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  1. The Series S is fantastic you fools I'm considering buying one for my brother's 40th, any more expensive and that just wouldn't be an option.
  2. I'd happily pay £25 for either 1 or 2, but not £50 for both. There's enough game in 1 to last me plenty long enough, getting both at the same time just feels daunting.
  3. Apart from where autopilot drove me into the sun that was all I used for space exploration. Just had to check I wasn't flying straight into fiery death first.
  4. The messenger is fun, although some of the bosses are bastards, and the late game can get tiresome. The Outer Wilds joins Return of the Obra Dinn as a recent true classic. Not without its flaws, but there's so much heart in there. It's on another level.
  5. Honestly, at first its overwhelming, but if you ever feel you have too many and don't know what to play just listen to the posters here. Generally the recommendations are good, and even if not they're almost always interesting. I completed Nier Automata, and whilst I thought it didn't live up to the hype, I'm glad I did. And I'm glad I did it for free. I'm also glad I could play Forza Horizon, Destiny, Titanfall 2 and others, until I'd had my fill, without feeling obliged to complete them. If you're ever in doubt of what GP game to play, someone in here will undoubtably suggest som
  6. The Outer Wilds is now compulsory to all. Tempted to buy it even though I doubt I'll go back to it.
  7. Yeah it's great. Also really enjoying Raging Loop. It helps that I've played numerous games of Mafiascum.
  8. I feel like old games you remember enjoying are different even if they especially suffer from this. Because you remember the high powered game you had mastered by the end, not the drudge at the beginning. Tried to go back to New Vegas and just couldn't. Turns out you can't go back
  9. When Chaos isn't on the screen all the other characters should be asking "Where's Chaos?"
  10. 12 Minutes. I'm a sucker for a narrative based time loop.
  11. I thought that was great, especially as a gamepass subscriber- loads of great games for what is essentially free* Obviously as a Series S owner I'm meant to be confused at the lack of 4k or whatever other nonsense the console fanboys are dribbling out with, but honestly, a Series S with gamepass just seems even more of a bargain. Might even splash out on Elden Ring as a treat. *Obviously is was £121 for three years, but I honestly feel I've got my worth from that already.
  12. 6 for ratchet and clonk is edges contreversial score of the month
  13. Coming to it fresh it's great, but it does feel as though nothing's being added to it.
  14. Don't forget to play the DLC. Iirc it's by the Everybody's gone to the rapture folk.
  15. Should have been a pencil sharpener. This is everyone I follow on Twitter turned into a console. Which means I both hate it and want one.
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