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  1. Ever thought you might need them? they make this - look like this - SURELY you are not serious, Maybe your monitor is shit. The 360 over VGA looks INSANE! i tried it on my Iiyama monitor (still waiting on a delivery of a hi def TV) and the results were spectacular.
  2. order from Gameplay instead. They are better than Play.com, about the same price and will send you the game normal post instead of recorded delivery. problem solved. *mods please close thread
  3. This looks cool. Does anyone know if it work with the 360? I had high hopes for black but i'm gonna keep with my new years resolution and only buy AAA games and this looks like a genericathon. I might "rent" it from Game but thats about it.
  4. Halo3 release date will be - mid November 2007 Id bet my cock on it. Prediction: we will see an anouncement teaser video at E3 '06 then a working Demo at E3 '07 and the game will come out for the xmas period 2007
  5. http://www.videogamesplus.ca/product_info....roducts_id=9072 In your hands in 4 days(ish) No. Import. Tax. NintenCUNTS!do Europe - TBI (To Be Ignored)
  6. I think Shadow of the Colossus would have been improved if they had taken out the bosses! I'm REALLY funny, did you see what i did there?
  7. FOR. FUCK. SAKE!! Do you guys cry and piss yourselves as much when you watch a widescreen DVD?! Only a moron would want to watch a pan and scan film, and these games are presented in a widescreen format. It's not the fucking end of the world. This attitude seems to be a hang over from the days of bad PAL conversions; big borders = BAD! I would prefer to see something as intended rather than cropped at the sides. Fuck this Forum, never have i come across a bigger bunch of misserablists in my life. i'm surprised you still go on living after your desperate outcrys over things that DON"T FUCKING MATTER! OH NOSE!!! my poor mistreated 4:3 display!!! Goodbye
  8. from what i gathered, all the guys that left to form Free Radical did so in the initial stages of the development of the original perfect dark and the magority of the game was made after they had left. Don't know about PD0 but its so true about the "my First FPS" thing, it really feels like someones school project. some guy in my computing class made some Doom levels with the level editor as a final year project, PD0 is about at the same level in terms of design.
  9. FACT Finish Ninja Gaiden Black on ANY Difficulty to unlock Mission Mode. I have only finished it on normal and i unlocked the Mission Mode. Pal version. Also its one of the best games ever made.
  10. The Dinosaur Jr album pictured there is "Green Mind", NOT "Where you been?". and they are all pish EXCEPT the proper stuff - "You're livin' all over me" and "Bug" TRUEFAX!
  11. Just buy the Japanese version. It's not exactly hard to understand what to do, with there being no text in the game.
  12. Holy shit! I didn't realise it had the contents of the FULL game!! I thought it would be a little taster demo. this is so bought!
  13. Yea dude, PAL Halo has always been like this unfortunitly. I had maybe hoped that NTSC Halo would work on a PAL 360 but alas no.
  14. Number 3 is with out a doubt the best action hack&slash type game ever released and shits on god of war by a mile. (i like NGB a lot too) but the PAL and USA versions have a broken continue system that spoils the game somewhat. The JAP "Proper" version (all in English) is still hard but doesn't punish you for dying lots. you can instantly resart from the same room you died in. so you can't try again. but the other versions needlessly chuck you back to the start of the game. The Special Edition has the continue system from the Jap game which is a god send. If i was you i would try and get the SE which is out this month in the USA but i don't know if it is getting a PAL release
  15. I just DON'T understand ?! WHAT are you talking about?! there is nothing that i have stated that isn't TRUE!
  16. Ok, buying a import system IS NOT as easy as importing a game. I have imported a DS, PSP and a Gamecube. With bulky, large hardware you are FAR more likely to be stung for import tax as you would be with a little parcel marked down as "Gift", and that tax charge is substantually large than for a game. with HOME consoles you then have to buy a bulky stepdown and make sure it has the correct Power rating (in Watts) for your new expensive console. If you get it wrong then it is fry city. Then you got to make sure it will work on your TV, back in the old days, when importing a console, it was often before it was available in the UK. If your TV does not support NTSC over a composite signal then your fucked or it's black & white untill the machine is released over here and an RGB cable is available. or in the case of the Gamecube, the US version will not support RGB so you have to buy a fucking £50 cable to make the picture look pretty. Modding a console require either getting yourself or someone you don't know to tamper with and solder shit to an expensive piece of hardware, which SOME people might not want to do. I was lucky with my PS2 as it's been working fine after being modded. Also now PS2 chips are ILLEGAL and A BIT FUCKING HARD TO COME BY! those THREE games you mentioned are all on the DS, you did not mention Katamari and my POINT was that these imported DS games are easier to "obtain" cuz the only piece of hardware required to play them is a DS, ANY FUCKING DS from anywere because they are all the same. My Jap DS & my flat mates DS, the same fucking piece of hardware (as long as you have a GBA charger which isn't exactly expensive or hard to come by) All PS2's are obviously not identical because the are region locked depending on their country of origin. I was pointling out the all DS are the SAME. you set the language at the start even.
  17. The difference is that all those games are DS games. Each and every DS console is identical (apart from very slightly different touch screens in the Jap launch models) I have a Jap one so i should know. And ANY DS game is compatable with ANY DS. No region lock what-so-ever. Buying an import game is extremely easy. Just a couple of clicks away on a website, but modding a HOME console/ importing a HOME console has a million headaches attached to and it costs MORE money, this can provent people from taking part in the home console import scene. But if you own a DS, you are already there.
  18. The framerate for both games (HL2 & Q4) are downright unacceptable. I do agree with the point that maybe Quake 4 is the more offensive, as one will have just bought an expensive new 360 console that is a beast in the performance department and you would AT LEAST expect it to match the PC version in terms of technical performance ( like COD2), but it doesn't. In fact it is woefully shite & the fuckers have the cheak to charge DOUBLE THE PRICE of the PC version! cunts!
  19. I thought it was readers votes This just makes it even worse.
  20. Ok, i do agree that Quake 4 has a less than perfect Framerate and from my experiences of the demo, the framerate fluctuates enough to put me off. But it just goes to show how odd this place is. Quake 4 has a slightly dipping framerate and people here are like "IT's SHIT! OH MY EYES!!1!!" but when Half Life 2 xbox came out people were like " I don't notice any frame rate problems, what are you talking about?". And HL2 xbox is unplayable. Just goes to show that people here try to convince themselves that somethings are acceptable when they most evidently are not. ;p
  21. Yea you're on the final third. which is pretty far. Either you are a FPS God or playing it on 'pussy' difficulty. May i sugest a first play on 'Hardened' , then later on Veteran for the achievements.
  22. It's a shame that Dead Phoenix was cancelled as it looked awesomeness. One of the CapCom 5, and ALL of the other 4 games were AMAZING! http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=1680
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