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  1. You quoting yourself strawmanning isn't the amazing argument you think it is. You're immediate reaction when someone points out apple are doing something non-consumer friendly (like not allowing free trials to simply expire without taking further payment, something that can be done without allowing third parties to circumvent their walled garden) is to defend these actions against some imagined slight. Every one of your posts in this thread has been to defend apple, even if it's completely unnecessary.
  2. Can someone change the text for Weavus to 'Official Apple Apologist'?
  3. That and it's pretty bloody close to Skyrim. Pick a bunch of flowers, run around a vista with some grassy bits and some snowy bits, decide the outcome of a war you didn't really want to get involved in, kill monsters, go into caves filled with bandits, craft all your armour out of all the iron ore people leave lying around, become overlevelled so the game is easy, ride a horse before just fast travelling to places, change your mind about ranged weapons because it's more satisfying hitting things with a sword (and cheaper on ammo), attack a guard in a city and then regret it, befriend an elf, need lots of money so sell all your crap to a shopkeeper only to learn that they only have 100 gold, become overencumbered from binpicking.
  4. Prelaunch page now up! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead I'd appreciate as many people following as possible, even if you aren't going to get the game and wandered into this thread by mistake. And shares as well.
  5. You can sell them safely, depends if you like the safety of carrying them around as geo you can never drop, or want that geo. Also, please keep us updated! I love reading people's experiences playing this and Dark Souls.
  6. Well, I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't think this is very good. At all. The motivation for everything is just that someone told them to do it, so people did unquestioningly. Kill a bunch of kids for no reason? Sure why not. Kill myself? Well I wasn't going to but you said I should so I guess I will. Go over here, do this, travel back in time and do this, travel to 1986 then do this and this? Sure, nothing better to do. There were some nice character moments in it, really liked the sad travels of Ulrich and Egon, and the new cop in season 2 (at first, when I thought he'd actually raise how shit the police there are, he kind of sucked by the end), but that was all drowned out by watching people follow instructions. And as soon as they broke the 33 year rule, and just had people zipping whenever and whereever they wanted it just felt weightless. Honestly, and I'm sure I'll get hate for this but it's like Lost without the character beats and arcs, or any fun. Which would be not a good show.
  7. West of Loathing on sale cheapest ever apparently. If you want the funniest game on the Switch this is it.
  8. Yeah, videos from Tantrum House and Dice Tower, sponsorship on Board Game Exposure and TheBoardgameGroup. At least that way the people running the groups, rather than FB get the money.
  9. Right, shared them with 4 different groups on facebook. I feel slightly more confident in Instagram, Twitter and Reddit (although that's mostly civ vi memes), so I'll see how they land on FB before going elsewhere.
  10. I'm not ignoring it, I've got The Boardgame Group and Boardgame Exposure doing banners and giveaways, closer to the launch date, and I've been joining in there. I guess it's hard to feel like I've made a connection, so sharing things isn't like sharing things with a group of friends like this place, but more chucking advertising at people you only have transactional relationships with.
  11. Plant a spawn point near him. But yeah, taking off 2 masks and being that fast make him a bastard. I just gave up on my second run through.
  12. Yeah, and I’ll be doing giveaways there, but tbh I hate Facebook. Not the people on there, but the company and the amount of sheer nonsense. Still, posting photos up ain’t a bad shout!
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