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  1. Lot of white blue ticks on Twitter explaining to asian people why they shouldn't complain about being called p***s because of this. As always if you're unsure of where to stand on an issue just check social media for the worst takes by the smuggest blue ticks to know what stance not to have.
  2. Really liked Her Story, but found Telling Lies dull and ruined by the inability to rewind. Still, cautiously optimistic about Immortality now.
  3. I haven't read much up on it, but I assume the series is set in the current day? In which case it would be nonsensical for Death to look like an 80's throwback.
  4. I really don't understand the point behind the second half of As Dusk Falls. Also way too many flashbacks- absolute tension killers.
  5. As Dusk Falls is alright, but I'm finding myself falling asleep playing it, which is never a good sign. Also it's utterly ridiculous, and falls into a lot of the same traps as a lot of these 'choose you're own adventure' narratives do, which is the limited scope of choices feels pedestrian and then those characters make massive choices without any input from the player.
  6. Love that you're enjoying 3 so much. One thing I want to say which I was grateful for being told, and definitely maximised enjoyment, was to leave the second part of the Citadel dlc until the end, right before the point of no return.
  7. Really enjoyed this, but I was suprised to see some people say it's more open than something like Phoenix Wright. The order you get your evidence is, and you can explore the island moreso than in static 2D pictures, but ultimately if you're invested at all in the story and mystery you're gathering every piece of evidence and then presenting them to the judge. The only real decision seems to be whether: Otherwise I imagine everyone's games to be the same but in different orders. Loved the lore and mystery, really didn't like exploring the island. It made it more real and horrific than static 2d pictures would have been, but the collecting of bloodstones was awful, as was finite fast travel and first person platforming. Absoltuely no need for any of that at all. Still a great mystery though.
  8. Whilst they're good FP games, the S isn't anywhere near a par as say Titanfall 2
  9. Also forgot, Hypnospace Outlaw. Moderate the 90s internet in your sleep.
  10. These two absolutley. I'd also highly recommend The Forgotten City and Citizen Sleeper, and hugely recommend with the highest of accolades The Outer Wilds (all of these and Paradise Killer & Danganronpa are on Gamepass). Otherwise Phoenix Wright is the biggest obvious shout. Edit- and AI The Somnium Files. Also on Gamepass. Just get Gamepass and Obra Dinn essentially.
  11. Really enjoyed this, until the end at which point the pacing just went way downhill. At the start I was weighing up every option carefully, by the end I was ridiculously wealthy and resting even with a load of dice just to get to the next cycle. Completed all missions, really should have kept up the pace from the start, and made such a thing impossible.
  12. How do endings work on this? Can I load up to the point before the ending?
  13. Then you are in for an amazing time.
  14. Have you played it since? I couldn't imagine playing it without the Citadel dlc now.
  15. Just completed the whole trilogy on Gamepass. Cannot fault the scope or ambition of all these clockwork levels, and had some wonderful moments, but I'm note sure about going back through the stories. Early on I stopped replaying levels for story missions, as the mission guidance was either too handholdy, or completely useless (find the safe combination ,when it could be anywhere on the elvel for example). Ultimately whilst it's great to see that there are lots of different ways to do something, it's the fact that I can find my own which makes it fun, not ticking them all off. Also, this game is ridiculously generous. If I didn't have a gamepass backlog the length of my arm I could spend endless hours on it.
  16. Too late. Good lord it was bad, it was poor until the end, but the end was somehow even worse. A regretful watch, only stayed watching it because we thought it would be nice to watch a film together, and I'm not the one to suggest turning it off partway through (turns out my wife had fallen quietly asleep within 30 minutes anyway).
  17. Hour to the playtime of anything? I find it rare for a game to be possible to play like that, but then I tend to avoid non-simultaneous multiplayer solitaires.
  18. That's the difference then, unless it's a simultaneous action game I never play my turn whilst other people are playing theirs, I love to see what other people are up to and what them to be engaged in my turn (also 3 hours is still quite a long time).
  19. That's fair, it could just be a group thing, but it just didn't work for me pacing wise. There were moves people had which placed two animals, both of which gave extra moves, which moved markers on the various tracks, which unlocked extra bonuses and caused markers to be moved on other tracks which unlocked even more bonuses and in a four player game I was waiting up to half an hour before I could take my turn (because there's a lot to think about ahead). Could be an anomoly, but I like my games a lot more efficient, never a big fan of unlocking multiple things in a single turn, all of which require thought and consideration.
  20. The action selection mechanic is 100% from Civ a New dawn. Which seems really clever, but IMO just adds another layer to think about and makes things more slogging.
  21. Played Ark Nova twice yesterday, didn't think much of it at all. Some absolutely fundamental problems, such as board space meaning you have no idea what other players are doing, and a general inelegance which causes turns to drag. Selling it.
  22. Just completed. Mass effect 3 I've completely reassessed, it's an absolutely amazing game, best of the trilogy, and even though the final ending still disappoints I couldn't imagine a more epic send off for the rest of the game.
  23. A load of sensible guardian columnist types lost their shit that it advocated murdering rich people, and wrote a bunch of opinion pieces having never seen it about it being pro-incel. It's just a film, but one whose mere existence seems to rile people, not because of what it does badly, but because of political thought pieces at the time.
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