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  1. I’d agree with 3/4 of the words in that description.
  2. I'm talking about which of our moderators come up with the best zingers in A&F. I'm talking about modifications.to games on personal computers. Post the funniest ones you have in this thread to cheer up a surprisingly cold and dreary day in what's meant to be Spring. The most terrifying enemy encountered in Resident Evil yet. Kiryu visits Los Santos
  3. Something that Doom/Doom Eternal made me realise is that I really miss simplicty in guns. I just need one machine gun, one pistol, one rocket launcher...etc. You can stick having 10,000 different assault rifles with minute statistical differences you have to squint at bar charts to figure out.
  4. I think the point is people don't want £70 a game (regardless of challenge) to be the normal.
  5. I'm still not certain what the actual point of what you're arguing is. That's not me being sarcastic, I'm honestly not really grasping what you're going for here. If it is purely how will we people look back on two individual unrelated games that were released at different pricepoints, then I'd say that's completley meaningless and wouldn't mean much at all. If we look back on Super Mario World vs Shaq-Fu, nobody would even think to mention the price or even remember how much they cost.
  6. That's a completley nonsensical anaology. In focussing on the genre of a film the only impediment to watching it would be an individual's own interest level in the subject. There would be nothing physically stopping them.... Well that is unless they have a visual or hearing impairment, in which case adaptive measures are taken to try and help those people enjoy the film.
  7. It's not 100% clear what you're actually arguing, but it appears you're essentially saying that publishers should charge on a case by case basis according to how 'good' individual games are? This is completely unworkable. There's a reason you tend to have set bands of pricing for products. What metric are you going to use for that to start with? Metacritic? Should God Hand have been given away for next to nothing because IGN didn't like it? That's ignoring the obvious point that you don't know how the public will react to a game before it's out.
  8. I would suggest that Halo Infinite's woes thus far have the sweet sum of naff all to do with how much they eventually plan to charge for each copy.
  9. That's completley false equivalence. Does it work the other way as well? What if Breath of the Wild 2 comes out at £20 cheaper and is considered a masterpiece that's better than Returnal?
  10. What's interesting reading back through that CoD thread, is after drilling past pages of artistic vision and whatnot, the people who were most offended by the concept of having an optional level select screen open from the start eventually admitted that it was a combination of worrying they wouldn't have the self control not to use it and they felt it would take away from their own personal sense of accomplishment if 'lesser skilled' players could experience the same stuff as them (completely irrational IMO). In summary this:
  11. Well that's because when developers decide to put in bastard hard optional difficulty modes in their games (quite a common occurence), everyone is generally happy with that because they realise that it will take nothing away from their experience if people who want a harder game choose to use it. We only get the nonsensical anologies and must protect the sacrosanct vision when it's suggested to offer options (I repeat options) to lessen difficulty in some way.
  12. Good call. The filmed version of Hamilton on Disney+ is absolutely fantastic.
  13. Generally if a publisher hasn't released a crowing statement a few days after release then a game hasn't done as well as they'd hoped.
  14. Amateurs, I shoplifted a copy. Games cost less than ever before, you just have to be able to run faster than a security guard.
  15. I am ashamed of my words and deeds. Hey, it was early. I'd not even finished my first coffee.
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