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  1. That’s nearly as flukey as the “six”!
  2. Can’t believe that match. I was up for NZ as my default “anyone but the big three” support, but I’m still kind of glad England & Eoin Morgan won especially as it was shown on terrestrial tv. Bayliss must be so fucking relieved right now. He had one job, and he’s done it.
  3. Looking ominous for England but while buttler and stokes are there, they’re still well in with a chance. Cracking game anyway.
  4. Wow, great results from both semi-finals. Today’s lacked the drama of yesterday’s, but it’s always good seeing Australia getting battered, whatever the sport. I’ll be cheering on NZ on Sunday but wouldn’t be too disappointed if England win. At least I can claim it as a victory for Ireland as well.
  5. Brilliant game of cricket, wow. I think I like watching Pakistan more than any other team. You just have no idea what the fuck is going to happen.
  6. Don Rosco


    Saw him in Dublin a couple of weeks back. Outstandingly chaotic performance. He's hilarious and truly blessed with the funk.
  7. Speaking of old podcasts, I'm going through A Life Well Wasted again. It really was superb. Some of it is a little dated now, but it's so well put together. You can see why he knocked it on the head, must have taken an age to put together an episode with that format on your own.
  8. All I can say for sure is that they’re all unlocked for me and I’m level 103 I think. It’s worth pursuing, the final stadium track (and there is only 1, not three like the others) is very good, it’s hard but doable. I doubt I’ll ever zero fault it, but I at least made it to the end.
  9. Same thing occured to me. I am quite enjoying the contracts, but at the expense of trying to better my times. The map style track selector is not really conducive to that, especially compared to Trials Fusion. That front end was pretty slick, looking back. That said, some of the track design in this is so good. My sweet spot is medium to the simpler hard tracks and i've had an absolute blast with them, trying to put together a half decent error free run.
  10. Update is out - can confirm the 4th stage stadium GP races are way easier, I knocked off four last night on the first try.
  11. This trailer has gone some way to justifying my initial reaction in the OP. That smile at the start of the trailer. Yikes.
  12. Tried this last night on the one in Canada. Either it didn't work, or I can't even beat the basic opponents. I can get through the first two legs fairly consistently, but the third one requires a perfect run which I might get if I just did that track over and over, but doing the first two every time just to get a chance kind of sucks balls.
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