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  1. I ummed and ah-ed between Watkins, Wilson, Bamford and Benteke. Guess which one I chose?
  2. Decided Man Utd are a trap this week. At least one of those games is going to be nothing but academy kids and Donny van der Beek. Captained Iheanacho rather than Bruno, which is going well so far. Hopefully he can thrive against a second-string Man U defence in his next game.
  3. You're right, typo on my part - it is actually Wonder Boy V: Monster World III, which would indicate The Dragon's Trap is implicitly Wonder Boy IV, as well as being Monster World II. Although the Japanese Game Gear release seems to just be called Monster World II, with no Wonder Boy mention. Monster World IV is just called Monster World IV however, not Wonder Girl. The remake seems to be called Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, though.
  4. 2 Liverpool, 2 Man U, Saka and Holding, captained Kane. Total shitshow.
  5. I didn't when I started out, but the way this game lets you regain that life by doing a bit more damage shortly afterwards makes them an essential part of play. I occasionally use them in the old-school panic button mode, but mostly use them as a way of bouncing enemies so you can get a further combo in on them, which means you pretty reliably regain the life straight away. It's especially important against the harder-to-hit bosses, such as the Y twins or Max. You've got to make each breakthrough really count. I rarely use star moves, though, due to a mixture of wanting
  6. Spotted at this morning’s boot - a boxed Atari 2600jr with a few loose carts. Didn’t get it, the 2600 is past my nostalgia horizon, but the packaging was mint. Also spotted a Quickshot-branded old PC game port multi-tap - never knew those existed! I wonder how many games supported them? I bought a few CDs, some children’s books (including Tintin and the Picaros for 50p), and had a nice walk.
  7. The structure of the game is a masterpiece, IMO. Lovely linear potted adventures until the late game, when you get a bunch of non-linear time-trotting side-quests, one for each character. It also manages to have some genuinely challenging bosses, even if you know the systems well.
  8. Best chazzas are often either suburban ones where it's easy for a car to drop stuff off, or urban ones in walking distance from middle-class housing. Not only do these places have great stuff, they often get so much through the doors that they price it up to shift quickly. As for games, they're almost always just chucked in with whatever media has the same size boxes - e.g. PS1 stuff in with the CDs, PS2 with the DVDs, etc. Master System and Mega Drive used to get mixed in with VHS back when shops still carried them - they sometimes get chucked in with the kids toys now. The one to
  9. Alexlotl


    Can't you get cleaning pills/crystals which you just grind through as though they were coffee? I know they exist for standalone grinders, but I'm guessing they might be a really bad idea for a bean-to-cup machine.
  10. Good stuff! 5x works out at 1200px height, so you lose 60px (12px of the native 240p resolution) off the top and bottom, but it's seldom noticeable and preferable for some games (e.g. Sonic 2 on the Mega SG) where there's weird content that was expected to be hidden by the overscan. Note that if you're using an integer vertical scale, you can turn off V-Interpolation for a bit of extra sharpness. I've given up on Firebrand's settings, they're too fussy for me. I just go for 4x or 5x vertical, horizonal set to the 4:3 for 16:9 preset (obtained by hitting start), H-Interpolation enab
  11. 1080p scanlines are fine to my eyes, but you need to use an integer vertical scale - 4x or 5x.
  12. Alexlotl


    Nope, I think my new one is probably the same as the one you already have.
  13. Lovely weather here in York. Bought a bunch of CDs and a few kids books. Only retro stuff I spotted was someone selling old Amstrad tapes, not my scene.
  14. Alexlotl


    Except for his American Press review, where he didn't read the instructions or watch any of the official videos, tried to guess how to use it ("I guess I push this down?"), made two cups of weak coffee and declared the thing a dud. First video of his I saw, and as someone enjoying using an American Press correctly, it put me off his channel for life. On a good coffee groove at the moment. Getting York Coffee Emporium's The Ninth blend as beans, and using my old Kyocera CM-45 hand-grinder to take it to french-press levels of coarseness. Two bodum scoops of beans is just right for on
  15. I benched a mighty 36 points this week (including Dallas), but fortunately Johnstone came in for the absent Nick Pope, reclaiming 15 of them. 57 points all out - not great, but I'll never grumble if I get 50+, and I'm soundly winning my family and work leagues.
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