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  1. This ending literally stopped buying monthly comics. I’d never read that much marvel comics but I bought into civil war and got loads of the different crossover titles. It was a good premise and had its moments, but they really fucked the ending. I just felt like such a chump. Knocked the whole habit on the head straight after. It’s a horrible way to buy comics anyway, I always lost track of what I was buying and what happened last month or whenever.
  2. Don Rosco


    Up the dubs! Like any self respecting blow-in, fair weather dubs fan, this is the first football match I’ve watched this season. And we’re gonna batter these and get five in a row.
  3. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    It's incredible. I remember reading an american article about an aussie NBA player and it was just total pearl clutching about his bad behaviour on the court. All the way through I was like, have you never seen an Australian play sport before? They're fucking dickheads. Dickheads that win.
  4. Flatout 4 only €5 on PSN right now: https://store.playstation.com/en-ie/product/EP4008-CUSA07458_00-FLATOUT400000000 I did a couple of hours on it last night, it's definitely worth €5 for the arcade racer fans. Looking forward to getting stuck back in tonight.
  5. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Wow, just wow. Test cricket is the best.
  6. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Stokes has gone mad.
  7. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    This is mad stuff. Can't go on like this, surely. Cracking match.
  8. What's the Rebellion story, is it about the Film / TV studio?
  9. The Man of Steel trailer is the greatest superhero film ever made. He should have packed it in after that.
  10. Oh yeah, I know the lad that runs All City (the label that re-released it). Some label he's put together there, I have to take my hat off to him. The album is solid too, really one of a kind. I mean, it's a fucking door with strings. Interesting fact - the somewhat patronising TV presenter (Mike Murphy) more or less stopped doing TV the last couple of decades and was last seen in the last year or two protesting strongly against the occupation of Palestine.
  11. The Laraaji Ambient album is great, you goddamn philly steins. I love the story of how they "met". Apparently Laraaji was just on the street, busking with his hammer dulcimer, totally in the zone. Eno didn't disturb him, just wrote a note asking to meet up, and left it in the case he was collecting money in. They met up and recorded the album straight off the bat. I love it. He's still around too, I saw him live last year and it was a wonderful experience.
  12. On the matching / chaos discussion above: https://www.currentaffairs.org/2019/02/death-to-minimalism
  13. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    From 122/8, they got to 284 all out? That is nasty. Looking forward to Bob Willis' evisceration later.
  14. Whole thread is worth a read, it's universally praised.
  15. Sniper Elite IV is so good. Giant open world levels with multiple goals that you can tackle any way you like, really solid sniper mechanics, fairly shitty 3rd person combat up close but, I guess that's kind of the point. I turned off the gore cam though, it was a bit much really. It totally does.
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