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  1. Harsin

    Fall Guys

    I might run a joke into the ground, I might roll a brand new car...
  2. Harsin


    Was just about to post that Tweet. Fuck you Ubisoft.
  3. The most unrealistic thing in the series is still trying to present Richard Lewis as a ladies man when he now looks like the Crypt Keeper.
  4. Harsin


    I'm expecting at absolute most that Yves Guillemot will have a short video package at the start, making a sad face and mewling about how lessons have been learned and how we will do better and things will change... then smash cut to someone in a neon purple otter suit dancing to Dua Lipa's Physical in Just Dance, a lovingly rendered throat cutting in Assassin's Creed and a painful talking head of Gus Fring trying to desperately pretend that he gives the slightest shit about being in Far Cry 6. They need to postpone for a decent while. This feels like the Weinstein Company putting on a film festival a few days after the Ronan Farrow article came out.
  5. Harsin


    I wonder if Yves' chums are leaving with a big payout to boot?
  6. Harsin


    Yves Guillemot should step down as well. He's busy doing the whole I knew nothing, honest guv, I'm as shocked as you act. The Liberation article says different. I know which one I'm inclined to believe. Still, there's two scenarios, he was either complicit by turning a blind eye to many years of abuse and helping this culture prosper as long as his mates made Assassins Creed with New Hat! make money. Or he was genuinely clueless (unlikely), in which case he's an incompetent leader if this sheer scale of abuse was going on under his nose and he didn't notice at all. Either way he should go. He's was personally making $1,219,280 a year, before whatever ridiculous bonuses he also gets, during all this.
  7. Harsin


    I think that it’s going to be like that Sony thing a few weeks back, a video package of here’s our upcoming games (most of which have leaked) please get hyped. Regardless of the scumbags resigning, it still feels incredibly bad taste for them to go ahead with it right now.
  8. Harsin


    The quality of Ubisoft’s games is entirely incidental to all the heinous shit going on in their corporation, seemingly endorsed and even committed by higher management. They could be releasing a Breath of the Wild or Last of Us Part II every couple of months and it wouldn’t make a jot of different to what we’re talking about... well should be talking about.
  9. Harsin


    I know this has been discussed a bit across some different game threads, but think it's worth having a dedicated thread on the subject on the verge of the publisher holding its own virtual E3 style event (this is where somebody tells me that there's a 25 page thread 4 posts below this one). Back towards the end of June stories articles started coming out about what a horrible cesspool Ubisoft is to work for if you happened to be of the female persuasion. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-26/metoo-in-gaming-two-ubisoft-executives-placed-on-leave That was the tip of the iceberg and bunch more stuff has been revealed since then, including this article in a French newspaper. Some 'highlights': Jesus H. Christ!
  10. I'll admit I'm pretty ambivalent about yet another Batman TV series without Batman to join the pile. Especially as we've not long had a series about the police in Gotham city finish after 5 seasons. Being shackled to a new movie series is going to leech this of any potential it had from the starting blocks. They'll make a big fuss of all the linkages in the pilot, you may get Robert Pattsison to put in an appearance two or three episodes if they've mandated that in his movie contract. After that it'll suffer the same problems that plagued Agents of SHIELD, until that show just said fuck it and basically ignored that it was supposed to take place in a shared universe. No way are WB going to allow them to use any significant villains, who they'll be wanting to save for movie sequels. So I hope you're looking forward to them trying to pretend that whatever scraps they're allowed to use, like the Ventriloquist or the Mad Hatter, are a big deal. We know how weird they can be about what you can and can't use, see Gotham where they had a bloke running a round who looked, sounded and acted like the Joker. But they couldn't call him the Joker, no siree! And that was a show with it's own continuity, without having to constantly take into any future movie considerations. Expect loads of super clunky references to remind you it's a Batman show, even though Batman is not in it. Lots of 'Oh I went to a fundraiser at the WAYNE tower last night, in memory of BRUCE WAYNE'S parents wearing my WAYNEtech smart watch' again and again and again. Also the nagging question of why the fuck isn't Batman doing anything about whatever crisis they're dealing with each week. They may try and get around that one by doing the brief glimpses thing, but that brings its own issues, if storylines are being resolved by a quick glance of a stuntman wearing the suit from the back on a regular basis. Also they can't make any big changes to the status quo as they'll have to leave the playset where it was ready for when The Batman II comes out. ...not to mention that right now really, really, really, isn't the time to be proudly announcing a new cop show.
  11. Ubisoft already suffered badly from identikit game design and repetitive content. Can imagine it’s only going to get worse as more and more of their senior designers get suspended for being Turbo-Weinsteins.
  12. Ubisoft continuing to boast that [NEW GAME] has the largest map yet!!!!111 Out of interest does that boast actually excite anyone anymore. I can’t think of any modern Ubisoft open world game I’ve played where I thought for one second ‘You know what, this is okay, but I just wish it had an even bigger landmass to commute across between icons’.
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