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  1. I've just bought a W-Hydra 16:2 (by Lotharek) for all my consoles and it works perfectly. You could go for the Hydra 8:1 if that's all you need though and save a fair few quid.
  2. I've ordered one to go along with my (brilliant) Super SD System 3. Looks like it should be delivered sometime in August. I'd offer to do a review on here but I suspect that the various YouTubers will have reviewed it by the time I get mine. Looking forwards to digging out some Mega CD exclusives - pity Shadowrun hasn't had a fan translation.
  3. I'm VERY interested. How much and where are you?
  4. I hope so - maybe then he can sort me out with a copy of the Crash Annual 2018.
  5. Looked so good I backed it and then decided I needed to buy the previous year's annual... and then decided I needed to buy the Crash Annual 2019 too... and then decided I needed to buy the Crash Annual 2018 only to find it's out of stock :-( That was an expensive 10 mins!
  6. Just watched the first episode and it seems... abusive. That Ono is mean. Really enjoyed the graphic style and the explanation segments though. I'll definitely be watching more. Cheers...
  7. Hi all. I wanted to give Jei a massive THANKYOU for sorting my mess out. Not only did he fix the PS1 and get the PSIO working perfectly but he also sold me a lovely Japanese Saturn and modded that for me too. I can't recommend him enough - quick, friendly, inexpensive and just a downright good fella. Thanks Jei. Here's the retro room with the PSIO and Saturn. Cheers...
  8. Hi everyone. A while back I bought a PSIO from Cybdyn Systems (https://ps-io.com) in Australia. Waited ages for it to arrive and when it did I tried to install the daughter board (like a mod chip I guess) on to the PS1's motherboard. Suffice to say that it was a trickier than I expected and I think I botched it and now the PS1 just gives me a black screen (blown fuse probably according to the PSIO guys). Is there anyone on here (or does anyone know someone) who can fix the PS1 and install the daughterboard? It's not complicated at all but it is a little fiddly with some small solder points to work with. More than happy to pay of course. Thanks! Cheers...
  9. You can turn on AutoRCM mode on a Switch so that it always boots up into RCM mode meaning you no longer need the jig. However, you do still have to have a USB-C to USB-C with you to connect your (Android) phone to your Switch to force the payload. Definitely easier though. Cheers...
  10. Thanks Camel - that was the place! Cheers...
  11. What's the best place to buy a cheap(ish) PC-Engine or Turbografx 16 these days? Is anyone on here selling one? I remember there was actually somewhere selling new old stock Turbografx 16's a few years ago - can't remember who they were to check now though. Cheers...
  12. I wonder though if they'll improve on the underlying system that runs the games. I've got a Neo Geo X and the emulation and video output is much worse than emulating via a Rasp Pi. I'd like to see something more hardware based using a FPGA or something. Cheers...
  13. I received The 8-Bit Book this morning and it's really nice read. There so much content in there - it's the opposite of those big coffee table retrogaming art books. It's small, neat and full of interesting stuff to read. Very impressed Mr. Ellis... very impressed. Thanks for the quick delivery too. Cheers...
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