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  1. deKay

    Star Trek Discovery

    First episode of series 2: SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME! Tilly on fire. Pike is ace. Loved the new uniforms (now ditched ). Reno (?) is great - hope she stays. Spock stuff is going to be shit, isn’t it. You can see how they’ve literally replied to issues with the first series. Even Pike says it’s gonna be fun, and wants a proper Ready Room (which nobody thought to hive a quick hoover at any point since Lorca left?!). Also, no reference to dead Science Guy who was completely forgotten five seconds after his (deserved) death. Grabbing an asteroid utterly ridiculous. Glimpses of Enterprise interior show what could have been...
  2. deKay

    Star Trek Discovery

    Final episode of series 1: Liked the slums of Qu’nos. Lot of bums on display though. Tilly great again, being awkward in the club. Utter bollocks “resolution” to the war.
  3. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    a Nintendo spokesperson stated: "We have made no announcements and we do not comment on rumour and speculation."
  4. https://intl.startrek.com/news/star-trek-nickelodeon-animation
  5. No. In the comics, the Kree are generally good, the Skrulls generally evil. But, well, really they're both bad for different reasons. Yep. You mean why didn't she come back after 1995? Well, space is big. Also, we might find out in another film. Also, she can (in the comics) time travel.
  6. The RetroFlag GPi is now up on their site: http://retroflag.com/GPi-CASE.html No price yet, but a lot more info. Apparently it's about 5 hours from 3xAAs. Love this:
  7. deKay

    Star Trek Discovery

    No, she's still great. Stamets, though, is currently the best character.
  8. deKay

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Nope. In the game this is based on, Ash's Pikachu is also in it.
  9. deKay

    Star Trek Discovery

    Episode 14 (I think) done. Tyler is back. Shoulda killed him. Georgiou is back. Sort of. Not sure this is wise. Last episode they said Starfleet had been wiped out. This episode, actually no? The Klingons have taken 20% of Starfleet space or something. Fake news. Admiral Wossname wasn’t on Discovery all along? But she never left and yet somehow didn’t go to the mirror universe? Stamets had no shrooms. Then suddenly, oh yeah, he did - one small capsule. And then magically he had 12 capsules to fit in one shroompod. Only they had about 100 shroompods magically filled with capsules. It’s fucking stupid. But, Tilly
  10. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh sure, but in the reviews it’s reported as a negative.
  11. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Dig is about 5 hours, Dig 2 and Heist are about 8.
  12. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Steamworld Quest getting decent reviews: Destructoid 8/10 IGN 8.6/10 Nintendolife 8/10 USGamer 4/5 Main negative seems to be it’s too short. I&F suggest it’s 20 hours, but Kotaku (also a positive review) say its 10.
  13. deKay

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    And they’re doing the 150-ish minutes of Infinity War immediately before it.
  14. deKay

    Star Trek Discovery

    They’re out of the mirror universe! For now at least. Fucking Lorca. Georgiou Tilly’s hair is back to normal. Not sure if I like that. Stamets is fucking awesome.

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