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  1. Dark Souls 3

    Does anyone here have a spare Blacksmiths Hammer that they wouldn't mind donating to my Thor run? I'd like to not have to wait until untended graves. Thanks.
  2. Bloodborne

    Wasting this and Deus Ex, and you're still mate's with him?!
  3. Bloodborne

    You can lead a horse to water... Fuck it dude. You gave it a shot.
  4. Bloodborne

    Was cool mate.
  5. This isn't true. Although dying to the first enemy is the quickest way to get armed.
  6. Unlocked weapons appear in levels. Also don't forget that you can have a movable camera so that there's no reason for off screen enemies to be trial and error.
  7. the greatest line in cinema history is

    Speaking of which, just about everything that Doc Holiday says. ...But "I have two guns; one for each of ya". Takes some beating.
  8. Diablo III - Switch announcement inbound

    The game is just starting to get going at 70. After that is where you really start to define your build, rather than just equipping something new every few minutes in pursuit of a minor addition to dps etc. You'll start to try out endgame sets and how to optimise with your skills. You may have a selection of gear sets and skill set ups depending on factors such as soloing vs group play, types of rift... So much to do post 70.
  9. My son playing the generalist saved all inhabitants while my CAFS firefighter kept the growing fire at bay. We made no use of the fire engine, while the local paramedics displayed admirable courage right outside the front door. We are still using the simplified fire spreading but yeah, really enjoying it. My cousin's coming up tomorrow so I reckon we'll play a full rules game of this, along with Munchkin, Forbidden Island etc
  10. For Christmas I got my son: Coup - A card game about bluffing. Forbidden Island - A co-op treasure hunting adventure. Exploding Kittens - A card game of cute Russian Roulette. Flash Point - co-op fire fighting. and Munchkin - Dungeon crawling and back stabbing. All good fun. He loves Coup which regularly has him screeching with laughter. I like Flash Point and Forbidden Island. It's been a good Christmas.
  11. 50 Most Appropiate-Best Late Night Films ?

    I used to catch so many weird and wonderful films while staying up all night. I miss it. One film that I associate with this is Chicago Cab. I caught it one night after it had already started, really enjoyed it and didn't see it again for ages. I was so happy to get it on dvd. I once put it on to get my kids to sleep, thinking they'd find it a bit boring. They love it as well now.
  12. Persona 5 | PS3, PS4 | Out now

    Make decent use of buffs and debuffs. Have your best healer prioritise healing. Guard/use items to survive/negate big hits that are telegraphed.
  13. James and I played our first proper game of Mice and Mysics yesterday and today. We fought as hard as we could against some harsh dice and a slight (deadly) misunderstanding of when enemies are added. and died. ...but We'll do it this time. Loving it!
  14. I will, thanks a lot. Currently on the way to work, looking to read some of the rules on the way. There's also an online video of how to play. I'll get as familiar as possible with the rules and the opening scenario as possible. Again, thanks.
  15. My son and I have loved video game rpgs for years, Bioware, Souls, Persona, Divinity, Diablo etc etc. I've told him about the influence of D&D on the games we play. I then fairly recently bought the 5th edition starter set. It seems great and I'm fairly sure we will love it if we can get some people to play with us. As this has proven quite difficult, I've ordered Mice and Mystics (after seeing it on Tabletop) for us to play. Should get here tomorrow. Pretty excited. I've also been playing Love Letter, a simple and really fun card game of strategy and deduction. Recommended.

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