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  1. If only there was some way to not inflict serious gaming on kids, AND not defend the exploitative practices of Roblox. And not be a rev stu-esque windmilling ball of anger, but that one's a stretch.
  2. Oh man, quick question- how long does it take, and how much does it cost to make per dice? I know how much I spent on prototype dice, and I'd rather have given that to a forumite. Additionally, I get asked occasionally where people can get prototype dice in the UK from. Not that you're a business, but I'm amazed that it's something that can be done 'in house' to that level essentially.
  3. It's much improved in 6
  4. I don't think so, definitely not streaming at least.
  5. A sudoku expert is currently streaming his run through of the witness, and it's simply a joy to watch. It's not much of a spoiler to say you can see the whole reason behind the game come to fruition as he plays. Hugely enjoyable:
  6. So are any of the new additions worth it?
  7. Really enjoyed this, but found the pacing utterly weird. There's massive hub levels at the start, but when you've got the abilities to actually access everything you're restricted instead to chain mind levels. The one time I actually wanted to do the optional sidequests was the one time I couldn't. Similarly you level up massively quickly. That and accessing old minds to collect missables is not a nice experience, stopped after just one.
  8. Just to let you all know, I've made a free PnP expansion https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead/posts/3288944 It's got a very different feel to the normal game, but I like it. Normally this would be another Kickstarter for manufactured versions, but I'm trying to avoid that until freight is back to normal. Also the variant works excellently (imo) as a solo game.
  9. I'd think so, even if just through cultural osmosis.
  10. I hated Telling Lies. Hypnospace Outlaw and The Outer Wilds scratched the itch for me. I think HO might still be on gamepass if you have that. If not get it anyway.
  11. It's just such a weird question, considering a) Braid is made to look like a watercolour and has no blocky pixelart, and b) Fez is literally standing right next to it. I believe now that Goaty thinks pixelart is just another word for 2D platformer.
  12. Cuphead is surely not what's being discussed here? It's stuff like (both of which I bought and thought even uglier in motion): There's some exquisite pixelart stuff out there, but a lot of it is blegh.
  13. I remember spending ages in the hub level in the first game as well. Whilst it's a massive playground, I am itching to just get into the next mind.
  14. I would also flag up the Sexy Brutale (£3.50 on PlayStation), which I completed last night and absolutely loved. Loads of murders to solve, each requires using the timeloop to record their movements, causes of death, and then working out how to intervene. Much more restrictive in terms of what you can interact with, but makes excellent use of the looping mechanic.
  15. Outstanding game so far, even with the tiny text.
  16. Psychonauts 2, mostly really good, including the option to have a normal font, but the tiniest font size below is giving me a headache
  17. I don't think you get that it doesn't matter if those things would work, giving the player agency to try them is what's important. Although the purpose of a time loop game is to see what happens and then recreate, so the obvious answer would be to pretend to be asleep.
  18. Because it tries to ascribe faults of the game to the player. That you don't think moving the sofa, or asking the wife to hide/ not give you away, are logical (which I find hard to believe, especially when compared to the actual solutions) doesn't make player's expectations that they should be able to do those things unreasonable.
  19. Eh? There's a lot of cod psychology here which ignores actual progress in adventure games. Nobody complaining expected a realistic experience in a time loop game, don't be daft. But, for the nth time, if it's a game in which you have to solve problems through dialogue and object interaction, but doesn't allow for logical dialogue and object interaction, it's unsatisfying. 90s Sierra adventure game logic isn't something to aspire to, and it's weird to see people argue that we shouldn't expect more. Even Lucasarts games are better in this respect- you can't do everything you want to do, but you're given a reason why.
  20. Currently dead cheap on PlayStation. Bought it after being majorly disappointed in 12 minutes and absolutely loved it. A bit disappointed the initial easing in and segmentation never really let up to bigger puzzles, but I can forgive that.
  21. Yes. Same as It's not about making the game easier/ harder, it's about making it satisfying to play. If your gameplay is interacting with objects to solve problems logically, but you don't give the options for the most logical interactions, that's unsatisfying.
  22. I think everyone *is* panning it. I briefly scanned other forums and the like and the overwhelming consensus appears to be that it's a disappointing mess.
  23. Eh? I think a sofa would have easily stopped him. It wouldn't have aided the player to completion, but neither does 90% of the other arbitrary stuff players can do anyway.
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