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  1. A slow, and rammed up start is often a very Japanese thing. I can not find the quote but there was a Japanese game director who used the analogy of a game being a fine dining experience with each course specifically delivered to the player to allow them to appreciate it all... and also that this slow ram up start is very popular in Japan, but not so much with "western audiences". I've been recently playing Dragon Quest XI, and it does have that slow ram up... and I kinda love it.
  2. Yeah 2004 Twilight Princess one I watched live and it was fucking mind blowing. I was a huge N64 Zelda fan at the time who was a bit down on Wind Waker, not for the aesthetics but more for because the game felt unfinished. A new one out the blue was just incredible to see! It’s also crazy to think that they announced this one one year after the release of Wind Waker! Remember when games didn’t take half a decade to be made?
  3. Conversely, Solo is by far my least favourite of the "Disney-era" Star Wars things. I find it to be just so dull and so unnecessary, and it just does not feel like it's fits in.
  4. The option to disable them was implemented soon after release. I actually think it's the case that they were a last addition. The game feels best with them off, and using regular saving imo.
  5. This totally sums up how I feel too! They're both very nice, but the PS5 does have more of that "new toy" console type feel to it. I love it.
  6. Im sure they just don’t play far enough into any of the games, it’s all surface scratching and reporting on a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter. Ive myself had a few games that I’ve double dipped and one version is so obviously worse and janky than the other but DF seemed to have completely missed it all. To me, DF were always a buying guide... which version is best or if the game is in poor shape out the gate. Now we have JL not interested in doing any of it due to all the online trolls he pays too much attention too, Alex only interested in Graphic & PC tech so Tom Morgan has to do it all, and he can only report on the headlines of general frame rate and resolution. I do love DF Retro, and I’m surprised that JL hasn’t broken off on his own to do that, possibly Patreon funded.
  7. The amount of money people spend on games does make me think...can people not stretch to owning both? Then just play whatever? To not sound tone deaf, money is money and we have this current situation going on, so not everyone is flush with disposable income....
  8. Sooooooo...... Is this a SNES ROM? Playable on a real machine and MiSTer or is it just PC emulator?
  9. That looked absolutely incredible! Day one! But as I loved the first game, I always was in on day one.
  10. The two PS4 games are also my favourites.
  11. Slightly cruel bump, due to hopes for 60 fps patch. Also Uncharted actually peaked with The Lost Legacy.
  12. The PlayStation Studios stream of games is something that they've been working on and honing since, probably the move to sharing technology with Uncharted 2, so around 2009. At that same time, I was at a studio under MGS and the cull of first-party studios was very real, with the remaining ones working on Kinect games or other strange apps. To build all of this back up and steer that ship takes a long time, and some projects have come to bear fruits, but all of this needs some stratigising in terms of release schedule and I personally feel, they've aligned things with this new generation in mind. It's a clean slate and we're currently in the early days. They are coming, so I'm just enjoying the series X for what it is in the here and now, and as an owner of both machines, I have access to any major console game I feel like playing. It's good and feels nice.
  13. A lot of the recent stuff like the Fable RPG, Rare thingy and Perfect Dark got - what looked like - project announcement pre-renders. They're going to be 2023 for sure. I think that Bethedsa Starfield game is likely for a showing! They'll probably announce they've acquired Sega, just after Sega release a PlayStation exclusive game (VF5 remaster).
  14. Nice! I too just recently got a Retrotink 5x and it's the best scaler I've ever used. It's so good!
  15. The shield pop visual effect is still there, it's just very, very hard to see... to the degree that they might as well have removed it. In contrast, with the original graphics, the Elite shields can be seen from miles away, as it is such a crucial mechanic to the game. Another thing that is just so, so bad is all the added foliage which makes seeing the weapon pick ups on the ground super hard. It's so bad. Also, the fact that the new graphics often don't line up correctly with the collision mesh. It's just so fucking bad, to the point that it's - for me - the archetypal example of completely ruining the original intent with an ill-advised "upgrade". It's quite surprising that the same guys - Saber Interactive - developed Halo 2 Anniversary which is great! The first anniversary game reeks of Microsoft Game Studios intervention and them not understanding the original game at all.
  16. I wonder with people playing this remaster that they might reassess and realise the “correct” opinion that ME1 is by far the weakest of the series - with a great finale, and that there’s not actually that much in it between ME2 & ME3....
  17. I actually totally agree with you. The crusade that a lot of the YouTube community - like DF Retro, MLiG - for keeping everything physical and absolutely buying everything physical for modern games is - imo - completely and utterly futile. It's a tide of change that you can not over-power and we are moving to a fully digital distribution solution whether people like it or not. You can always vote with your wallet, but I don't think that will get anyone very far. The fact that these physical games are basically often incomplete builds, offer up something that I'd usually not even want to play in a hypothetical future scenario where an update server is turned off and all I have is an offline machine and a disc.
  18. Yes, but MVG's point is that that's totally going by assumption. There's simply no way of knowing that in 25 years time this service will still exist. It might, it might not. In contrast to this, I was recently playing Luigi's Mansion that I imported day one along with my US GameCube. It all still works, and looks amazing with my RetroTink 5x (blatant 5x flex).
  19. Yes, I've watched it and Wiper here has pretty much summed up the main point that MVG was trying to make, but I feel the MVG vid is quite a bit messy. Needing connected to Xbox Live the first time is absolutely true, as is the - in my opinion - futile preservation route of buy physical games for the system as they often don't even include a X|S native app anyway. There's absolutely some good points in the MVG video.
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