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  1. I lile this game a LOT but I dont think having you level The Silent to max to get access to the last 3 cards is a good idea. Ive unlocked everything else but the last Silent level feels like a stupid grind to finish.
  2. Polygon liked the control mapping https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/22/18236593/stellaris-console-edition-ps4-xbox-one-4k
  3. It works pretty well from what Ive played, mainly tutorials so far. Awesome soundtrack. I had to look up what 4X strategy is, though. Havent played a strategy game since Total Annihilation.
  4. It doesnt matter if you start on a negative note. I dont want to start one because many of my posts on here make me look like an xbox fanboy. If the game is good, it will carry through any negativity so give it your best shot no matter what. As for Gears SP vs MP, I think Horde is great and its PvE like the Campaign, but it used to take 2-3 hours to finish and I stopped playing it for that reason, plus people in matchmaking leaving or not carrying their weights was a total pain in the ass. You dont have to level up the skill cards in 5, they level up with the Power you pick up, and the cards themselves are found in Supply Drops which you get 1 of for each 1 minute played in Versus. Or something like that. So there shouldnt be any problem with people not having the skill cards to perform well. I played a lot of Horde now in August as I was doing the Road to Gears 5 achievements and I had both people who dropped out when the shit got tough, but more of good players who really wanted to finish the waves and made sure to res others and all that - playing like a team. The new Escape mode in 5 looks like a shorter, modified version of Horde, the videos I have seen of it the run out lasts around 15 minutes. I loved the social playlists of Versus in 4, but I will probably avoid Ranked matches again. I tried a couple of them recently, won one and lost one, and after the loss I got some borderline abuse messages from one of the others on the team over Xbox Live. I think they chuck the new players into other higher ranked games to see how you do and then place you in a bracket accordingly? I can understand why that can be frustrating and possibly lead to demotion, but I think I had my fill of that. Unless I git gud at wall bouncing with the Gnasher I dont think I will bother. But I completely disagree with you on the main characters being bland, I have really enjoyed their company so far and having played through 1-3 recently as well I cant wait to see what happens next. In that sense Im excited for Gears 5 much like I am excited for a new season of The Wire or The Walking Dead. You know some shit is going to happen to some of the characters, its all a matter of playing the series out and see who it is this time.
  5. The game looks awesome and I love the fact that I dont understand much of what is happening in the trailers. It looks like its going to deliver at least some gameplay that has never been seen before, and thats a very welcome thing in my view when so many games look like each other and do the exact same things. The only thing Im worried about is that the game is going to rely on clearing a big map with a million icons on it, much like HZD or Days Gone. MGSV also did that to an extent. It would be a shame if the game manages to deliver some exciting new gameplay mechanics, but at the same time still be mired in this kind of outdated quest/hub design.
  6. Ok cheers Thats what I thought as well after E3 But I think Bungie missed a chance to restart the Destiny franchise at this point. I know many players are deeply invested in Destiny but the game has had such a rocky development and to bring lapsed and new players in I think they should have purged their game and started from scratch. Maybe given veteran players some nice legacy items to boost their new career, and make them stand out next to the noobs. Because I really want to get into it, but I hesitate when I see the light levels some players are at now.
  7. So whats the deal with Stadia and D2 then, if you still have to buy Shadowkeep? Its a hundred bucks for a unique tag, the controller .. and the free part of D2?
  8. So many games Downloading DMC5 and also later Blair Witch looks good I hope its more Observer than LoF.
  9. Eurogamer reporting live https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-08-19-inside-xbox-at-gamescom-2019-live-report
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