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  1. SNES Mini

    No. Just cos he's a moral high horse miser.
  2. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    I'm asking a question, in a manner meant to question the legitamacy of the original statement. Hexx is just arriving late.
  3. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    It was on the previous page...
  4. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    So the woman in the Affleck video has said it was all a joke?
  5. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    Don't hold your breath on that one. Twitter and most social media platforms dance to the tune of the cash and that's it.
  6. SNES Mini

    Had a good play last night. F Zero is still pretty sweet but I'd forgotten how good Yoshis' Island is.
  7. SNES Mini

    Was in CEX in Stockport today. 14 in stock @ £140.00 each.
  8. SNES Mini

    Why don't you talk about your SNES mini?
  9. SNES Mini

    Sorry. When was the last time you got banned? Oh a week or so a go for calling me a cunt! Stop shitting up the thread.
  10. SNES Mini

    It's so fun though. Mariokart is about the only game my wife has any interest in. So it will be fun to play her on that. She'll leave me alone to play the rest I hope ;-)
  11. SNES Mini

    It was a throwaway comment. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Until @sprite took it too seriously. Now you've called me a cunt. Joy.
  12. SNES Mini

    I was so disgusted by the amount of dust, that I must have missed that. hang on. Not dizzy enough to order the thing in the first place. That ain’t a weeks worth of dust. The boy is just dirty.
  13. SNES Mini

    How the fuck would I know he’s dizzy? He could get a cleaner!
  14. SNES Mini

    Do you not own a duster? I bought 4. Preordered 2 and managed to pick up another 2 on the day. Kept one for myself, sold the other at cost to my best mate, Choduk got another as I’m about to owe him some money for his rather excellent design work. That leaves me one, which I’ll probbaly sell to a friend (at cost). What a bastard!
  15. SNES Mini

    My Amazon France order has landed. Ironically quicker than Game have shipped from UK. @choduk. I'll drop it round later sweetheart!

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