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  1. Not just releasing the digital version has to be a legal issue as someone suggested earlier in the thread yeah? I mean it’s not in Square's interests to hold it back, if this gets a negative reaction from people with the physical edition then they run the danger of losing digital sales in the large gap between the two. Or is a case of you can't cancel preorders on digital anyway lol?
  2. I've levelled up twice playing it, but it just gives me Guardian Rank as previously.
  3. Am I missing something, everywhere says the the level cap has gone up, but playing the DLC and I still can't level past 50.
  4. Are they still stubbornly holding onto the digital release date despite everyone and their uncle already selling it?
  5. I'm going through some not nice real life stuff at the moment, so I've dusted off the Switch and I'm downloading this as I type, so I can have something cheerful to play that will (hopefully) distract me while I can keep my dad company through what's going on. My friend code is SW-6794-6893-3974 if anyone would like to add me.
  6. Best of luck. Sorry for all the times I was the one guy holding back a Destiny raid.
  7. Obviously never played Far Cry 3 either.
  8. I was talking about the original Xbox One, which I own, should have specified, sorry didn’t read the post I was responding to properly and I apologise.
  9. The consoles themselves are nearly silent, but in my experience you play a lottery with what the hell your power brick will sound like.
  10. That vid is pretty rad, but everyone knows this is the most slapping tune in Yakuza0.
  11. First impressions are... not good. If you didn’t know better you’d think it was like a remaster of a forgotten cult Xbox 360 game. It’s janky as fuck, I spent ages running around the tutorial trying to make a prompt appear where a marker was until it timed out and told me match lost. Tried again and the thing I was trying to find spawned straight away this time. It appears to be absolutely lousy with currency for customisations and loot box openings so cribbed from Overwatch that Blizzard are probably checking with their lawyer right now. I only got to play the Predator in the tutorial, online it only put me as an army man. In this mode it’s just a shite Call of Duty knock off, with ultra treacly movement, where you have to watch out for the occasional potshot from some invisible twat up a tree. There’s some pleasure to be had just running around as a Predator with all the gear and sound effects. But overall feels like a dud and made me wish for a single player Arkham Asylum style Predator game. I only managed to have a couple of games because it was taking about 10 minutes a pop just to find a match (if it didn’t time out). May improve after more plays. I suspect it will suffer a lot from people quitting out if they don’t get to be the Predator. Also what the hell is up with the kazoo remix of Alan Silvestri’s theme that constantly plays over the menus. Why the hell didn’t they just use the awesome original?
  12. Also can we all just acknowledge how shitty those new Romulan Warbirds are. Look at this sexy boi in comparison.
  13. So the way to banish the ultimate threat in the entire universe is basically this then.
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