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  1. Xbox Live was £40 in 2002 at launch. In today’s money that’s about £65. So in real terms, despite now being £50 a year, the cost has actually come down, not gone up.
  2. They said it's one town per Switch. There was some discussion about how that's possible as saved games are sandboxed from each other on the Switch, but that's what Nintendo said so...
  3. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    I should be on fucking commission.
  4. Then I wouldn’t have been playing Castlevania. I agree that 2D probably would have been better but I’m not averse to what we got. Remember how awful the original footage was? Thank Christ they redid it all.
  5. As it gets near the end of a console generation there’s always an uptick in interest for PC gaming partly because they’re at that point miles ahead in terms of graphics, and the price of 6-year-old-console level graphics on a PC is pennies. Come the new consoles it’ll drop again. I did it myself in about 2012 when a new laptop with decent (at the time) graphics, that could plug into my TV and use a 360 controller, coincided with the end of the 360/PS3 generation. Played Batman Arkham City and Dear Esther and then bought a Wii U.
  6. It played just like a Castlevania game. Nothing else has quite done that since 2012. It was fun. It had the important map-colouring hook. It had awful voice acting. It had lovely graphics and weighty swords and music that’s almost as good as Bloody Tears. It had some great bosses. It had secrets and more secrets and secrets within secrets. It had all of these things and I could play it on my Switch.
  7. Not my game of the year but the unpatched Switch version is still one of my favourite games from 2019.
  8. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Good but short and people hadn’t played all the games included for various reasons.
  9. If there weren’t consoles I wouldn’t play games.
  10. Just buy some cheap credit for a discount then.
  11. Aye. The do at least warn you about this if you read the T&Cs, but who reads them...
  12. Ah, thought you could preorder it - that’d explain if so. Just worried as they discontinued the program in the US a few months ago!
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