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  1. The fact that the PCE core supports the CD-ROM ROM ROM ROM is amazing! So many great 16-bit titles!
  2. Yeah I do! By default the region is set to EU, and any ROM you select will boot up in 50 hz and all that guff, but it's obviously easily avoided - as you said - by setting the header to something like JP>US>EU, which is what I do. I almost always want the JP ROM loaded (as an aside, loads of US and EU games were changed to be impossible-hard). I've never have an issue though! It's just like real hardware or a MEGA SG, and I own all three and have compared! Sounds weird!
  3. What I’m pretty sure he is referring to, are the component input 480p widescreen consumer sets from just before the HDTV boom. Yes, these have some of the worst input lag of everything sometimes hitting 150ms. Im sure it’s not a slight on your collection of 800 TVL monitors. Yes, they’re obviously lag free.
  4. The £70 price thing for PlayStation studio games, best practise imo is simply don’t buy them at launch, and buy them physical if you can. Both Returnal and Ratchet are being patched frequently atm as there’s a few post launch bugs, so the ideal time to play them is a month to 6 weeks after launch, because by then they’ll be in actual playable shape. This seems to be a bit of a “new platform” thing if you all remember the state that launch games were in at the start of the PS4/Bone gen! Also at that time you’re likely to get a discount on your purchase. The Xbox platform feels way more slanted towards fully digital, where as the PlayStation platform is a little more hybrid atm. You can then of course punt the game once you’re done.
  5. FYI my Mister lives again. updating via update_all basically killed the SD card installation!
  6. The Outer Wilds is one of the best games I’ve ever played, and can’t say I found anything untoward about the controls. Also just clocked DQXIS, with a whopping 67 hours. It’s one of the very best JRPG’s, with some of the most gloriously silly characters going. It’s simplicity is absolutely a virtue!
  7. Hah! I did this too! I use the Everdrive packs but added a folder called “00 - My games” and in there, I put in my own virtual collection of games! It feels like owning a virtual store of retro games.
  8. How the hell do I even watch this live via streaming? The STV app doesn’t support it?!
  9. Thank you for the offer, but that’s actually the one I have! It seems this cable just completely broke! - https://misterfpga.co.uk/product/mister-power-supply-splitter-cable/ So I can still just plug the PSU straight into the DE10 too input, and it does power up, but I get no picture and the fan just spins once
  10. Urrgh, I run my Mister into a flat panel & CRT simultaneously. I was getting HDMI drop outs for some reason, so I swapped the HDMI cable! For some reason, the splitter cable for the PSU now just doesnt work! It’s dead Jim! I can remove the double extension and plug the single end into the DE10 itself, but now I get no picture anywhere, the fan starts up only for a moment and the red & green lights just flash on and off! Great fun!
  11. Is your TV on stand-by? (with the wee red stand-by light?)
  12. How did you get it down to 1 ms? In the .ini file?
  13. Excellent! Thank you both!
  14. @Fallows I remember seeing in your set up Two real SNES pads into the Mister via a USB adapter! Which adaptor was this and do you think it works well? I’m interested!
  15. I’m currently on a re-watch and now on S4. I watched all of S1, and yes so much of it’s so bad but I do have a lot of nostalgia for it. There’s only a couple of episodes worth watching but I watched it all and it was a bit of a slog. S2, I also went for a best episode list which is much like the one just posted. Half the Season I skipped and don’t regret it as when S3 kicks in, it’s about 85% greatness. There’s a couple of duffers but so many as so great.
  16. For example - Age of Empires IV is something I would never, ever, ever buy. ...but actually! Why the fuck not eh? I might end up liking or loving it!
  17. Does this mean that in 10 years time when we're all clamoring for a BOTW series remaster collection they'll just pretend that BOTW2 doesn't exist?
  18. I can assure you it is absolutely infuriating having this running commentary of just dunking on things over and over - and I was not the only one to point that out!
  19. Why not also give repeat and constantly posting of the same thing over and over a rest? It’s pretty much windmilling in a thread.
  20. I see John Linneman has been absolutely gushing about how this looks over on the DF stream! He think it looks visually incredible. So who’s right? The Digital Foundry man or the miserablists of rllmuk?
  21. Yes, it’s honestly just endless fucking infuriating cynicism with repeat posts going over & over. the. same. thing. Grinding that bad take into the ground. Some people here just looove being a little sourpuss’
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