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  1. I bought the PS2 SOTC on release and encountered a game-breaking, progress-halting bug after killing the second last beastie. It was enough to even put me off playing the third game in the series, and I LOVED Ico. So not sure how I feel about this. I'll give it a go I suppose.
  2. Some students in Japan recreated this sign at the right time:
  3. It'd be two hours of some poverty-stricken fucker reluctantly sucked into organised crime after borrowing money to feed his starving family from a Falcone family loan shark. Then in the last two minutes getting a batarang to the face from a billionaire.
  4. Not sure I wanted to see that. It is incredibly effective but I hope I don’t start noticing it. Certainly improved from these days:
  5. So skilled he convinced the world that Primal Scream weren't a terrible band. This is the one I always go back to:
  6. I must have read / seen the crime alley scene dozens of times, and I don't tire of different interpretations. They're pretty brief. This clip has me more hyped than I was, and I was already pretty jazzed up. Looks like he can move his head freely. HUGE IF TRUE
  7. There was a 2000AD Time Twister story like this.
  8. Clone Wars! Actually surprising myself with how PUMPED I am for it. edit: trailer here:
  9. I didn’t know this dude had a column in Edge. He was on the Designer Notes podcast recently (although it was recorded in 2016). He was a great guest, very engaging and funny with a lot of interesting stuff to say. I’ll be picking this game up for sure.
  10. Ah, they’re just the expensive ones. Everything else would drag it right down if I added them.
  11. These are glorious. A real advance in snack texture too, sort of folded on itself for maximum crunch. They're made by Tayto here in Ireland, which as any true crisp fan knows, invented flavoured crisps: Good article on flavoured crisps here: https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/jan/14/so-long-salt-and-vinegar-how-crisp-flavours-went-from-simple-to-sensational
  12. Is that a dig or a compliment? Maybe both, Pat is definitely generous with both. And it was the same employer, Steve McManus was even the editor of Crisis.
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