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  1. That looks great but thats £180 of big. Cheap and cheerful will get me over the line, if I keep the CRTs and consoles then maybe I'll cough up for something amazing!
  2. Yeah I looked at that Lotharek one but £££££! Too much for me to bite off when I’m just getting back into old consoles. I’ll try the cheap one for now and if not happy with it go up a notch. 5 ports is enough for now. Cheers both
  3. So, I seem to have gone down the CRT rabbit hole. I need to get myself a decent start switcher, I was eyeing up this : http://otaku-games.com/6-port-rgb-scart-switch-with-housing.html but i wondered whether anyone had any recommendations? Switchers seem to vaery between dirt cheap and bonkers!!
  4. I really missed the profile level invert option on the 360 when I got a Xbox One. It was super!
  5. watusi

    Beat Saber

    So is the DLC worth picking up for this or is it better just to tit around with custom songs? Or both!
  6. Sorry I missed this. I still have a spare, drop me a pm
  7. It worked fine first time. Some fmv stutter but seems that is normal. I used this usb stick as I had one lying around. SanDisk Ultra Flair 128 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Upto 150MB/s read - Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015CH1PJU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_96P.CbKE4BDMJ
  8. Is there any point in buying a travel case just to store it, away from kids, in the house? its not clear it can be easily sorted back in its original box. Arriving tomorrow. I am very excited
  9. If you need the firmware that supports mad catz fightsticks then let me know. I can email it you.
  10. I love Star Wars, I kind of assumed it would be the quest equivalent of batman on the PSVR. Short but immersive.
  11. Did it arrive, kean to hear your impressions. I've ended up with two of these so if anyone wants an OGX360 then drop me a PM! I could hand deliver it when we go to the pub @Fireproofradiator?
  12. Cheers all, will sack Vader off for now, maybe it appears on sale.... Superhot, and maybe Shadow Point it is. I have Superhot on the box but I expect this will be a very different experience!
  13. This arrived today, I'd preloaded autobleem and a load of games onto a 128GB stick I had lying around. Worked first time! It seems ok and it looks cute. I plan to just keep it ps1 games I think, much like SNES on the SNES mini
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