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  1. It’s higher frame rate and AFAIK at least as good graphically as the original. No reason for it not to be as the hardware is more powerful, not less! It’s got all the DLC too.
  2. How is Burnout nerfed?
  3. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes. It doesn’t support the Pro controller.
  4. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    @Alexlotl have you played Monster Boy yet? You need to if not!
  5. If it's like the previous game, not really as if you have money you can pay to level them up.
  6. I've played this for nearly 4 hours today and haven't actually done a story mission in that time.
  7. I actually liked this episode a lot. Seemed like a proper “court room” Trek, Burnham’s mum was basically Guinan, and there was a lot of lore in there. Too many tears, no Reno, and no Georgiou Face Kick though. But fuck yeah Tilly! Yass.
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