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  1. It's also something that can come back to publicly haunt them if they put the screws on. They've cited it as a reason not to release the game at launch.
  2. Yeah, it was early the following year.
  3. Once again, launch lineup will sell it to me. Xbox will be fine - Halo 3 wasn't there with the 360 and it did OK. I only bought one when Ghost Recon AW came out as that felt like the first next gen thing at the time. Hopefully Sony can stop pissing around and show definitively what they have this side of Christmas now.
  4. I'm thinking either or both cock out on stage/crying (with influencers waiting in the wings to offer a range of thoughts the average person already has in their head)
  5. To be fair Halo is leading them, just not the direction we thought.
  6. Nah, they've got to get Halo out this gen. Doris from accounting is going to look on the internet about it all and see if it's a worth doing next time.
  7. Jim then reveals 343i have been on Sony's payroll for the last five years.
  8. You can. You just end up with loads of turd and polish on your hands.
  9. I can see the system error tattoo on his forehead now...
  10. This was the game that made me realise I had to have a C64 when, much to my Commodore owning mate's amusement, I loaded the Spectrum version up and got...the Spectrum version.
  11. You need to sort your diet out. I'd echo what Colonel Panic said - get one that outstrips your PSU. Remember blowing one on a US 360 and regretting it.
  12. I want the deleted scene of him pulling up at the steps in taxi and paying the driver.
  13. I've watched all three over the last week and this is exactly what I was thinking as the sequence begins. I was expecting to see the camera crew and everyone else getting stuck in around him it was so dull. Reminded me of a nightclub scene from a soap where it's obviously a load of extras pissing about unconvincingly.
  14. Towards the end of this month, supposedly. Just hope they have a real humdinger saved for that.
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