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  1. 20 minute pan over a table of food and a sex scene with a lot of nipple play in the pilot then.
  2. Harsin


    Not worthy of your grace then?
  3. Twitch have now let him back. They really showed him!
  4. I did this EX move randomly and was still chuckling about 5 mins later. No story spoilers, but if you plan on playing maybe don’t watch so preserve the surprise if it happens to you.
  5. I was a bit worried about this. I found I bounced off their other recent side project, the Fist of the North Star game. I found myself getting bored of it pretty quickly, the combat wasn’t a patch on any of the Yakuza games I’ve played and I didn’t really enjoythe script much (maybe because I have next to zero familiarity with the source material) and I never finished it. Glad to say that (so far) this is a proper return to form. They could easily have called this Yakuza 7 and I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. The main guy isn't quite as much fun to play as Kiryu. He’s a bit too self-consciously cool, compared to Kiryu who, despite being able to beat up the entries Avengers roster and being built like a Greek god, was a massive awkward dork who couldn’t walk down the street without getting scammed 8 times. Ive put in about 12 hours so far and I’m on *checks notes* chapter 2. Mind you I’m methodically clearing out any side content before I do any story stuff. Bit worried how many side cases there are actually, if all that’s available are the ones at your office and the law firm, then I’ve nearly filled in both those menus.
  6. With all the stuff on sites about the new Evangelion sub/sub today, it makes you appreciate the absolutely incredible job the Yakuza team have been doing localising the series even more.
  7. You can't set the minimap to rotate anymore, I'm knocking a star off for that. Apart from that can’t talk too much about the new mechanicss because as soon as I was given an iota of freedom I nobbed off my urgent case and headed straight for the arcades and spent the night clearing out the claw machines and playing darts and Puyo Puyo instead.
  8. Harsin


    Netflix have made some 'interesting' amendments to Evangelion. Old on left, new on right. Fly Me To The Moon has been binned off for some royalty free end credits music. They've also replaced 'I'm so fucked up' with 'I am the lowest of the low' apparently. The old translation script certainly had more than it’s fair share of issues, but reading impressions the new one seems to have fallen down the same stilted overliteral translation hole as Persona 5. Only listened to a bit of it myself so far, the old could be too over the top with the emotion and screaming and they seem to have swung to the other end now and everyone sounds a bit bored and deadpan in extreme situations instead.
  9. They missed an opportunity to make him Kiryu's defence lawyer, trying to argue that he never killed anyone.
  10. Reminder: This is out Friday if you’re buying it digitally and up for pre-load now.
  11. Stop calling them loot boxes guys, they’re 'surprise mechanics'.
  12. The thing is, even if the Night King wasn’t a huge damp squib, this show just sounds like it’s retreading the same old ground we already had 8 seasons of. I wouldn’t have know that promo pic wasn’t just existing shot from GoT if the OP hadn’t said.
  13. Hey Hollywood, I’m full of hot pitches. How about a long drawn out prequel series about the origins Alfred Molina’s character from Raiders of the Lost Ark?
  14. Oh great more Night Kinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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