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  1. I'd be shocked if they didn't eventually start selling the preorder stuff off as separate bundles or singles.
  2. That's a classic US style cover from a specific era. As an example of that it's rather good. Also LOTR is shite.
  3. You can definitely have fun building up your own clan. It's a grind but a grind where you're just playing the game anyway. Also the smaller the clan the less items you need for each unlock.
  4. It's not very busy but the Dojo always gets the new stuff very quickly.
  5. I'm in the ResetEra clan. Their dojo has everything. https://www.resetera.com/threads/warframe-the-jovian-concord-pc-ot-high-octane-roombas.1528/
  6. Death Metal Issue 3 proves that once again Jarro is the best Robin and Batman's real son.
  7. I don't even know where to start with this one
  8. I was surprised that I didn't make it all the way through the first book. I just wasn't feeling it sadly and I normally enjoy his stuff.
  9. We're a big and diverse forums so I thought I'd ask. Way back towards the earlier part of this century did any of you play on the Teesside University games servers? Counter Strike, NeverWinter Nights and some Battlefield 1942 mod I can't remember the name of were very popular. 24/7 Office was always full. I
  10. I love what they've done to the Corpus tilesets. They look lovely now.
  11. I bought a couple of thousand plat nearly two years ago and I've still got just over 600 left and I used a chunk of it to buy a shit load of mods I couldn't be bothered to farm.
  12. Flub


    Happy and uplifting you say? Komi Can't Communicate ticks both of those boxes.
  13. The first three issues of Injustice Year Zero are out (79p each on Comixology). A must read if you've read the other series. This is a prequel featuring the JSA. I'm slightly concerned they're about to pull a Parallax with Superman but to be honest it would be a way of letting the main series move forward with a Superman repenting his crimes.
  14. I've put in a refund request. I'll buy it later if they fix it. In the meantime there's plenty of other games that better deserve my cash.
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