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  1. Let us measure


    Yes Twinkle Star Sprites! If you ever wanted to know what Puyo Puyo would be like were it a shmup, now's your chance.
  2. Let us measure

    Metroid Prime Trilogy (Switch) *unconfirmed*

    It's better than the first. Unparalleled atmosphere, and the feeling of getting stronger and gudder as you make your way through the game predates Dark Souls by seven years. Best bosses in the series by a Chywhuxuyux-approved mile too.
  3. Let us measure

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    The best thing about that Fatal Frame stage is that you're forced to play as white Kirby, who looks like a little tubby ghost, which is why all the camera obscura shots are aimed at you!
  4. Let us measure

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    No way! Split joycon works wonderfully. I haven't played it any other way, and have no problems with besting L6 difficulty arcade mode (haven't tried it any harder to be fair). It's not just waggle, despite appearances; it's all very reactive and satisfying.
  5. Let us measure

    Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC.

    Niiiice! No Switch patch yet though as of tonight, hope it's incoming.
  6. Let us measure

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    I don't understand this. Each time I start the game I'm asked to download a language pack that is listed as 'English (UK)' for 4GB, but I ignore it and play the game in english (UK) anyway. I assume it's for if you want to play in Spanish or Russian, but I can't seem to turn the notification off.
  7. Let us measure

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    On the saving and loading in a random location thing - it seems to be a device to maintain the illusion of this living, breathing world that you can never hope to have 100% control over. E.g. Arthur himself is still alive and conscious when you turn the game off, and may well get up to his own thing while you're not looking. I saved just outside the stable in Valentine, and woke up slouching against the side wall of the saloon, my hat pulled down low to get some decent sleep. Fantastic idea, I love it!
  8. Let us measure


    Ok, that's interesting. It's my first time with the game, so I naively assumed the slowdown was straight from the MVS game - obviously not! I won't lie and say the slowdown hasn't saved my arse on quite a few occasions with bosses, but I'd much rather an arcade perfect port. Hope it gets fixed. Thanks for pointing this out too!
  9. Let us measure


    Strikers 1945 Plus just came out on the ACA Neo Geo range. Seems great so far - a wide-screen re-imagining of Strikers II with more visible bullets (and some much needed slow down), and some cool remixed tunes and bosses. Recommended. Now to wait for the EU release of Strikers 1999!
  10. Really weird, as I found T to be a lot easier than the previous 2 bosses! He did seem a bit susceptible to spamming the hundred-hand punch combo with square, it quite often got through his guard. Make sure you're using them talismen.
  11. I'm really enjoying this, it's a great twist on the Yakuza formula. @Robo_1, I've also found a bit of a disconnect between the ease of beating lowly chumps and then the difficulty of bosses - Rei took me a good three goes while I spent about an hour on Nadai last night (I refuse to drop down to Easy!). The bosses on the whole are awesome though and you feel like a complete badass when you finally nail them, what with all the bigging themselves up and smack talk before the fights begin. Even the QTEs are super intense and keep you on your toes, much better implemented than in Yakuza or Shenmue. It's a lovevable, janky-ass, B-tier Japanese game the likes of which you don't find too often anymore. Also bartending has yet to get old. Shaka-shaka-shaka-SHAKA-SHAKA-SHAKA-SHAKA.
  12. Indeed. Our Kazzy meets Mad Max in a distinctly Japanese-y setting with a load of QTEs and Bloodborne-rivaling levels of the red stuff. It's an enticing mix.
  13. This is great! I just finished Kiwami 2, didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped, and felt pretty Yakuza'd out by the end. So this feels like a breath of fresh air - awesome graphical style and enough variation to the combat finishers to keep things interesting. Glad I picked it up and it's great hearing all the usual Yakuza VA in an alien setting. I also don't know the first thing about FotNS, so looking forward to seeing what the stories and characters hold!
  14. I only completed Yakuza 2 on Saturday, and was trying to convince myself today to cancel my amazon preorder of FotNS and save myself 45 notes. Couldn't do it either. That Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio goodness... I haven't even played the demo. All I know is you punch men and then their heads explode.

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