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  1. You get to play the exciting meta-game double accumulator of will there still be a physical Game store in my town and will the town centre even be open by then in the first place as the plague worsens when you order instore.
  2. Yeah but he gets to sit brooding in it, while wearing a turtleneck, pretending he’s Michael Keaton of a night.
  3. You should have bought the Batman version.
  4. I don’t actually know what Class 4 Hydraulics are but they sound impressive, like something you’d get in an Iron Man suit.
  5. The first few digital foundry threads on here will not be for the faint of heart.
  6. I ordered a PS5 fat and an XSX. /lights cigar with £20 note
  7. Everyone should be using that version anyway to help charity a tiny bit as well as Jeff Bezos.
  8. Looks like it was a false alarm sorry.
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