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  1. In an infinite multiverse, there are an infinite number of Quicksilvers that look like the MCU one, and an infinite number of them that look like the Fox one, and an infinite number of other ones. So he can be a "real" Quicksilver *and* not be from the MCU or Fox.
  2. I've heard word this is going to be announced in the next couple of days. They had an online reunion in January and it seems to have come from that.
  3. How have people got Mario stuff already? Time travelling?
  4. Completed 3D World in two player last week (previously 100%ed it on the Wii U), completed Bowser’s Fury on Saturday and got the 100th Cat Shine this evening. What a lovely game.
  5. Art style looks great. Never played the originals so looking forward to this.
  6. The world and story is great.
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