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  1. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    It's pretty good, the build quality is surprisingly solid, the thing sounds great and it's a lot of fun to play with. They've cut some corners to make the price; you don't seem to be able to send anything over than notes over MIDI. A definite recommend.
  2. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Not sure, trying to do some live performan stuff. I need to plan things out beforehand a bit more I think. Mucking around with a Behringer D and a digitakt
  3. I like this new statement though; RCL confirm they're reading the REFUND ME PLEASE list on https://clivehelpus.website/refunds-list and know which of the backers they haven't refunded. Nice to see an endorsement from RCL that this is the place to ask for a refund
  4. Pretty much though small beans compared to saying he's a thief who stole money from RCL
  5. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Haha, oh dear. Short but what is there definitely exists.
  6. I just don't think he's all that bright, poor thing
  7. Maybe a compromise and a bit of both!
  8. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Attempt to make a 303 sound like a trombone
  9. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Ha! So my mates did a switch port and remix of their excellent Don't Die Mr Robot. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/dont-die-mr-robot-switch#game-info And rather nicely they included a few of my tracks under the punfunny moniker of C303PO. There's a soundtrack too. I know it's not that a big a deal but it has put a massive big grin on my face https://infinitestategames.bandcamp.com/releases
  10. Yeah, funny. I have the real list here
  11. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Quite like this so far, got the jitters about adding more and ruining what I like about it @Dimahoo For some reason, I can't see any links in your post for the music mentioned
  12. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Pretty much similar set of responses in the programming learning thread. I'd engage with it but can't tell if it's a load of nonsense or I'm too thick to understand Got a tr8-s, did a live jam https://soundcloud.com/gyratory/live-jam-tr-8s-octotrack Did some beeping https://soundcloud.com/gyratory/loop-a-day-galax (got to remove that horrible low rumble all the way through) Playing with Renoise, not sure if it's my sort of thing https://soundcloud.com/gyratory/chumpamatized
  13. The Retro YT 'community' is the shittest version of WWE ever. "Oh! No! the Undertaker ripped off Randy Savage's Fat Worm Blows A Sparky playthrough and Abdullah The Butcher is calling him out on it!!!!" The hoohaa is the product.
  14. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Tried to do something a bit towering and grand, got bored part way through it went murky, Something Martin Galway-esque turns up at the end
  15. maryliddon

    Don't Die Mr Robot - Switch version coming soon

    I approve of this message

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