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  1. What are the chances of stadia hardware improving. I've had a great time playing cyberpunk to completion but would also love the prospect of an upgrade to ray tracing etc.
  2. danbot


    Have you got the right trailer selected? I've had it before where I haven't noticed that in the load/unload screen, my empty flatbed/sideboard bed is selected rather than the external trailer.
  3. I'm getting poison chance every time.
  4. It says "Crafteditem will gain a random stat. Then there's a list of possibilities.
  5. Hey. When I upgrade iconic stuff the random stat isn't changing. I've tried quite a few times on the widowmaker. Am I missing something?
  6. I'll follow later today. At least I'll learn to play Subnautica.
  7. I just bought Resident Evil 8 for this. It said I'd receive an email about my free Premier. Any of you guys know how long this takes?
  8. God it really is. It got more than a little ridiculous many hours and countless life threatening missions in and the camp still doesn't trust me enough to SELL me a shotgun.
  9. They'll still be good and well worth playing.
  10. You're a cold hearted dude. It's about getting someone out of stone.
  11. danbot

    Dishonored 2

    No love for @Mr Do 71 that dude has been singing Dishonored's praises forever. By the way none of Dishonored or Prey is particularly hard. What ends up making Them a bit of a challenge for me is feeling like I want all of my play to be perfect. If you don't Set strange arbitrary rules for yourself, they're fairly easy. Just to make it clear though, I absolutely Love them.
  12. Well that's enough for me for now. I did everything except the max bond level because in NG+ it's barely raising. Had a great time with it.
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