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  1. That's a shame, I'm only up to EP 4
  2. It's all great but this bit:
  3. One punch man is on there now, it's great
  4. Jonnysaxc

    The Walking Dead!

    I have been watching up to last week but I'm out now. I prefer reading this thread and the a v club review to watching it anymore.
  5. Jonnysaxc

    The Walking Dead!

    Things I liked about that episode: zombies looked great Things I hated about that episode: Everything else
  6. Recently watched open house and just now Clover field paradox. I think Netflix are using AI to make films, just an algorithm mashing together actors and themes without any quality control.
  7. Jonnysaxc

    Good new horror films

    Terrible isn't it, hard to see how it went through "the process"- if there is one
  8. I thoroughly recommend Not watching open house, unbelievably poor!
  9. Jonnysaxc

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    Gutted : beautiful horror stories is 99p today. I haven't read it but seems good authors and normally 12£
  10. Been Watching this on I player thanks to this excellent recommendation, get home tonight to finish it off and...it's been removed
  11. Jonnysaxc

    The Snowman

    There are 2 great bits in this And Chilling stuff
  12. Jonnysaxc

    The Walking Dead!

    Bin People
  13. Jonnysaxc

    The Walking Dead!

    I'm interested in what Eugenes idea to get rid of the horde was in the end
  14. Jonnysaxc

    The Walking Dead!

    The bin people get undressed to do art projects but get dressed when they have visitors?
  15. Jonnysaxc

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    This game feels too much like a job to me, after a little while it becomes a bit get your own fucking apples

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