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  1. I love doing a bit of digging into stuff like this. https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/mr-j-priday-v-elemental-digest-ltd-1400583-2020 He had an unsuccessful claim for unfair dismissal that he lost earlier this year and he was ordered to pay £37k costs. Not long after is when he resigned his directorships.
  2. Always focus on Asterius first in that fight. You can largely keep out of Theseus’s way and then handling him on his own is much easier.
  3. Thanks @cassidy @Jamie John - I do remember that now from before. However, I’m almost certain I do have one thing of that in my inventory but it doesn’t seem to let me offer it like I do with nectar.
  4. I’ve gone back to this on Switch with everyone talking about it again and enjoying it just as much. I only managed a couple of escapes before moving on to something else. A question on the nectar. I’ve got a few of the gods to one of those padlocked hearts, but I’m not then sure what to do to “deepen the relationship” and feel like the game hasn’t made it obvious to me (albeit I’m probably an idiot and missed something staring me in the face).
  5. Blackpool are back, baby! Just hoping for survival to be honest. Quite confident we can do it but still need one or two through the door who will strengthen us in a couple of areas.
  6. OneDvBmbr

    The Punk Thread

    Perhaps more at the emo end of things, but this Origami Angel record is the best punk-adjacent album I’ve heard for ages. Isopropyl Alchemy, Neutrogena Spector and Caught In The Moment are standouts but for a 20 song album it’s tight all the way through.
  7. Yeah, I am generally a sour fan. Maybe I’ve just spoilt other sours for myself by getting into Vault City lately but just feel both the SMOD Stingos I had didn’t hit the mark for me.
  8. I’ve not actually been that taken with the Stingo series so far, but other than that it’s still top notch. Need to do a beer shop run tomorrow as my supply is low again and I think I have some SMOD put aside.
  9. Watch them finish on Smash too. Just you fucking watch.
  10. They’re just doing it to fuck us off now. Trolling in the extreme. You’ve almost got to admire it.
  11. Think people are overplaying this. Isn’t it only mentioned on a Japanese language site that someone happens to have found and translated? Doesn’t seem like it’s been a wider request.
  12. Honestly I’ve given up hoping. Only really turn on my Switch for a quick blast of Tetris 99 these days. I’m going in with the lowest expectations possible and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Anyone got recommendations for a decent bottle shop in or near Alnwick? Going to Northumberland on holiday in a week or so but don’t fancy taking up beers and having them sat in the car all day so would rather pick some up when I get there. Not had much luck finding anything in Alnwick from a quick search.
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