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  1. Brilliant! I hammered this game, good to have an excuse to go back to it.
  2. I'm adding this in to the OP so we can point future generations of Game Pass n00bs towards it.
  3. Will definitely be giving that a spin, but Skate is my comfort food gaming. Can't wait to see the enhanced version in action.
  4. Yeah, just found it was never BC. Pre-order cancelled! Well, not really, but i'm going to have to hammer that Danny Way skate park before I bin the 360.
  5. All I need to know now is, can I get my Skate 2/3 and Halo Reach saves from my xbox 360 on to my pre-ordered XSX?
  6. I was going to go for a Series S, but I realised i'd just be looking at it the whole time wondering, so I went for a Series X. Never had an Xbox one of any kind, so Game Pass sold it to me. At least I think I ordered one - I went to Harvey Norman, and they charged my card twice without confirming an order, then confirmed when I paid with Paypal. Let's hope they at least have one console to sell me.
  7. Ah, I never watched Narcos. I’m still kind of right though. Kingsmen 2, Equalizer 2? *shrug*
  8. It's not like Pedro Pascal is some mega move star who can make demands like that. He played a minor character in GoT and that's about it. I'm sure he's only too delighted to be playing the voice of the Mandalorian. I am a little nonplussed about the helmet thing though. I'm hoping there's some explanation for it in this season.
  9. Pretty tempted to get one for Skate, Halo and gamepass. Those two games are the only reasons my 360 is still connected.
  10. Love a low scoring game. This has been a cracker.
  11. Whoever said the devil has all the best tunes is full of shit! Music is about emotion and it’s hard to get a bigger emotion than loving an omnipotent deity. Post your favourite spiritual music right here. Here’s two for starters: This fucking blew my mind when I saw it first. I’ve watched it a few times since and it’s completely captivating and relentless. Love that’s there’s no audience. Hearing this on a blood & fire released greatest hits of Jah Stitch was enough for to forgive Mick Huckall for his various crimes against hum
  12. I knew this thing looked familiar: @Quest I reckon you know about this...I have one but the speakers broke. Just whacked it in to the line in, nice working from home music.
  13. I actually watched this last night with the kids. The “where does he” sounded pretty clear iirc. Tim burton is a fairly bad action director but most of the rest held up pretty well. Jack Nicholson really was a terrific Joker. I’d completely forgotten Billy Dee Williams was Harvey Dent. Shame he didn’t get to reprise that role as two face.
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