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  1. The tourist is down to £12. Think I’ll need to get that just because it’s so pretty.
  2. Well a reinstall of the game fixed this, something must have busted first time round...
  3. I can’t even get this working on PC, menus are just a blurry mess even using official drivers. Kind of sounds like that might be a blessing though!
  4. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s cheaper to just buy two codes from cd keys. https://www..com/nintendo/switch/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch £37.99 there
  5. I picked this up over Xmas as it was on sale. It is a lovely thing. It has the bubble bobble theme in it. Yay!
  6. Haha! I agree that the turricans on the Amiga play poorly now. Most Amiga games that aren’t mouse controlled do. Super Turrican on the SNES is a different beast altogether. It benefits massively from a better controller. I just love the music too. Super Turrican 2 can get to fuck though.
  7. Sonic games have turd controls and are pretty much consistently crap (IMO). Also Super Turrican is the best game on the SNES.
  8. I'm sure I read somewhere they were going to do another run on Kickstarter once this batch is out in the wild. I might have made that up though....
  9. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    hows the dpad on this?
  10. Me too, I have no idea why though!
  11. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    But is it any good?
  12. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    So then. Thought on snooker 19 and grandia HD? Tempted by them both whilst they are on sale.
  13. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve had issues as my kids have accounts on the switch. That meant I had to leave that as primary and the lite as secondary. I also have three accounts for different regions so it’s all ended up quite complicated. For now I’m just adding select games to the lite and using it worth physical games. Quite nice just to load the game(s) currently being played.
  14. when are you opening arcade club Sheffield? I love arcade club very much, thank you!
  15. A quick snap off my rough and ready CRT, 21 inch Sony trinitron I picked up for£40 and a variety of consoles and controllers. Also have a Mister FPGA sat out of shot. Very much gone down the rabbit hole as a result of picking up a modded xbox again a few months ago!, It's great for watching 80's cartoons on!
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