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  1. Oh yeah, I meant to say that as well. Some excellent level design for sure.
  2. I finished this recently for the first time. Actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, given its reputation. Low expectations win again. I'm not a fan of the Prometheans, but I did like them more than in Halo 4 at least. 5 is also a really incredible looking game.
  3. Of course you're allowed, just like others are allowed to have an opinion on drive-by snark. It's fucking tedious to read, so if you get a bit of blowback for it you should probably just suck it up.
  4. No harm in skipping the film, but don’t miss the original clone wars “2d micro-series”, listed under vintage Star Wars on Disney+.
  5. Anyone else get an invite to the IOS cloud gaming beta from gamepass? I got one, I can't be that special, they didn't give me the free money a few weeks back.
  6. this is a joke post, right? It's a good one. Forever - Sheffield and Birmingham invent genres, Manchester and Liverpool have some successful bands. The only thing that comes close is the Beatles later years when they got weird. Hugely influential, but not as much as Black Sabbath.
  7. Ooh, i've got one of these, don't think i've posted it before, but apologies if I have. Outside of London, Birmingham and Sheffield are the two most influential cities musically in the UK. Bristol next, then i'll consider the much more vaunted Liverpool and Manchester.
  8. Thanks @ZOK, seen it already and it was brilliant. I’d say it might be up @Quest’s alley. I knew most of the artists well enough, but it’s really something seeing the amount of them. Titans in their field. Funny how it’s a genre where women thrive. I know Suzanne Ciani at least went for electronic music partly because it didn’t require collaboration, she was struggling a bit to be taken seriously as a female composer.
  9. I saw it a couple of years after it came out and thought it was nonsense, and I’m usually a total mark for Hollywood sci-fi with notions. edit: event horizon that is
  10. Good skills, horrible levels today. That first one I can only get a decent run on one time out of 20, so i'm bailing out 5 seconds from the top time. Til tomorrow!
  11. That sucks worse than Nintendo friend codes. Feel free to pm mobile numbers to me and I’ll add away.
  12. just nudged ahead there by the barest of margins. Still plenty left in there, another great set of levels today. Some game!
  13. To this day, the only RPG i've finished. I might go again if it was remastered.
  14. Damn, it is and all. Don't think I have much time left in there for today, took me probably 40 or 50 attempts to set that time and I was pretty pleased with it. Fun set of levels today for sure.
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