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  1. I used to love John Bryne's She Hulk. I hope they do it like that, breaking the fourth wall (although I suppose Deadpool has already done that).
  2. Just watched Everybody in the Place, which I think inspired this thread. Fascinating stuff for an old geezer like me who remembers going out in his travel fox trainers and stüssy t shirt. But context is everything. The bloke who was explaining to kids in 2019 what 1989 was like and the looks on their faces. And then you realise it was 30 years ago! 30 years. To me it wasn’t very long ago at all, but it’s like explaining to a kid in 1989 what 1959 was like. That's terrifying!
  3. The Hierophant


    I'm a massive Ride fan. I liked the Weather Diaries. Only listened to the new album once so far but it’s a bit different. I don’t dislike it. Need to listen to it a bit more.
  4. Is that a poor quality rip or is it what TV used to look like?
  5. I have codes for Crusdare Kings II (not D&D related but a good game) if anyone wants it for free before I offer it in the Paradox Games thread.
  6. Is A Short Film About Chilling available anywhere?
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