cards still in shrink. I’d argue that all TTRs after the first one over complicate the formula a bit, and some of the concepts (like the wildcard) get a bit confused as a result. I wouldn’t say the end result is complicated as such, just that the adaptation/overloading of an existing set of rules/concepts means it lacks conceptual clarity. I sound like a wanker. I do have a soft spot for Nordic Countries though, which was one of my first proper board games.
  14. Alexlotl

    I am Setsuna

    Finally finished Xenoblade 2 and decided this would make a good warm-down/filler game. Octopath looks very tempting, but is another 100hr plus thing, and I'd rather have a shorter pallete cleanser at this point. I'm hoping all the snow will cool me down, too, while the tarmac melts outside. Gave it a half-hour spin at lunch - the music is lovely, and the momentum system's pretty neat. I can see the envrionments getting repetitive quickly though (in half an hour I entered two identical snowy forests), and some of the battle status fonts look a bit Times New Roman, like a PC font clumsily hacked into a HD port of a SNES title. Quite looking forward to this one, with appropriately adjusted expectations.
  15. Alexlotl

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Any telly will support C-Sync over RGB, as far as I'm aware - it's the consoles themselves that can lack support. That said, all original-shape NTSC SNES/SFC should support it apart from a very small number of late models. On the plus side, if you have one of those late models that doesn't support C-Sync, you have a coveted 1-CHIP-03 with great RGB output, and you can easily mod it to restore C-Sync. The later SNES Mini / SFC Jr (the mid-90s new-shape ones, not the modern HDMI boxes) don't support RGB without modification. PAL SNES supports RGB, I think, but needs a different cable.

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