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  1. I wandered into the last page and assumed Edge hadn't reviewed Demon's Souls. Went back to catch up, wait the furore is because they have reviewed it!? Well done everyone, you've outdone yourselves on parodying angry internet gamers, at least I hope the disgruntled were going for parody.
  2. She's been there a year. We know this because she won't stop fucking mentioning it and how much it's changed me maaaaan. In all that time she was apparently so busy getting new haircuts that she never once went on space Wikipedia.
  3. Have they have a budget cut this season. Everything feels so cramped. We don't even get an establishing shot of a city on Vulcan. at the very least you'd get a ropey matte painting even for a podunk colony on TNG. The entirety of the planet appeared to be one room and a corridor and future Starfleet HQ seems to be one room that they redress. Also, remember that weird Federation obsessed fucker on his space station. Did they just leave him there even after discovering the Federation is alive and well?
  4. I dunno, you're doing a pretty good impression of it in all your follow up posts. And this pivot to they're actually the bad people because they do technical analysis of others work is truly bizarre! Do you apply the same criteria to critics in all industries? How about the people who breakdown new phones or car engines are they held in the same contempt? Or is this just a 'gamer' thing?
  5. As someone who decided to buy both consoles from the off this gen, instead of going what I usually do and just buy one and wait a year to pick up the other. I find the service they offer genuinely useful in deciding which version to go for and it’s a shame to see them bombarded by insecure arseholes constantly. Any form of victim blaming makes me feel uncomfortable.
  6. Or maybe menchildren who have formed an unhealthy attachment to a particular corporate brand of plastic tech box, to try and make up for gaping void at the centre of their lives, try not hurling abuse at people for something as bland as comparing minor differences between products instead? Crazy talk I know.
  7. Appalling lack of Destiny coverage, hang your heads Edge.
  8. Imagine if say, the Philadelphia Experiment was real, and a WW2 battleship suddenly plopped down in San Francisco Bay. For some reason the US military don't put them through any kind of extended debriefing/acclimatisation to help them on missing 50 years, they just screw a few missile launchers on the deck paint some go faster stripes on the side of the ship, let them wear their old uniforms but sew a new patch on the arms and send them out on incredibly important missions immediately. The second in command on the ship won't shut the fuck up about the Kennedy Assassination, after watching Oliv
  9. People on Resetera seem to be going nuts for this one: https://www.staples.com/Staples-Hyken-Technical-Mesh-Task-Chair-Black/product_990119 Anyone tried one, it doesn't look as comfy as the ones in this thread, but it's less than half the price. Can't see that exact model on the UK Staples site though.
  10. Give up alcohol and mend broken bridges with Grant. Sorry, didn’t like the question so chose a different Phil.
  11. The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turton. The author's previous novel, The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, a kind of mashup of Agatha Christie, Groundhog Day, with a dash of Quantumn Leap, was good fun and so is this. I won't give much away as the twists and turns are half the fun, but the basic premise is that Not-Sherlock Holmes is being transported across the ocean to be executed for an undisclosed crime in solitary confinement, so it's up to Not-Dr Watson to try and get to the bottom of things when the ship is beset by all sorts of demonic happenings.
  12. Fair enough. I was put that as an option so we’d then be able to see the forum numbers on those options, just of the people who were having crashes to see if there were any obvious themes. But the non-crashers ignored the option anyway so I goofed.
  13. So what watchlists are y'all using? There's so many out there.
  14. Yes, yes, I know, yet another PS5 thread! But thought it would be worth having one as a lot of us are running into a lot of crashes and to see if there's any common themes to help us avoid problems. This is supposed to be a thread for troubleshooting for console owners, so if you're currently mounting your mighty steed ready to ride to the defence of the console, or to attack because you pledged your fealty to another plastic box, please just take it to the Console Warz thread. Useful if you could give a brief description, including game, as well as answering the poll.
  15. Fun Fact: Beverly Crusher was the choreographer on The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and The Muppets Take Manhattan.
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