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  1. I'm nearly ten hours in at the moment. I'm mostly enjoying myself. And when Bagley says "Quick. Take a selfie with the corpse" I'm totally going to do it. Just not post it since it's a big spoiler for one of the questlines. The VA is just utterly awful though.
  2. I just played a small section of the game to try out some different settings. 100% cpu at almost all times and my gpu barely breaking 60%. I recorded the session but the geforce experience decided not to include the performance data annoyingly.
  3. Twitch will kill themselves if they keep this up.
  4. I'm going to try them later but given I'm cpu bound on a 9th gen i7 I think it's probably going to take a patch from Ubi to fix it.
  5. Yup. Lip syncing I can easily ignore but the quality of the voice acting is at "Random guy from the office" level bad. Wasn't this game delayed something like 8 months? Imagine the state it must have been in 8 months ago.
  6. That's the PC version. i7 -9700k, 32gig ram, 2070. 1440p, DLSS set to performance and it can't hold 60 ever. The game appears to be heavily cpu bound. Even dropping from high to medium did nothing to improve the FPS on what are quite average visuals. It has a built in benchmark that in no way shape or form reflects what you'll get in the game.
  7. Man alive. This is awful. Janky, messy, awful voice acting. Visuals that range between servicable and terrible. I don't remember thinking this about 2.
  8. Obviously you need anticheat software to make your single player game a fair environment.
  9. I don't know if it's because I'm using a vpn to play a few hours early but if you lose online connection to the Ubisoft servers the game just shuts down instantly.
  10. It crashes randomly without ray tracing as well. It's also got an anticheat that runs despite the game not having MP yet.
  11. Official notice. Child of Eden can be played with a controller. Save Eden. Save Lumi.
  12. I'm totally ready for launch. I have loads of holidays to use so I've booked the entire week off. I've downloaded a selection of games already to test BC on my 4TB HDD (Also to be used as a hard archive). I nabbed one of the DF recommended sata adaptors while they were in stock and I've got a 1TB Samsung 870 Evo SSD coming tomorrow for "stuff". I'm holding off for now on the official super fast expansion. I have 500meg Virgin Media so downloads aren't actually that painful. I'm going to buy a digital copy of the new Arse Creed as soon as it's up for preload and that'll be my main g
  13. Series X on preorder. Will get a PS5 as soon as stock is available. I suspect my primary machine this gen will be the XBox.
  14. I'd expect they only had a tiny number of issues anyway. I'd subscribe with rebellion directly if you want to get onboard.
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