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  1. Transmetropolitan RPG. from CDPR. I'll have a bit of that.
  2. Unfair on all the poor unsuspecting monsters. It's actually fine. Just a little hyperbole.
  3. Got everything. I 1000g this year's ago.
  4. @El Spatula Massively but respectfully disagree. I love farming Balder Side Swords. I find it quite amusing how surprised I am each time I don't get it. And then when I do. It's also kind of inevitable that you end up grabbing all the little Titanite that you'll need to take it to +5. All the time knowing that you're working towards one of the the most awesome and fantastically unfair weapons ever.
  5. What do you mean? What have you lost?
  6. Darkroot'll lead to the cat. You will need the 20,000 soul seal from Andre or go the back way past the Hydra to get to the cat. Sen's is worth doing asap too for a number of reasons.
  7. You've barely started @Minion. If you don't like what you're up to, you could be back up to speed with a new build in an hour.
  8. I seem to be gravelorded constantly, though I'm yet to notice any I'll effects. Maybe it's broken.
  9. I had a similarly implausible attack from a Painting Guardian. Gotta take the rough with the rough mate.
  10. danbot

    Demon's Souls

    Never say never Jonamok. Maybe watch some youtube vids. You can do it. Doesn't have to be today.
  11. Is 60 too high to help with O&S?
  12. Easily done mate. @Kevvy Metal
  13. So everyone seems to be skirting a huge issue with this remaster. A lot has been done well and I'm sure that some of you are enjoying this but I'm afraid that I'm finding this virtually unplayable. Wtf is this VICTORY ACHEIVED nonsense?!
  14. Ding ding ding ding ding ding. Very busy. Also seeing a ridiculous amount of Warriors sitting at bonfires.
  15. I just got a BSS in Undead Parish. Easy street baby. Kinda lucky actually as I've become quite rubbish at this. This may need a patch here and there. There's some questionable stuff going on. The Chaneller stood and watched as I wrecked his gang. It's so silky. I went down to steal the Firekeeper's Soul from New Londo Ruins and it just kept on running. It's really good to have this proper version. I'm glad they didn't fuck with it.

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