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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Agree with almost everything in this post. I actually warmed to hux in this though. I thought he was badly miscast in TFA but he was sufficiently oily this time, less of a shit hitler. He’s no Krennic though. Fucking love Krennic.
  2. Cricket Thread

    Holy shit at that matt lodge story.
  3. Cricket Thread

    Some more fire from osman samiuddin on the Aussie team culture: http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22961057
  4. Cricket Thread

    Warner's apology is striking in how different it is to Smith's and Bancroft's. "Mistakes were made", going to spend some time with his trusted advisors. What a turd.
  5. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Oh yeah, I love those Eisner NY bits. I'll get some Cerebus in the pile.
  6. Cricket Thread

    If you look at it as just the ball tampering, then I think it has a bit. I think it's the combination of the ball tampering, getting the most junior player to do it, the coach sending on a warning about Bancroft being caught on camera, him getting caught hiding the tape down his bags in glorious slow motion, Smith hiding behind the "Leadership Team" decision and then their behaviour even before that day. It's been a long time coming.
  7. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    @Mr. Gerbik Al Ewing is one of the best Dredd writers outside John Wagner, I think your green buddy is in good hands. It's just a shame that he can earn way more from Marvel than from 2000AD. I was catching up on Warren Ellis' email newsletters and he wrote this about Dave Sim and Cerebus, it echoes what @Rowan Morrison was saying a few pages back: I've never read more than a few pages, I should tackle some of it.
  8. The Jazz Thread

    Yeah brilliant read, thanks for posting it.
  9. The Jazz Thread

    I fucking love this album. It's basically a collection of offcuts from the previous few years, but there is so much gold in there. It's a dense listen that I keep going back to. I'd say it was my favourite miles album, but to be honest anything between in a silent way and Get up with it is my favourite miles album. What a run he was on. There is something about this album which makes it extra special to me though...maybe because i'd never heard of it before I bought it, it felt like I discovered this alien landscape. And I bought it in this crazy second hand shop in New Orleans, and it had the name of the previous owner written on Miles' forehead on the cover. Walter M! Thanks, Walter.
  10. 2000AD & The Meg

    Ah they're playing up to it alright, but they definitely mean a lot of what they're saying there. Just young lads, full of attitude. Part of the package I suppose.
  11. 2000AD & The Meg

    Just read the rest of this interview. What a pair of titanic assholes, Jesus! I much prefer the older, mellower Grant Morrison. Been a while but I remember really enjoying this interview with Kevin smith, here's a YouTube link but it's still available in your podcast doofer of choice, episodes 26 & 27:
  12. 2000AD & The Meg

    Actual Lol, fucking brilliant. Morrison really has a way with words, and it's still right today, 25 years later. Obviously i've grown up with Pat Mills work, but i'd never read interviews or seen him talk until the Future Shock documentary. I had no idea he was such a force of nature. The ending of that doc is a genius piece of editing,. I must get the blu ray with the extra interviews and fancy cover... @dug - I totally get where you're coming from with the criticism of his work, and I kind of agree with it. But I don't care! He can do what he likes at this stage. And even in the confusing strips, there's some real gold.
  13. 2000AD & The Meg

    Journey Planet, a themed "genzine", has done a Dredd special, with a cover from Carlos, an interview with John Wagner and loads more: http://journeyplanet.weebly.com/ It's pretty decent so far, definitely zine level writing but that's fine with me.
  14. 2000AD & The Meg

    It's a really fun read. Can't really argue with Rowan's description of it though.
  15. It's a great game. I'm not keen on the X-ray slo mo, but you can turn that off.

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