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  1. Started this proper last night and it's great. The attention to detail that the dragon engine can pull off is stunning - looking out of your office window into the rainy streets below can look photo-realistic at times. Agreed to defend Hamura, stumbled into a cat cafe and then spent ten minutes on Virtua Fighter 5 before crashing on the couch. (I still can't believe that they just slapped a complete VF5 in there like it ain't no thang...). I'm not finding many shiny collectables down filthy back alleys though - are there any?
  2. So good to be back in Kamuracho again. Started last night, but will go back and do it properly again tonight. I had a night out in Kabukicho last summer, and I know it's a small area but it's amazing how spot on they've got it. The griminess of it all.
  3. This is so good! Had a quick run through arcade with Jūbei last night, I like his slow and defensive approach to things, but then his standing HS and crouching MS have almost a full screen's reach. The boss wasn't too bad at all, you just need to realise when to attack and when to go in the defensive. If you get it wrong then, yes goodbye 70% of your health bar. It's a very beginner-friendly game I feel; normals have long reach and big impact, reversals and dodges are relatively easy to pull off, inputs seem shared across characters. In the best possible way it reminds me of the golden age of Dreamcast-era Capcom fighters - Project Justice, Tech Romancer, Plasma Sword. And the character ending art is just sick.
  4. It's brilliant having the Japanese versions of the Arcade Classics now. I find Gradius far easier than Nemesis for some reason, Thunder Cross is like a different game and lightly brushing past a bat in Haunted Castle no longer takes half your health bar off. In fact Haunted Castle now seems almost... playable?!
  5. There's no hype for this at all. I can't bloody wait, although will be going physical for the reversible sleeve.
  6. I picked up Crypt last week, and I have had Disco Descent stuck in my head for the last two days straight. Makes my walks to work a bit more epic, but I'm getting sick of it now.
  7. 100%. Three whole new chapters with new levels, new enemies, new bosses and new weapons. All set around the winter and summer Osaka campaigns of the early 1600s. It's amazing value!
  8. Let us measure

    NIOH 2

    Ooh, yes please @Curtis - I'd be very grateful!
  9. Let us measure

    NIOH 2

    Looking brilliant. Any idea how we get invites...?
  10. I found Bloodborne much harder than Sekiro, although I completed BB before the patch released that let you partake in jolly co-op in the chalice dungeons, so had to do Headless Bloodletting Beast and true Watchdog of the Old Lords on my lonesome. I remember turning the air blue against HBB, and swearing blind that BB was one of the worst games I'd ever played. Before going on to get the platinum and complete all the dlc obv. What differentiates Sekiro for me in comparison is that I find the combat intrinsically fun. It's just really satisfying pulling off parries and countering, mikiri'ing perfectly and smashing R1, getting a deathblow and feeling your hits make contact. There was no getting bored or finding boss fights frustrating for me; I kind of managed to enter the shmup-like zone of making more progress each time, over dozens of tries, until I managed it. ISS took me about four to five hours to beat, yeah it has four stages, but I was never not having fun in that time.
  11. The 3DS 3D Classics version is still the definitive version of Outrun to my mind. Comes with all of the above Sega Ages add-ons, and looks downright stunning in 3D at 60fps. I couldn't believe it when I first saw it running, one of modern gaming's recent 'wow' moments.
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