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  1. deKay

    Google Stadia

    Shadow already do VR streaming
  2. Just been looking at the episode synopses and it’s reminding me of Eerie Indiana. Is it like that?
  3. Or just have an account for each region.
  4. I put Blathers on my wall because Blathers, but I didn't really feel playing photographer for everyone else was worth even getting up off my chair to pick an amiibo off my shelf. My walls are covered in clothes, as is the right thing to do. As I said, they do virtually nothing
  5. Popped up straight away on GOG Galaxy, and a single click to own it. It downloads and runs on the Mac too, despite saying Windows Only.
  6. Set it in the 90s, call it Dead Man Walking, bosh - 'avin' 'oops.
  7. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    On the Switch unless you have Online.
  8. I was offered 3000 for a pocket full of carp and sea bass. That seemed awfully low.
  9. Got CJ last night. Pretty sure he’s a scamming cunt, telling me he’ll buy my fish at a high price but then offering far less than Timmy and Tommy. Cunts, all of them.
  10. What does that one do? EDIT: *Fixed a bug where balloons would not fly under certain conditions. *There is no local communication compatibility with Ver. 1.1.2 or earlier. Please prepare the version of the update data with the person who plays together.
  11. If you Search, filtering by games on offer, instead you get a different, more useful (it tells you the name of the game rather than have to decipher the image) list which doesn't scroll slowly.
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