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  1. The comics industry is a cesspool. I really wouldn’t be holding it up as something to aspire to.
  2. Nope, I'd be amazed if even half of these are the quality people are expecting in their head.
  3. First footage of Disney's Robin Hood remake.
  4. GotY was about £10 on PSN, the £7.39 deal for the bog standard version replaced it.
  5. Bond investigates the deep state assassination of a princess. No Time to Di
  6. It wasn’t flip phones was it, the Matrix phone was that slider effort.
  7. How he dresses has far less effect on this project than him being a complete and utter hack who is still somehow coasting on the cred from Clerks a quarter of a century later.
  8. I feel a bit Yakuza'd out after Judgment and need break for a while from the formula. Also I’m playing a game now I’ll struggle to finish before Borderlands 3, which itself is likely to take a while. But I kinda feel I should throw money at this straight away just so they keep bringing stuff over here.
  9. Season 3 they discover that his wife's awful perm is a sign of a mind sicker than Hannibal Lector.
  10. They can get someone to play a kazoo while using a speak and spell for the lyrics and it would still be better than Sam Smith.
  11. As opposed to the McDonald triad of burger, fries and pop.
  12. Netflix haven’t long made a silly money deal with them.
  13. Blomkamp could make a film so profound that it united all the people's of the world and ushered a new age of peace and benevolence and it still wouldn’t make up for Chappie.
  14. How is it redefining the genre? Via Resetera.
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