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  1. Just like the PS5! But he’ll buy two anyways to let everyone know how crap it is!
  2. Just tried it on the Mega SG, and no flicker issue. The ship sprite is there immediately on respawn, and it's just the same as using a CRT! Weird.
  3. I actually tried it on original hardware using my new Retrotink 5X, and the sprite flicker on respawn works completely fine. There's no issues at all! There's quite a lot in the game including some of the ships laser fire. I might dig out my Mega SG to check too, for my own amusement!
  4. Same with the RE8 one, and all of these day one tech dives that they're doing. Total spoiler city that I just have to ignore for the time being...
  5. Hah! ...and I even forgot about Astrobot, and that was my top game of last year in the rllmuk poll!
  6. I also hugely enjoyed Sackboy: A Big Adventure. All of these games are absolutely superb imo. Destruction All Stars might be the only miss-step, but hey! Was "free"!
  7. Ah look! another highly regarded and excellent looking PlayStation Studios title!
  8. On a serious note. Richard Leadbetter has talked about this during the DF weekly updates. He's pointed out before that there is evidence of a newer model coming, as documentation was found in the latest firmware update... but it points to there just being an OLED screen with no stipulation of an upgraded chip set, at all. I can't help but feel that this will be just like the chip "upgrade" we saw before. There's no new "SKU" it's just the Switch... with a better screen in it.
  9. When I bought my Sony PVM, I got a home removal's company to transport it from London to Scotland! It was not cheap and totally excessive, but it also arrived perfectly, so certainly was worth it in the end.
  10. Being on the Half-Life 1 monorail is one of my most treasured gaming memories of all time.
  11. This all reminds me of a mate I have who fast forwards all the bits of LOTR when Liv Tyler is on.
  12. Good thing with ODE's is that we can now play a lot of these Japanese gems with fan translations! ...on real original hardware! I've always wanted to play through Grandia, since seeing it in the pages of Sega Saturn Magazine back in the 90's... and never have!
  13. I find this to be a bit of a problem with open world games in general! Which is best? B-line the main quest then spend time in the world? or Put off the main quest and take things at your own pace? As you might progress too far and miss things. Every game in the genre seems to play better in different ways. I found Witcher 3 to be SO more fun just doing everything in the world and just being the Witcher. Same with Horizon Zero Dawn. It sounds like Cyberpunk might be the opposite? I’ve felt Skyrim and other Bethesda games work best like that too. Bash through the (short) main quest then dick about
  14. A conversation which you actually started! which I too am absolutely cool with ending, and - in a very mature manner - I can also let you know that in my opinion, on your opinion it is - in my opinion - about as valid as 15 year old cinema ticket with a giant "invalid" stamp in big red ink on it. ...btw, I don't actually think that, opinion is just opinion which is entirely subjective to the person who holds that opinion. Games take to long to get going? Some do, some don't. I guess it's down to your subjective feelings on the matter, on a game by game basis.
  15. Why? Is my opinion also invalid? It was also originally a point I was making that you then replied too, that I pointed out that the quality of narrative content is totally subjective.
  16. Again subjective. I can guarantee you that a huge amount of people will hate and give up on the prior mentioned prolonged intro of the film Aliens. The point I'm making is that a game doesn't need to go "look here's a toy to play with" immediately to be compelling. It's interactive media that can be whatever it wants to be, and you don't get the final say on what game is or isn't compelling when it's narrative focused.
  17. I can not find the quote, but it's totally generally seen as a desired pacing in Japan.
  18. What's good cinema? Totally subjective again. The example I used there all have longer scene setting sections that I absolutely enjoy. They open up and show the world to me before getting me to interactive with all of the mechanics immediately. Some people might love it, some not but that's opinion for you. The Naughty Dog games like Uncharted and Last of Us are great examples of games that start off feeling like an interactive narratives and keep on introducing more mechanics as you progress. I also find these intros to be really well done, but if someone is just wanting to immediately blast away then it might not gel.
  19. Difficulty in a game is so unbelievably subjective though, and isn't in any way required for something to be compelling. A lot of JRPG's using that example - Yakuza / Okami / Dragon Quest - are scene setting and narrative heavy before layering on complexity, as that's the initial focus.
  20. I think a lot of people forget that not every game is made for the hardcore audience who attempt to buy and play every game release. There’s a lot of new players or infrequent players that a lot of games are designed to cater for, just by having a gentler learning curve from the start.
  21. But with Neir: Automata, it's kind of deliberate.
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