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  1. Oh, and if they can’t licence the Amiga, then why not the virtually identical Acorn versions?
  2. Amazon have delayed the Worms and Indie Heroes carts from the 28th May to 4th August. Argos and Funstock still have the May date.
  3. OK, without doing too much research, I understand that AROS is a source-compatible version of the AmigaOS. Which, I think, means that if you have the source for Amiga software (which is a big if, yes), it should run under AROS when recompiled, thus side-stepping the requirement for licensing the actual AmigaOS. It has it's own licence, which suggests that all you need to do is include the licence with any distributed AROS, and open source your modifications: https://aros.sourceforge.io/license.html (yes, there's more complex stuff than that, but that's the basics). I don't know what CPU the Ev
  4. Could be, yes, but would it be more expensive than the other emulators they've licenced?
  5. I believe there's an open source ROM/OS replacement now though, is there not?
  6. Didn't stop Nintendo on the VC or Antstream.
  7. Well, it had additional graphical options, and fixed some bugs from the original versions, so wasn’t straight emulation.
  8. The remake was, wasn't it? Or was there a different remake to the Microids remake from a few years back?
  9. Hugo Myatt in the orignal Fable, however, was perfect. I discovered Beat Takeshi in Yakuza 6 last night!
  10. You didn’t get the true ending then There’s about half a million in the house, mostly in 2 or 3 rooms, so it won’t take anywhere near as long as you might think. I was up to 750,000 at the end but in less than an hour I had 1,100,000-ish.
  11. Just watched this and it was bloody excellent. I know plenty of people in their 40s (and 30s, and 20s…) who haven’t a clue how to use technology, so that wasn’t far fetched. This was almost as bad a take as capwn and PP’s though: Oh no - the girl likes another girl so it’s not suitable for families.
  12. Did you get all one million items?
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