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  1. When he first said it was mobile I rolled my eyes a bit because I don't play any mobile games and didn't expect much of it. Then they played the videos and I was pretty impressed with just how much it looked like Diablo 3 which got me interested. My issue is more that Diablo 3 doesn't really do much for me now and I want them to move in a different direction with it like they did with WoW. I can just imagine the reaction though if they came out with a Diablo game that was a lot like Dark Souls or something.
  2. Now you're shifting the goalposts. None of the criticism I saw Friday night was anything to do with it's place in the presentation and entirely "A fucking mobile game". If it had been in the middle then the effect would have been identical and if they hadn't mentioned Diablo at all and announced it somewhere else the reaction would have been identical. Starcraft fans aren't happy about the way Starcraft was just skipped through with as little said as possible. The issue is that they just didn't have much to announce this year for anything but they can't cancel Blizzcon because that would create a similar backlash that they were dead and it's too tied into the esports for all the games. You're right in one way thought. One of the complaints about Diablo 3 was that it was dumbed down for console players and a common critisim of wow for the last decade has been that they've been dumbing it down for a console release so I guess the platform elitism is only to be expected. I'd like to think I got over arguing my identity needed to be validated by my platform choice when I was 12. As I said, nerds are gonna nerd, it's not like it's new is it.
  3. Irony much? That article says it felt great and intuitive with some concerns that could be down to it being a limited demo or character tuning.
  4. That's why I don't really buy the greed argument. Blizzard could do a lazy reskin of D3, label it D4 and make a pile of cash. They could do a really bare bones remaster of D2 and make a pile of cash and the players would be celebrating it because they'd got what they wanted. If they wait and try to do a proper job and not announce something for the sake of it then the 'fans' are up in arms because there isn't some shiny new doggy treat to lust after.
  5. It's pretty justified. Maybe it will be crap but the reaction is based on nothing more than the platform. A couple of years ago i'd have had no problem calling myself a nerd or a gamer or anything else but i'm just pretty tired of relentless negativity of people that take what's ultimately a way to waste some time far too personally. And no of course it's not everyone but it makes trying to just look at stuff in a lot of places online an exercise in a vocal contingent of people wanking off their misery in your face.
  6. As if it being on a mobile will make any difference. It's run through a corridor while enemies explode. Seems a good fit really but nerds will be nerds.
  7. bcofn

    The Random WoW Thread

    And then barely anyone would do it. "FFS Blizz, I don't like pvp why are you gating content behind pvp!!" I leveled with Warmode on but turned it off after a few nights of not being able to do anything in Drustvar when there were roaming groups of 20 horde killing flightmasters but only about 10 alliance in the zone. The difference out in the world and Boralus was night and day with barely anyone around in Warmode but packed with it off. Personally i'd love a less steep ilevel increase but that's not the game people want. They want it like Diablo with loot explosions everywhere for minimal effort.
  8. bcofn

    The Random WoW Thread

    It's a situation of the players own making really. There is no appetite for anything that you can't just show up for and zerg through because anything that results in any failure means people just leave and complain either that it should be nerfed or it's worthless because they didn't get anything from it. I've been pugging Uldir normal the last week and the number of people that will show up and then leave after one wipe is amazing. One group had 5 people leave after a 1% wipe on one boss on the 2nd pull. Some of these will be people that had just ran out of time but most had only just joined. Only the last two bosses left anyway which I hope to get down before reset so I can then start to try pugging heroic.
  9. bcofn

    The Random WoW Thread

    When I came back this time I decided to just not bother with any. I've given in a bit but i'm only using one to sell grey junk and altoholic. I find the default UI fine these days and just macro my healing spells to mouseover macros.
  10. PC player, grew up playing Quake and Doom, prefer 3rd person thanks. It's not that I won't play first person games but I find them weirdly claustrophobic. Maybe it's just too much WoW over the years but I find third person far more immersive and just feels better in terms of spacial awareness and movement. Skills and Items sounds like a shit excuse really but I can see how they might prefer first person if the environments are really dense and cramped and there isn't a lot of room to mess around with a third person camera.
  11. bcofn

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Well I for one thought that was excellent and I want to thank EA for setting expectations so low for the rest of E3 that it should be impossible for it to be nothing but up from here.
  12. bcofn

    E3 2018: EA Play - Everything was GARBAGE

    Starcraft 2 casters obviously needing some extra cash
  13. bcofn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yeah, if they got outside of the gates of Mordor and then flew the ring over. It's basically NOT the same thing because it's not something they ever do in Lord of the Rings. It used to be the same because I guess they could have always done it but didn't, so the films had established that for some reason or other it couldn't happen or wouldn't work. Much like for some reason the eagles couldn't just fly Frodo over because they might have been shot down or Saurons eye was also an anti aircraft laser or something. What this film does is establish that yes, the entire 10 previous hours were pointless and they could have flown it there all along. It basically jumps the shark for the sake of a cool looking image.
  14. bcofn

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    You know, that Yoda v Dooku fight always sticks in my mind as it's one of the few times in a British cinema (Trafford Centre fact fans) when the audience wasn't sat in total silence but was noticeably vocal about what was going on screen. And as much as some people in this thread like to believe it was negative it was very much a feeling of 'Fuck Yeah!' The more I think about it the more terrible TLJ gets. But I guess that makes it a worthy sequel to TFA. I think broadly i'm pretty forgiving and can see the best in many things and I really liked Rogue One, but Episodes 7 and 8 have just been shoddy messes of a story. For all people might complain about the politics build up Lucas spent 3 films showing how Palpatine maneuvered his way to be able to rule a galaxy spanning empire. Apparently the First Order did this by coming out of nowhere and blowing up a couple of planets using largely old Empire tech and uniforms bought off ebay. I've never been some fanatical fan of Star Wars, I always enjoyed it for the scale and spectacle, but these 2 films have just felt so small and it just feels sad that the send off many of these characters are getting is in the hands of people who's primary concern is throwing shit at the screen that they think looks cool but makes no actual sense.

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