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  1. That was me. I'd like to point out I want that functionality because no way am I downloading a game for points, but I'll happily spend 30 seconds opening it up on the cloud and then closing it.
  2. One individual in a position of power, which inevitably spreads to toadies trying to emulate them, absolutely can create a toxic culture at a workplace. Also have no problems with the use of the term 'toxic' its absolutely fitting for the environment described, otherwise we're starting to venture into the territory of this really weird zero sum game of well he didn't rape any employees so it wasn't that bad there.
  3. 'A beautiful mixture of Starfox and Sea of Thieves' (from memory in case I haven't got it exactly right).
  4. I was going to say the same thing. I managed about 25 painful minutes with it before deleting, a truly awful game. Possibly a worse thread title than that one for the Suez Canal blockage in Off Topic.
  5. My immersion also shattered when it turned out Hadley's Hope is run by the captain of Red Dwarf.
  6. Sexualassaultivision-Blizzard trying to generate some goodwill?
  7. I'm expecting the MP to be decent, if basic, meat and potatoes Halo. but the campign to be a bit as there has to be a reason they're keeping it as hidden as possible and even after a year after the initial disaterous reveal all they decided to show was a Tomb Raider reboot-esque push up on joypad to slowly inch through a corridor of corpses section.
  8. Tried a bit of that NieR mobile game that's just come out. Every single predatory practice all in one place with a NieR wrapper on. Quickly deleted the trash.
  9. That's been one of my bugbears with 343's output. Halo has a setting that allows for some stunning crazy sci-fi vistas and now we have the technology to really do the setting and scale justice, but so many of their maps feel like having a paintball match in an out of town industrial estate. Basically please do more of this (Halo 3). And less of this (Halo Infinite).
  10. Latest Game Pass experiences. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus: After really enjoying revisiting The New Order and having a good time with The Old Blood for the first time, got around to the end of the trilogy. I was surprised how much I remembered The New Order when I replayed it, with this I had hardly any memory apart from a couple of really goody plot point and a vague recollection of disappointment. I know why now, it feels like such a step down from its predecessors. New Order was full of memorable locales and set pieces, this not so much. If you read out the new messages of the levels you'd go wow they sound fun. But in reality nearly all the levels boil down to identikit sci-fi grey metal bases and generic bombed out ruins. Then to pad things put they try and encourage you to replay them all for not particularly compelling rewards. The stealth seems to have broken since the last games. The last game was hardly a laugh riot in terms of tone, which was fitting for the subject matter, but this was has a weird leering edgelord tone throughout. Doubt I'll bother with Youngblood, which I believe is a co-op looter shooter, since I've heard nothing but bad things about it. The Ascent: Absolutely gorgeous looking but bored me to tears quickly. Possibly the worst UI I've seen in a game to boot. Omno: Sweet little puzzle platformer which is quite reminiscent of Jouney, as plenty of others have noted. Nothing mind blowing, but worth an hour or two of your time. Up next I may revisit either Batman: Arkham Knight or Prey. Probably Prey as I've heard Batman doesn't run so great and there to seem to be persistent rumours it’s getting a next-gen patch soon.
  11. If you think that MS gaming division execs were sitting in boardrooms going 'lol no biggie' during the reaction to the reveal and subsequent decision to delay it a year then you're delusional. I'd be saying the same if this was Sony/Nintendo and everyone lolled into their cornflakes at the reveal of a new Last of Us/Zelda, which would also not be the be all and end all of their entire fortunes but still an important part of their strategy.
  12. For clarity my spoiler tags were nowt to do with Infinite, but for the novels and more for comedic effect than anything else.
  13. There’ll be a race of mysterious powerful ancient aliens even more ancient than the Forerunners called, I dunno what’s another word for came before, the Precursors or something.
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