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  1. Harsin


  2. Harsin

    The Division 2

    From today’s state of the game.
  3. Is Davos even going to the certified 100% safe THE CRYPT? I know he’s not a good fighter, but I thought he was staying upstairs? Confimed Krypt Krew: Tyrion Gilly Gilly’s flipper incest baby Not-Shireen I know I’ve missed some.
  4. Harsin

    teen titans go - the movie

    Watched this on Sky purely on the basis of this thread and it was bloody great. Pissed all over Lego Batman in the animated superhero comedy stakes. There were a few how the hell did they get away with that jokes in it. That baby Aquaman joke is dark!
  5. I don’t think people who haven’t read the books realise just how far ahead the series is. Most of the latter books are characters traipsing around and never getting to the fireworks factory because GRRM had no idea how to progress the main plots and started spinning his wheels.
  6. Harsin

    The Division 2

    No. You just collect his bounty and then she'll appear as a shopping trolley in the map. As others have said, her stock is usually pants and not worth the effort of finding her.
  7. When you're alone and life is making you lonely You can always go down the crypt When you've got worries, all the slaughter and the hurry Seems to help I know, down the crypt Just listen to the screams of the battle in the courtyard Linger on the wooden door, don't worry it's really hard How can you lose? The walls are much thicker there You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares So go down the crypt! Things'll be great when you're down the crypt, No corpses there for sure Down the crypt, zombie Ned's waiting for you
  8. The Night King saw the 'You need the bad poooossey' scene from season 5 and decided, not unreasonably, that humanity needed to be wiped out.
  9. There’s still time for them to go back and put the most iconic Daenerys scene GRRM ever wrote on screen.
  10. They were supposed to have a livestream on updates, which got pulled at the last second citing their internet to their building being down. Then absolute mentalists on Reddit contacted other businesses in the building and claimed they were lying. It’s supposed to be rescheduled for today.
  11. He's been pissing about for nearly a decade, waiting a couple of weeks for Bran to starve to death earth isn’t a huge ask for him.
  12. They seemed to be conspicuously avoiding mentioning the giant fuck off zombie dragon the bad guys have on contract in this episode when discussing their various strategies. Probably hoping the audience forget so there can be moment where it looks like the goodies are prevailing than undead mecha Falcor appears. The plan to get Bran to sit in the Godswood as bait, like Charles Bronson's car in Death Wish 3, is particularly dumb when he could just get dive bombed and char broiled right at the start of the battle. Then the Night King and his army bugger off to Ye Olde Nando’s,
  13. They used to be a couple and had had a really bad break-up apparently. https://m.independent.ie/entertainment/television/tv-news/this-is-the-reallife-reason-why-cersei-and-bronn-never-share-a-scene-together-in-game-of-thrones-36084357.html

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