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  1. I love SoD 2, played it through one campaign (Warlord) and the two outstanding problems it has for me are 1) character animation work below par for a supposed AAA game 2) community management interface needs more work, it sometimes takes too long to locate the person you want to bring with you from the base although you were just talking to them 10 seconds ago. Just a simple basecamp walkie talkie would have made that more accessible. And general presentation issues not up to par for a first party game. Other than that, I think its a great game which you can get really stuck into for a while. And I think Days Gone looks great as well, but then Im a sucker for these Walking Dead kind of games.
  2. ronin

    Below Is Out Now

    Completed the game yesterday, and got all of the achievements in the process since they are linked to key points in the narrative. Still a lot of impressions to take in, and that ending was some 2001 levels of crazy shit. There doesnt seem to be any option for a ng+, unless playing through the game several times changes some of the progression up. The combat feels great, the environments are really well put together both visual and sound design, and I would have loved to play around with all of the stuff a bit more before the final section. I finished it at 46 hours or so, but there are speed runs on YT at around 3 hours. Maybe it was the rohypnol kicking in at the time, but I thought the opening cinematic was a perfect introduction. Set the mood just right. And it was great how they managed to wrap the linear journey around to a circle at the end where you are left back at the same spot where you began. There is some kind of mythical aspect to the introduction, where it appears to point to the stars in the night sky, which you first think you are seeing (at least I did), before the clouds part and you realise that you are looking at the stars shimmering on the ocean on a moonlit night, and very slowly the game pulls you in to focus on a single boat that for some reason is travelling to this lonely island in the middle of nowhere. Tons of ships are already marooned around the north shore, what actually happened here in the past? Is he really travelling on the ocean or is it a metaphor for someone, a deity or mythical hero, on a quest across the galaxy? And then its unlike other roguelikes I have played, in that you dont recover your own belongings when you corpse run. Another wanderer lands on the island who, because the player knows this, can go to where the previous wanderer succumbed and get all of his hard earned gear. Other than that, the only connection between the wanderers is made through the Pocket, where they are able to share the items of the game through space and time. Each wanderer builds upon the work done by his forebears, so the first dude who picked up the lantern on top of the island is a kind of first hero out, in a long line of heroes that appear to fulfill the task. How much time has passed between them? Hours? Weeks or years? Or different timelines? 37 wanderers met their fate in my playthrough. I didnt manage to unlock all of the doors on my way down and found a key item quite late in the game so never got to use it. There are also some spots which draw attention to themselves through design and placement but maybe this is it and there are no more dimensions to the gameplay. Fez was a pretty complicated affair, and I will be a bit surprised if there arent more discoveries to be made in the game.
  3. ronin

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I get that its more about the experience, and there may be economical reasons for why it isnt more fleshed out with all of the usual skill trees and upgrades and collectables etc you expect with this kind of third person action game. But I still have a couple of basic issues with the game and one of them is how they go about displaying Senua's mental issues: I dont know who this game was meant to speak to in those terms but I found the voices and supposed mental state to be basic stuff like not daring to go into dark places and overcoming the fear of going into battle. I got tired pretty quickly of the voices either mocking you or cheering you on, and also Senua tend to scream a lot while rolling around in pain which was more aggravating to listen to than anything else so I just played a lot of the game without any sound. The game says on one of the splash screens that the game was produced in collaboration with some professional psychologists but I dont see where this work has gone at all. Its utterly mundane stuff. The other thing is how you cant even pull your blade outside of the combat sections. So there are Combat Sections, and then Puzzle Sections. And I get that its an experience and not God of War or DMC, but I didnt fancy the puzzles very much and I missed having some furniture to break with my supposed blade from hell while I was figuring stuff out. Its a very sparsely populated world, and nothing to interact with while you are running down the next corridor. And I really wanted a map during the section with the labyrinth where you had to stay away from the fire demon or what it was while opening a door which you then had to run back to, to escape. I managed this only by trying and failing many times until I memorized the right path through the building. The Fenris fight is cool, though. I like how you can spot where he is going to jump from the shadows from the controller vibration.
  4. ronin

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    It doesnt look like kb+m is coming to PUBG on xbox despite the announcement from MS/Razer
  5. Man, what a clusterfuck this has been. All that wasted potential, and so much hard work gone into the production of all of it. God damn. I dont think Bungie are going to turn Destiny around, though, unfortunately. Maybe they can use everything theyve done so far to start an entirely new IP in the same genre but that should probably be with a new name. And maybe try to deliver on their ideas for what they imagined Destiny to become in the first place. And dont they have 500+ employees? Whether they stay independent or have other plans, that is a large number of people to manage. Theyre probably too big for Microsoft to be interested in buying them out, and a merger with another studio would probably mean that a lot of people would have to go.
  6. ronin

    Realm Royale

  7. ronin


  8. ronin


    Nintendo and Microsoft appear to have a friendly relationship today, but Im not so sure to what lengths the Xbox team at the time were willing to go to 'win' the global console war. I wouldnt be surprised if they made an attempt at gaining control of Nintendo stock, and acquired Rare during that process instead. https://web.archive.org/web/20020418225719/http://www.redherring.com:80/insider/2002/0411/2270-2.html
  9. ronin

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Ok, I thought it was more like RE7 with the separate VR mode. Didnt know about the licensing issues.
  10. ronin

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I finished this over the weekend, but only after bouncing off it hard from the first hour or so. I almost gave up on it but figured I have to finish it to know what its about. If the stuff I had problems with in the game are the same that Edge refers to (I havent read their review) then I can understand why they gave it a 4/10.
  11. ronin

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Any word on Switch or Xbox versions of this..?
  12. ronin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They make some perfectly reasonable points about the OG One via the PS4. And Microsoft has had so much good press about the X, its only fair to to take a wider look at whats going on with their hardware. The OG One isnt going to cut it for the next two years if thats how long we are going to wait for new hardware. Its a bit of an odd situation, with the X so far ahead of everything else.
  13. Yeah it left gpass in Jan 2018 and returned on GwG in .. May? Which was nice as I didnt have time to play it over the busy Christmas period.
  14. MGSV as well, only three months on gpass but I think they said that up front
  15. ronin

    Below Is Out Now

    Someone made a nice guide for this over on reddit

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