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  1. Launch trailer
  2. I've got a stream going on my laptop while I work. It looks super janky but also surprisingly fun
  3. 25 quid on CDkeys for the PC version plus 99p for a pet bird. Sold! No idea when the PC version unlocks mind you.
  4. How did the game expect you to earn that first 150gold? Do a few quests?
  5. @Cosmic_Guru Have you played this anymore? It looks interesting. Would you recommend it?
  6. Flub

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    I gave up playing after the last impressive update when almost every single planet I visited had death rain every five minutes. And the planets still weren't different enough.
  7. Flub

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    I can't see how they can do this in PSVR without destroying the image quality and detail. The game tanks hard once you start throwing bases into the mix and VR needs a rock solid framerate.
  8. Does it seem like he's bothered about the order? He's probably just enjoying super heroes kicking the shit out of things.
  9. Flub

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    I just got the horn....but How the fuck are they going to keep the frame rate steady with those bases?
  10. Flub

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Although if you want the most cringeworthy approach to the fairer sex you should all read late era Heinlein. It's....an experience certainly.
  11. Flub

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Peter Hamilton's Night's Dawn trilogy is imo his best work but also has his very, very worst sex scenes.
  12. Flub

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I've had that puppy pre-ordered since December. I can't wait for it. I sat on my copy of the first book without reading it for over a year and then realised what I was missing.
  13. Flub

    Star Trek Discovery

    Control is obviously hiding on his ship.
  14. In depressing news the fucking fantastic "Five Years Later" Legion of Super Heroes collection has been cancelled because according to DC fans were complaining that they were putting out too many collections. Fuck off DC. Nobody was complaining about that and even if they were they certainly weren't complaining about something like Five Years Later. You twatlords. LSH fans have been screaming for a collection for ages. I have the individual issues. I have decent quality digital scans of them but I'd have totally bought the fuck out of a collection on Comixology. It's classic giffen finger painting with 9 panels per page and a mega killer story. Gutted. You can't even buy the individual issues on Comixology or I'd have them already. Marvel are far, far better about putting out collections than DC. You'd think these days even if they didn't think it viable to do a physical release then a digital one would still happen. Long tail and all that.
  15. I'm currently re-reading the Earth X/Universe X/Paradise X trilogy. Still as good as it ever was. An insane deep dive into Marvel history. Shame only Earth X has a collected edition available on Comixology though. No idea why.

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