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  1. Looks like I got a boss to go before I ger to Butterfly, I thought she was next on the Hirata branch.. The white robed spear dude in the forest below the castle has dropped some nice stuff, a gokans sugar three times in a row plus one iron upgrade
  2. ronin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Chat and game sound is set to 50/50 mix. I didnt even know there was a separate volume control for the headphones in the panel, which was only halfway turned up! So thats sorted, but I still do think the sound coming from my Yamaha amp (with optical audio from the xbox) and out into a pair of Sennheisers beat the cabled Turtle Beach to the pad on sound fidelity. I will switch back to the Turtle Beach set for now and see how they compare in Sekiro which Ive become used to with the Sennheisers.
  3. ronin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    That's possible, I will have a look
  4. ronin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I havent noticed any lag with headphones connected to the pad but the sound levels are quite low. I use that mainly for games where speaking is necessary and that works just fine. Otherwise the sound out of my amp is much much better (Atmos for Headphones).
  5. Yeah they appear to shrug it off but thats because their posture is still too high for a deathblow I went back to general Tenzen with the upgraded Mikiri and got him pretty easily as well just baiting out the thrust attacks cos I still cant figure out the sweeps lol Up to Butterfly and Bull but apparently Ive completely passed by the drunkard, and Dad.
  6. Do you follow up with a few hits after that? he should be toast pretty quick got him in 2 counters with the mikiri
  7. Same here, on the elite pad with the hairtriggers up on both sides. And the upper paddles working as LB/RB, so I dont have to reach for those at all. Index fingers on the triggers.
  8. They probably have to relate to their involvement with Sony over those games still, but they made this deal with the EGS after they received funding from NetEase and went independent. Also thatgamecompany went independent after their 3-game contract with Sony didnt they? Im not sure how much Sony are involved in these titles now, other than possibly receiving royalties from their sales on other platforms.
  9. Arent those games published by Quantic Dream? Doesnt sound like Sony has anything to do with this. https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/20/18272214/quantic-dream-epic-pc-store-detroit-beyond-heavy-rain-gdc-2019
  10. No reason for this not to run at some kind of 4K resolution on the 1X, reconstructed or not.
  11. Sounds like they pushed the PS4 Pro as far as they could (reconstructed 1800p?), and then nerfed the 1X version to match that.
  12. ronin

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Am I right in thinking that you can 100 % the Festival Series 7 even if you missed one Season? I didnt see the new progression system until last night, and missed all of the Summer challenges.
  13. I cleared my entire backlog before Game Pass was launched, and have been able to keep to a rhythm of only installing and playing one game at a time, more or less. Depends on the nature of the gameplay, like you can combine an RPG and an arcade shooter. And it has worked pretty well, still no backlog or unfinished business. Basically because there is no stress with time so far (although with so many games coming in that might be changing), and if I find out the game isnt worth my time I just delete it and move on to the next.
  14. What is this a new game? Never heard of it.
  15. ronin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    If anyone was looking for a sale on the recently enhanced Final Fantasy XIII, its included in the current Square Enix campaign on the store. 50 % off normal price I believe.

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