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  1. I found a good guide if anyone wants one. Just got murdered in the Ossery https://www.polygon.com/guides/2018/7/31/17635336/dead-cells-all-rune-locations-vine-teleportation-ram-spider-challenger
  2. I've been playing quite a lot of this the last few days and want to start unlocking some runes. I've been as far as hand of the king and have the vine rune plus the extra game mode ones you get early on. I've been reading up on which order to do the biomes in order to unlock stuff but I got really confused. Is there a best order to start unlocking them?
  3. Flub

    K-Pop, J-Pop and C-Pop

    I love both of them but yeah. Dreamcatcher outdid themselves this time. An amazing song.
  4. Does anyone playing this on PC Game pass know if it's possible to have cloud saves? Does PC game pass even have then for any game?
  5. It's got really weird bugs where often the third page of a comic (Always the third page) will fail to load (Fourth and onwards is fine) and you have to page back to the start and then forward again to make it appear.
  6. What's more frustrating is I was trying to read old What if comics in Marvel Unlimited earlier and nothing is downloading. They're fucking useless.
  7. Yup. It evolved, grew and made better a large number of characters and told some great stories along the way. And then Nu-52. The thing is new-52 is the sort of thing I actually like the idea of. I love it when things get shaken up. Change is good. Especially in comics where stuff can get stale very quickly. The problem with New-52 is DC are fucking rubbish at reboots. They have a good concept but can never stick the landing. For example Batman and Green Lantern should have been rebooted at the same time. The compressed timeline meant that Batman was seriously negligent with his Robins. They threw in the idea that "It all still happened until we say it didn't" which was patently ridiculous. With the amount of titles they launched it was clear they were just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what stuck. I also think that starting five years into a run (Apart from a short amount of JLA and Action comics) was a mistake. The thing is DC used to be able to do change and growth really , really well. Take Legion of Super Heroes. It was one long continutity run. Characters grew, aged, learned, made mistakes, died (Some never to return) and then after a big event (Magic wars I believe) the title went on hiatus and came back with "Five Years Later". It wasn't a reboot. It was the same characters we'd grown up with and shit had happened. Shit continued to happen and gradually a lot of what happened in the five year gap was filled in alongside some solid story telling. They made big changes to the characters, the setting (Destroying Earth in the process) and then when at the end Zero Hour mandated that entire series reboot they did a lovely last issue that encapsulated exactly what made the Legion great. Five years later is still not available in collected form (Although I believe it's finally coming at some point). Then the rebooted Legion appeared. It took a lot of elements from the original series but with a fresh twist. The characters were their own, fresh and young again without the years of story baggage. A lot of fans hated it because apparently a lot of comic book fans hate change. I missed the old legion but I really came to love this one. It went to places. It told some good stories. Did some stuff, evolved, killed some characters who never returned. It worked. The LSH has been rebooteted a few more times since but the gaps become shorter. I was surprised to end up loving the Threeboot Legion to be honest. It's a shame Shooter fell out with DC again and got the series cut short. One extra problem lots of reboots and retconns does is you're always removing someone's fave. There are a lot of people who joined the comics train with New-52. Those characters are theirs. Any changes are taking away from what they grew to love. It's a problem Marvel have less off. TLDR. Comics are frustrating.
  8. I just reread those recently. It's still an amazing run
  9. I just can't understand them most of the time. There's decades worth of material that is unavailable except for purchases as rather expensive single issues. When it works (And it doesn't today) Marvel Unlimited is an amazing proposition. All DC have to compete there is a US only extremely limited service that's more focused on their TV shows. Why can't I buy the equivalent of Marvel Epic collections for say the Legion of Super Heroes (Replace with your fave) on Comixology? The opportunities they're missing are mind boggling. Where the fuck are the JSA? They've been cock teasing a proper return for them for over a decade now and have never delivered. It says something when a die hard DC man like myself reads his Marvel comics before DC every week. They have a multiverse that they almost never use. They've also been cock teasing the return of the full infinite multiverse since well before they started cock teasing about the JSA. So far nothing. Hell. They literally brought back the full multiverse and undid the crisis during Convergence and then proceeded to forget it ever happened. It's like the entire company has attention deficit disorder.
  10. Interesting times. I don't know what caused the problem but there's no doubt in my mind that for a long time DC had a bit of an identity crisis (Pun intended). The direction of travel has been all over the place with almost every canon altering event immediately being thrown in the trash with giving any of the promised pay off. I said this earlier on resetera but if you know nothing will ever stick then what's the point? I know there's always going to be a large element of that in comics. It's inevitable but lately there seems to be a need to put the toys back in the toybox exactly as you found them when a writer finishes a run. I mean look at the fate of Superior Spiderman. An amazing and well developed character who at the end of the most recent and very well received run was reverted back to Doc Ock for "reasons" and then never used since. Why not just leave him as Superior and let him have adventures and crossovers in the background. Let some other writer revert him if there's a good story to tell. After that last panel we don't even know if he's good or evil or some tortured mixture. It seems to be a thing with villains. I thought Lex was amazing when he joined the Justice League. He was still a prick but he was doing some good. Then someone decided to give him a personality transplant and make him literally the most unrealistic part of the Perpetua storyline and to add insult to injury they for some reason decided just to fucking stop telling that story and move it to some future mini series between fucking issues. A tiny little title like 2000ad has managed to make 2020 Judge Dredd as fresh as his first story without a single reboot needed. DC hasn't been able to keep its shit straight since 1986. (Although it's much worse now) I think Jim Lee (Last man standing at the top) has his fucking work cut out for him now.
  11. So Dan Didio is no longer in charge of DC comics. Bleeding Cool have posted an article about the reasons. Given that it's Bleeding Cool however take this with a massive bucket of salt https://www.bleedingcool.com/2020/02/21/why-dan-didio-leave-dc-comics/
  12. First one to the Switch every day gets all the fruit. It's a warzone.
  13. If anyone wants a cheap Isabelle amiibo (And why wouldn't you honestly) go here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Animal-Crossing-Amiibo-Festival-Nintendo/dp/B016BCC3NC Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival for the Wii U £9.90 with two amiibos.
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