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  1. It looks like if you asked DALL-E to design a game for you.
  2. I enjoyed this on GamePass. Nintendo should give these guys a StarDix game to make. Just keep them away from writing duties.
  3. That metaphor is so tortured that someone should notify the European Court of Human Rights.
  4. GamePass has certainly been a boon for me in this area. There’s been plenty of games there that I’ve found out are beyond my ageing skills but at least I only spent some of my time finding that out instead of being £40-£60 out with only an expensive coaster to show for it (well SSD space nowadays but it’s a better metaphor).
  5. It’s almost impossible to get a good handle on how difficult a game will be pre-purchase because it’s such a subjective thing. Even if you try and research the usual result of Googling to attempt to find out is a bunch of Reddit threads where someone has the same query, which is usually filled with replies from git gud tryhards going ‘Nah mate it’s a piece of piss, I beat the final boss with one arm tied behind my back while also getting a blowjob like Hugh Jackman in Swordfish’.
  6. The whole /comic book guy voice ‘Games aren’t for everyone’ stance would hold more weight with me if publishers were happy to give you a refund if you found out you couldn’t experience the product you paid for due to your own skill ceiling.
  7. I think the endgame for Disney (and others) is to eventually have fully digital actors. They're already halfway there with deepfake Luke and the AI voice thingie they used for Luke and Vader in this is pretty effective. Then they don't have to worry about pesky things like contracts or actors' trade unions or paying Scarlett Johansen what she was promised and whatnot. Then they can keep making films where Luke Skywalker or Indiana Jones or Thor stay forever young like Bart Simpson.
  8. Good article on the showrunner crisis that's currently going on due to streaming services needing CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT quickly at any https://www.vice.com/en/article/epxeze/television-is-in-a-showrunning-crisis The latest series of Barry (an excellent series that more people should watch) had a subplot about someone going direct from PA to showrunner after noting the random things the algorithm likes and then basing a vacuous series entirely around that.
  9. Apparently this doing none too hot at the box office. https://deadline.com/2022/06/lightyear-box-office-2-1235047729/
  10. I was watching a lot of the episodes thinking whoever is directing this is directing the absolute hell out of it. Turns out those were the Bill Hader directed episodes. Bloody hell, he's a talented guy,
  11. It’s such a weird show in that it ping pongs from a slick professional big budget production to looking like an ITV Thursday night drama, sometimes in the same scene. In the last episode there was a scene where all the baddies and goodies form horizontal lines, stood up with zero cover and just spend ages firing at each other for ages barely managing to hit each other. It looked like something from Police Squad. I think that the volume (the big OLED screen dome thingy they use for filming) is a fantastic tool that can produce some amazing results. But between this and Boba Fett it’s becoming increasingly clear you need a director who knows how to utilise it properly and scripts built around its limitations.
  12. It’s a good point about why the hell do they use Hayden Christensen for the in-suit stuff leading to a reliance on camera tricks to try and make him look big, when they could have just stuck a big bloke in the suit and just use him for the bits where you need to see his face.
  13. You’re essentially arguing that Disney went well this film is doing absolutely great for us and meeting our internal expectations, but some weirdos didn’t like that it had some diversity and were vocal about it so we’ll scrap all that and do the opposite for the next one (and then stop making films altogether for a while). You’re simultaneously saying that they considered the project was a great success and also that the corporation had a knee-jerk reaction to it (despite considering it a success). In terms of critical reaction it’s actually one of the highest scoring Star Wars films on Rotten Tomatoes. Even if it had got slated by critics, while studios like good reviews they care far more about profit than critics or we wouldn’t have so many Transformers films. I thought I’d been fairly clear in terms of performance metrics I think it probably didn’t hit. There’s a whole industry devoted to pumping out Star Wars toys, novels, comics, games, action figures, kitchenware, breakfast cereals and on and on and on. Oh and an actual billion dollar theme park that they built. The box office receipts for the actual films in mega-franchises like this are very much just the head of the snake when it comes to generating profit. Obviously this is all conjecture since I don’t have access to the Disney/Lucasfilms boardroom.
  14. Your parents called you Wonder. Bit cruel.
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