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  1. Steven

    PlayStation VR

    Get someone you love on the shark dive. Don't mention the shark.
  2. Steven

    PlayStation VR

    Wait for Moves for Batman, Skyrim and Ultrawings. RE VII is an instant buy and play as well as VR Worlds. To be honest, there is a genuinely great library of titles on PSVR now so just try a few demos.
  3. I've really been thinking of wanting a few rounds on this, too. It was my first online multiplayer as well - so many hours well-spent. That post hasn't helped, Boothjan.
  4. I thought it was an alright slasher until a certain point when it decides to kick its own legs from under itself. It was such a jarring and weak plot contrivance that it lost me completely from that point on. I actually tossed the idea of just heading home around in my head for a while. Fairly enjoyable up to a point and suddenly WTF? Check your expectations.
  5. Steven

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    I'd wager that tag line will ring true five minutes into watching this.
  6. Steven

    PlayStation VR

    It takes a few hours to really click with all the move stuff but it really adds so much immersion and becomes second nature to use. Like I said, the bow is where it's at.
  7. Steven

    Perfect Films

    I saw it years before becoming a prefect.
  8. Steven

    PlayStation VR

    The bow is fantastic and makes you feel like Legolas when you take down three wolves in rapid succession.
  9. Steven

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I bet if you'd asked someone like Dennis Thatcher, you may have been surprised.
  10. Steven

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    This is where I think they nailed it. Smaller area and amped up the possibilities and approaches you could take with all the gear you could use. Here's your objective and have at it. Still the best open world experience for me by a mile.
  11. Steven

    Perfect Films

    Jaws Alien The Thing Halloween I can't think of a single thing you could add or remove to make them better films. I'd say Empire and Star Wars but someone already thought you could add stuff to improve them. He was wrong.
  12. I think the main thing is that you're forced to think tactically or even a set of field monsters can get the better of you. It's not crushingly hard and I've yet to have to redo a boss but it has become arse-clenchingly close. You really have to think about buffs, debuffs, gear and crafting. I'd reached The Warriors Rest previously on limited XP setting and, bar buying new gear, I'd not given any of that stuff a second thought. Miles better like this.
  13. WTF? How can they justify this after GOT's production values? Wake up, Disney, TV changed while you were napping.
  14. I restarted twice, once at the four hour mark and then at the sixteen hours. I still felt it was too easy with no XP from weaker enemies so went with super strong monsters instead. Just got past the twenty-five hour mark and still loving every minute of it. It's said all the time but it just oozes charm and humour and I love how pared back and uncluttered it all is.

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