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  1. He meant the game. It's actually on mobile and episodic.
  2. WKD W Warrick Jim tractor Beam Dry Blackthrawn - dark cider the force, etc
  3. Never really understood the frothing over his performance. Always seemed to be focused on trying (and failing) to sound like Alec Guiness. If everything else wasn't so weak in the prequels, I don't think it would get half the praise heaped upon it as it does. I suppose it's the least wooden performance of the lot, bar Sidious and Dooku. Sequels have the opposite problem of everyone around Daisy Ridley being on form and her coming off like an extra from an episode of The Bill.
  4. Like Darth Vader? He doesn't have to survive but I think Rey has to be given more texture before things wrap up. I think I can see where they might go plot-wise that would tie into TFA and make more sense of Rey's character.
  5. Pretty much. There are a million other choices out there for those who don't like it.
  6. I think Kylo is going to be the good guy, ultimately.
  7. I had that feeling after meeting Erik- turns out it has some of the best DQ characters and lines in the whole series.
  8. I think it's smart to give a large demo as it's got time to get you invested in its world and want to continue. It's a superb game and ten hours is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Quite envious of those who haven't played it yet.
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