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  1. Like most shows Breaking Bad felt like it should have ended on its penultimate season, rather than introduce nazis.
  2. Just saw this. Apart from the ranch and ending found it utterly boring. Would have walked out if I wasn’t with my wife (who it turns out hated it). Also I know about the Tate murder.
  3. Got to chapter 3 with that misunderstanding. That’s why I thought there were levelling issues.
  4. Tiny spoiler I watched a Therion speed run on SGDQ, and realised I’d misunderstood something! I thought breaks were based on a hidden damage counter from weaknesses. I didn’t realise that shield measured defence to breaks and were reduced every attack. With that info I’ve got right back into the game and am loving it!
  5. Just started Chasm after seeing it for 50% off. Found it ugly and boring tbh and it’s procedurally generated *spits* Just checked the Chasm thread, I should have listened to @Cyhwuhx. Will probably not return to it now, although will undoubtedly make the same mistake with Timespinners
  6. Word of warning about Awkward Guests- the solo mode suuuucks. You’re way more restricted than in a normal game , in both number of turns and card control, and that’s with a hard limit of new cards you can see.
  7. True. Another thing this reminded me of is the fact that it's akin to Advance Wars only as much as it's a turn based grid game. There's no massive epic maps where you grow your army/navy/airforce etc. In fact, I'd probably just say it's nothing like Advance Wars at all. If you go into it not expecting Advance Wars you'll probably like it more.
  8. That and procedurally generated levels.
  9. Obligatory warning that Into The Breach is a rogue like and thus not for everyone (I love Advance Wars and bounced completely off ITB)
  10. Is anybody else’s switch not detecting joycons being clicked into the console?
  11. You haven’t! If Saturdays aren’t good we should organise another York board gaming day you can do
  12. The slow linearity of certain story sections is driving me insane. I also feel those blueprints are completely at odds with the creative aspect. Still, when I actually get down to making an amazing it’s worth it
  13. Yeah, I’ve played it 3 times now with different groups, everyone has loved it.
  14. I put this on hold during chapter 3s (for my 4 mains). Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll go back to it- people praise the combat but it’s shallower than Bravely Default, and that doesn’t have levelling issues.
  15. Is there any joycon with quieter buttons, or a way to stop them clicking?
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