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  1. The bitrate for 4K streams is now 7Mb/s instead of 15.
  2. Probably an Akira's Boring Life Adventure Game for mobile phones.
  3. Dunno about mobbed from the off. During the first 30 mins it spams tutorial screens whenever you do anything. What are you playing on?
  4. yashiro


    I generally agree with that sentiment except when it comes to Dragonball. Goku is absolutely insufferable in Japanese.
  5. If anyone is interested in getting their Ahead of the Curve (Heroic raiding cheev) give me shout. My guild on Earthen Ring is close to killing N'Zoth but we don't always field 20 players so any experienced raiders would be welcome.
  6. Probably the top AltaVista search of 1991.
  7. It's gleaned not gleamed. *Crushes skull in Kemper*
  8. Assuming it's not faulty, it's more likely to be an issue with radio interference than battery level. Turn off your home wifi and your mobile phone and test. Also, try moving the console into a more open area just to eliminate that as an issue.
  9. On PC, for a Bethesda game, it was actually pretty good.
  10. Trailer/preview had some schoolboy level dialogue. Will see how the real film fares.
  11. Today I’m delighted to launch our new platform, Quim.
  12. The whole series is just based around a simmering level of mid tier danger punctuated by some music. This season is worse than the first and there's no character or interesting story progression. Disappointed with it.
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