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  1. The Barbara Gordon stuff in The Killing Joke is the part that's really a bit iffy and I believe that's what Moore really regrets. When they made the awful animated film of it they somehow made it worse by making her shag Batman and being lovesick for him before getting shot.
  2. Alan Moore would agree with you about The Killing Joke.
  3. Harsin


    ‘Different’ is a bit of an understatement at this point.
  4. They shouldn’t have killed off old Bib Fortuna. Then they could have had a series about him, Obi-Wan’s pal Dexter Fletcher from the 50’s diner and Porkins and finally give the more portly members of the Star Wars universe the representation they deserve.
  5. It’s going to a harem anime about a dopey Terminator surrounded by various sexy resistance fighters who fancy the pants off him, but he’s oblivious to it.
  6. Bit weird to have two series headlined by actresses in face paint with tentacles coming out of their head. Does Dave Filoni have a fetish?
  7. I hope they mostly just stick to the classic design. Whenever a company tries to come up with their own designs (apart from the Alien Queen) it always ends up looking a bit shit.
  8. Has she had a Twitter meltdown yet?
  9. I only need to know one thing... how to get to the chopper.
  10. I want to play as a weaselly corporate type secretly undermining the rest of the team for the chance of increased XP at the end of the round.
  11. https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/03/02/aliens-fireteam-may-be-the-bug-hunt-weve-wanted Looks like it's going to be Left4Dead with xenomorphs instead of zombies. Being made by some outfit called Cold Iron Studios. Looking at their website I think this might be their first project. At the very least it can't be worse than that Sony Predator multiplayer game though right?
  12. Thinking about it they conspicuously never showed beekeeper man's face in before or after entering the hex guise and he never came back out.
  13. I volunteer to sit King Solomon like and adjudicate on any given spat. Loser gets banned.
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