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  1. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    Driveclub still needs a 60fps remaster on Pro though.
  2. Post Your Gaming Setups

    At least there are no bars on the windows like at Hellcock's gaff.
  3. Xbox One X

    'Till she nods off. Then he can play games all night.
  4. The Random WoW Thread

    I'll give it a bash, assuming no-one has already pm'd you.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    You buy the 'expansion pass' from the BotW page. It can't be bought on it's own.
  6. Let's talk about Loot Boxes

    It's too late for Destiny. Stick a fork in it.
  7. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Making armor breaks the game later on. It's better than all the shit you loot and removes the need to enter dungeons. Just wear stuff you loot, it's more fun.
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Probably not. It's more obtuse than XC1.
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    You're an old fart. You should be used to no tutorials or in-game help!
  10. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Eat food?
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Duvet and pillow set. Maybe a beanbag.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    When I get round to buying my own Switch I'll be using some form of grip or battery pack for the controllers just to make them a bit bigger. When playing games on my brother's Switch they were too small for me.
  13. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Move the camera?
  14. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The Rage/id tech tools aren't much better than GTKRadiant so I don't think Skyrim in idtech6 is a goer. Even If they fixed all the other tech issues you'd be looking at terabytes of world data using the Rage format. I'd rather they fixed their characters first tbh. Models, skin appearance, lip sync, movement, pathing, etc.
  15. ARMS - Version 5.0 Dr. Coyle

    There will be a new bite size video series for beginners coming soon from Nintendo if you have kids getting into this for Christmas. If you haven't watched them, this series of videos are really good and will be more detailed than the Nintendo series.

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