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  1. Don Rosco

    Tekken 7

    BRUCE! Kind of. Finally. Might buy him.
  2. What the fuck? Is that real? That’s abhorrent.
  3. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    I use my in-law’s sky sports login so I can use sky go on the PS4. They have every day of the test up for catch up apart from the last day. I am fucking apoplectic about this. What is their problem? Are they just in denial? Cricket in general is pretty poorly served on the catch up, but having 4 out of 5 days up just seems childish.
  4. Yeah, I was a bit lukewarm after the first one but now I’ve clocked the pace and what they’re trying to do, it’s got me hooked.
  5. Given the brutal motion sickness Half Life 2 gave me, the opportunity to play in VR will be the most vomitous thing ever. I'm out. I mean, I don't have any kind of VR setup, so I was never in, but i'm definitely out.
  6. Enjoyed this but was just a touch underwhelmed. It looked amaaaazing, but the script felt a little underwritten and the dialogue and plot were fairly rudimentary and predictable. Only one episode I guess, will be sticking with it for sure.
  7. I’m ready for a less grimdark take on batman & villains this time around to be honest, so that sounds like it might be good news to me.
  8. Don Rosco

    Unable to kill

    Yeah, interesting thread. The first game in the current Tomb Raider series really stood out for me, the levels of gore were really incredible. I kept thinking, who is this game for? It was almost a horror game in places. I don't understand why they made those choices, and I didn't play the next ones. Uncharted too. It's directly related to the quality of the digital actors, the script, the great voice acting. All that makes it so much worse when they murder 30 people at an archaeological site and then joke about it. It's fucked up. I can't kill animals in games at all, either. But then, sometimes it's fine. I'll fully clear a level in Sniper Elite no problem (though I do have the xray camera turned off). And I didn't play RDR2, but this is gold and would be high on my list if I do get round to it:
  9. Thanks for posting it, napoleon. Addiction is a hell of a drug
  10. Can't believe they're getting a bald guy to play Jim Gordon
  11. Found out there was a new Synth Sisters album released last year, thanks thread!
  12. https://eiderdownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vernalis https://thelock-in.bandcamp.com/
  13. I'm just praying to the nausea gods that it doesn't inherit whatever it was in Titanfall 2 that gave me brutal motion sickness. If I can get past that, I might even buy it full price, i've been looking for a new single player game.
  14. https://www.slashfilm.com/marc-maron-response-todd-phillips/ I’m glad he pushed back on Philips for that, and he’s right too. Anyone know on which episode of the podcast he did that on? I listen to a lot of WTF but not nearly every one. As for whether a lot of his part was cut, he always said he had a tiny role with minimal shooting time, so it might not have been. Who knows though.
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