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  1. If you don’t mind, would be a lifesaver!
  2. Getting desperate with my turnips. Should have sold at 185 earlier in the week and those little arseholes are only offering 65 this morning.
  3. Turnips 171 this morning for me, which is tempting. I bought quite high at 110 though. Decisions, decisions...
  4. On now for the next 30 mins or so at least. Dodo code D4GH7
  5. OK, I’ve bought it. Need to find a time when I can get it to you!
  6. @moosegrinder Are you interested in this Throwback Skull Radio? Thought it might fit your theme. 3,200 bells.
  7. How do you craft bait? Not sure I’ve found that option yet...
  8. Celebrated opening the shop today and also got 3 homes prepared for new arrivals. Dread to think how many hours I’ve already sunk into this!
  9. Just started up. Delighted to have got oranges as my native fruit (see my avatar for proof). I’ve got Renee and Buck as the first residents on Nakatomi Island.
  10. I was coming in here to post Soccer Mommy actually. I did enjoy the debut album, but this definitely feels like a step up.
  11. I’ve fallen asleep watching every episode of this so far. OK, I am generally watching them after 10pm when I probably am too tired to concentrate, but doesn’t normally happen with other stuff I watch. Took me about four attempts to make it through episode 2. I actually think this could end up being worse than Discovery, which is a sentence I never thought I’d write.
  12. Looks like this is going to be in the eShop sale starting Thursday so I might finally take the plunge then.
  13. The new AJJ album is absolutely great.
  14. As prep for Picard I’ve been going through this TNG list which someone posted a while back and not really seen many duff episodes. I’m up to season 4 so far and even based on the first episode of Picard I’m glad I went back to these. I’ve seen all of DS9 and Voyager but for whatever reason never saw a lot of TNG. It was maybe on just a bit early for me and never caught up on it.
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