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  1. You're absolutely flying Squirtle! Nice work.
  2. I'm with you Kev. Really enjoy the feel of the fighting in this. Something about it feels weighty and fun. Also feels a lot mor like I'm cutting something than a lot of other games.
  3. Oh yeah. True. Whet he said. But regardless of unlocks, anything you directly select on the map, like a village, a question mark etc, will be tracked by the wind.
  4. You select a target type from a list on the map screen Hot Springs (not actually worded like this) Bamboo Strikes Etc. Then get back in game and keep the wind at your back and you'll end up where you want.
  5. No. I'm on a normal ps4 and it looks and runs great.
  6. I just want to kill. Haiku just gets in the way. Cutting bamboo's fine.
  7. Getting that much out of so few pixels is amazing. Nicely done.
  8. I don't know that the game specifically centres on Bushido. I haven't noticed it mentioned. The way the game deals with honour so far seems fine. We have the Samurai that have been the most powerful force on Tsushima for some time. This has allowed them to maintain their code quite easily. When the invasion comes and they are not martially superior, our protagonist seems to have to decide what's more important to him. Is it an established code that might not be practically helpful in this new context? Or is it doing what seems necessary to save as many of his people as poss
  9. danbot


    Bit of a mixed bag on this tonight, trying to do Pipe dream. I had some wasted trips where I didn't have the correct saddle on my truck and couldn't do the missions in a certain order. I also overturned a flatbed semi trailer in some wet mud Then the game glitched a giant trailer in to the floor, leaving me to restart the whole series of tasks. Not ideal, but I'm learning to solve problems at least. But I also had fun hauling a long double load of steel beams and giant drill module across the map, including through some nicely flooded roads.
  10. danbot


    I loved the idea of Mudrunner. Take your time, think about what you're doing and get the job done. Upgrading your vehicles, while learning the intricacies of the terrain. I loved the idea, but never did take the plunge and buy Mudrunner. I started playing Snowrunner in earnest a few days ago and I'm loving it. My rate of progress is getting faster, especially as I realised that one of my starter trucks (Fleetstar) could be made AWD . Now I'm ticking off those tasks and contracts and enjoying it more and more.
  11. That's brilliant. Really looks like he's been through it. I also like the weathering effect on that keyboard.
  12. Crappy photo of mostly finished RG Freedom. A few Decals left to add.
  13. What an amazing looking kit. Looks like something I'd love to get, but at the same time feeling I have no business attempting. At first glance your painting looks great. I absolutely love the colour scheme. With a closer look, I can see what you mean with the finish in some places. Unfortunately being the clueless noob that I am, I've got nothing constructive for you. All I can say is that at my level, such as it is, I find your contributions to this thread pretty inspiring. Good luck with it man.
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