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  1. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    Also pledged, was popping here to spread the love anyway.
  2. watusi


    Do I need this? I feel I want it but have hardly played the other games I have - doom, imperial assault. Is there barrier to playing? Would an 8 year old cope with it?
  3. watusi

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    It was £15 at one point as I picked it up. Currently residing in my pile of shame! Im tempted by Pac-Man CE as that’s $10 on the us shop. And blossom tales. Too much backlog though.
  4. Fuck me I never realised the dock has extra USB ports. I thought it was just the one internal one! Magic ns here I come. In in other news, this is great. Seems much steadier than sfv online on the ps4. Plus I’ve discovered that remy = Guile!
  5. This is lovely, it’s a shame the online is limited to four games though. It’s also a shame that I’m well shite at it.
  6. Same here(us digitial) I assumed it would unlock uk time with a uk account. Maybe not.
  7. I grabbed the digital switch version for £29 by getting codes from pc game supply and buying the US eshop version. Lessens the pain somewhat.
  8. watusi


    Oo, I didn’t realise these were shipping. From a quick check on Kickstarter a lot of people are missing the influence tokens though. Might be worth checking.
  9. watusi

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    It’s also £20 on amazon btw.
  10. watusi

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    So what’s the longer term verdict on this? Worth it just for the build and initial muck around or does it have legs?
  11. watusi

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Very nice. Sorry to hear the pro n died a nasty death. How are you finding the replacement?
  12. watusi

    Justice League

    Fuck, I’m halfway through this and it’s incredibly shite. Plus, from the opening scene (wanky tache and all) it was clear how it was going to end. I want my £4.49 rental fee back....
  13. watusi

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Owlboy really that bad then? Was about to plump for it. Will probably give it a miss given the various wank/shit/arse/bobbins remarks above!
  14. Happy I stickporned you into it then?
  15. Sorry, but well done!

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