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  1. I bought a heat sink for a fiver for my SSD, but it’s cold to the touch even when in use so probably wasn’t necessary.
  2. deKay

    Apple Arcade

    Because that’s literally what it is.
  3. Wonky drilled button holes would suggest to me not.
  4. deKay

    Tiny games

    And if you want tiny as in, "hardly any code" then: https://dekay01.itch.io/avoidabubble The whole code fits in a single tweet.
  5. deKay

    Tiny games

  6. deKay

    Tiny games

    I used to love the tiny 16x16 pixel games you could play on the RISCOS taskbar. Snake, Pac-Man, Space invaders…
  7. C Nonsense in BASIC, 10:1
  8. I have no idea who Killmonger is. I recognised the container ship from Age of Ultron, so I assume he's the baddie in Black Panther (which I've not seen)?
  9. deKay

    Apple Arcade

    And yet, there's a lot more to it than the DS Zookeeper game...
  10. deKay

    Apple Arcade

    It’s shite. I thought it’d be for me but it’s just scrabble only they give you the words.
  11. Probably should have been drinking 8 litres a day.
  12. House was great but the Viking name and Viking ancestry was ruined by the window ledge with a “Viking” helmet on it. The helmet had horns! Pff.
  13. deKay

    Apple Arcade

    Zookeeper World is out!
  14. Christ. What a load of shite. Games not coming until 2022 or 2023. Remasters. Remasters of remasters. Sequels. Delays. Sony have fucked this gen.
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