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  1. I was dissapointed by the lack of
  2. Geo

    Into the Breach

    This is absolutely nails, can't get past the first continent. Feel like a dumb dumb when I skillfully whack all the enemies out the way of my guys only to realise right at the last minute I've made them aim directly at some poor civilians. Happens all the time too.
  3. Seems to have a lot more action than the book too.
  4. Geo

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    This is a third off on Steam (and is only staying that way for the next 20 hours!) so I nabbed it and finished it in an evening. Utterly astonishing game. I don't think I've ever been so consistently surprised. More people need to play this!
  5. Geo

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I've played for what feels like quite a bit and have one shit card for my preferred class. It's rubbish.
  6. Geo

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    This is one of the buggiest games I've played this year. In 2 days of playing I've seen: Textures not loading getting stuck in geometry the bullshit 'freeze you in place while server catches up' that sometimes never ends getting stuck on menus camera spawning below the map lighting not loading for interiors Bodies appearing and crumbling to the ground getting stuck on spawning screen I've shipped games before and pretty much any of these would've blocked submission. It's ludicrous, the loot boxes are almost a distraction to how rushed the rest of the game is. When I get a smooth game it's fun but this definitely needed a March 2018 release.
  7. God I love it when they announce games for Switch as well as the other consoles. So much more convenient.
  8. Geo

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    Why is that owned by Zynga?!
  9. Geo

    Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    It looks amazing but I'm sliiiightly concerned the hat switching is going to be too difficult for the wife. She's learned to control Mario so anything out of the ordinary she's gonna have trouble with I reckon.
  10. Geo

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Properly quiet in here despite it being release day, I think they've really screwed up with this one. Hope it's the loot box awfulness that they blame in the end if this really does turn out to be a flop.
  11. Me too! I was trying to level up slightly before leaving but couldn't think of any loose ends. The place feels massive but it really is just the right amount of story and quests for a 'noob' area with the level requirements pitched almost perfectly.
  12. Geo

    Worst game names ever

    Divinity: Original Sin 2, proper shite.
  13. Geo


    http://store.steampowered.com/app/619880/ATOMEGA/ I made this! Multiplayer FPS where you shoot people and collect mass to grow big, it's great honest.
  14. Geo

    Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Yeah surely it's at least since Super Mario 3D World which would make it 4 years? Mario Galaxy 2 had 3 years and was packed full of ace ideas.

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