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  1. The only game I’ve played on Gamepass over the last two months is Dragon Quest XI S, because it's awesome and I wanted to and have had great fun now that I’m just at the end. I’m the kind of player that like to “credits roll” the games I play, and GPU still works for me as I’ve basically played one of the best JRPG’s all the way through for about £6.
  2. Man, that truly was just the absolute most fucking nothing conference ever.
  3. This game looks totally the kind of thing I’m into! An upscaled PS3 game is exactly the kind of thing I want! This kind of Japanese action game is something I thrived on in the PS2/PS3 days!
  4. Ah yes! It's basically the start of the E3 day coverage from IGN
  5. Is this not actually happening at 4:30pm over here? Seen as there's a counter on the IGN feed with 1 hr 30 mins left to go?
  6. Some people - like myself - love Ratchet and Clank, very much the new game and the series and it's totally cool if that's not someone's thing and they're not into it! But accusing people of "pretending"?, that's an annoying and a deliberately antagonistic comment.
  7. I'm now so into Gamepass, that I seem to have accidentally bought an Xbox Series S for my Den to go along with the Series X and PS5 I have in the living room! Basically a pig in shit!
  8. Max price £10.99 per month, although with some very easy Gold stacking and GPU conversion you can get it for £121 for three years, or £3.37 a month. Yes, it seems to average around 1 year on Gamepass. Xbox Studio published games (and now Bethesda) should stay on there permanently. Yes, your app will alert you, and there's also a "Leave soon" section. It seems 3-5 games leave every month. While the game is on Gamepass you can get a discount to buy it. Once it leaves it goes up to normal price. Thank you for using the rllmuk Gamepass support line, if you could leave some feedback that would be great. Also this call has charged you £80.
  9. Halo 5 was also absolutely designed to tie into their “TV TV TV” cross media strategy, which they pivoted away from quick in the early days of the Bone, but it’s hard to do so with a game already a good way into development. You were meant to give a crap about the other dude leading the Spartan squads from a TV show tie-in. That might of been Forward into Dawn… something like that.
  10. Joe Staten is also the guy who pushed the convoluted & confusing sci-fi politics of the covenant to the absolute for-front in Halo 2. It’s all in that rather honest “making of” DVD that came with the game. His direction with that game is exactly why it felt so weird and different to the first.
  11. Man, so much stuff! …and almost all on Gamepass! This is all very, very cool!
  12. but is it a whole 1 worse than Tools of Destruction?
  13. Certainly not from my perspective! The platforming is an integral pillar to the whole game and blended perfectly with the run & gun action. They both support each other perfectly. If it was over-complexity that made something “good” I feel it would push this balance off.
  14. Ratchet & Clank has easily and always been a 9/10 or 5 stars or whatever, type series for me. They’re technically showcases married to honed platforming and run & gunning sheer fun. Like a 16-bit action platformer made 3D. For me they’ve also been system seller as I bought a PS3 to play Tools of Destruction and loved it. (Crack in Time is also one of the best in the series)
  15. It’s only been a month and I’d forgotten they gave it that!
  16. R&C 7/10 LOL, but who cares? The high score for Chicory: A Colorful Tale, has me interested in the game which I’d of never of known about otherwise, so that’s a positive to remember, that these kind of smaller games will get a bit of exposure.
  17. Yeah, DS3 was the exact same. 30 fps with dips and incorrect frame pacing, and no one complained. To most people BB was a “30 fps” game and was fine till DF kept pointing it out… and now today it’s unfortunately the only FROM Soulsborne that you can not play at 60 fps. Now, OG Dark Souls! THAT often had a janky frame rate!
  18. tbh honest on rllmuk, that could be any thread on any game.
  19. No. By being a Patreon you are supporting the developer actually making these things. You then get access to all the development builds that they release weekly, all of these are "alpha" builds and are first releases. As soon as the core is "finished" it goes to a public beta test which is available via update_all before it's finally released to the public and available for free for everyone.
  20. They are the full games, but don't include any DLC usually at all. If the game is removed from GP, it stay's on your drive, you just can't access it. You can then just buy the game and get access as normal and while it's on Gamepass you can buy it for a discount. It seems that the average time that a game is on Gamepass is around a year or so. I assume it depends on the deal between Microsoft and the publisher. Xbox published games are meant to stay on the service forever is my understanding.
  21. That basically matches Sony/PlayStation Studio's pace which felt like an exclusive was coming out every quarter, very probably a totally deliberate thing. It would be excellent if Xbox was matching it!
  22. ‘Tis the season for cruel bumps I see!
  23. When I'm sitting in the living room - which is where my tasty OLED is and next gen consoles - my phone is complete away, or sometimes in another room. I do one thing or the other.
  24. I think I've gone from "fuck this" to "I need it" quite quickly. To be honest and showing a bit of bias, the Edge magazine reveal and cover just put me right off as I have a bit of a distaste for the magazine. That new "Playdate direct" type video has sold me on the thing just sooo much more. It's a cool little simplistic toy! with a satisfying looking and unique interaction mechanic in the form of that crank! It's reminding me of the fun I had on the DS at launch with the likes of Project Rub or Electroplankton. I like the "gift box" type delivery of games every week. It looks very cool. Yes, very hipster and lol Portland!
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